Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The Real Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Wednesday, July 21st 2021: 33 New False Positive Cases, 1 New Death NOT From This Contagion - Here Come The Fraud Delta Variant Deaths!

 OK, Yesterday's article that contained that BOMBSHELL report from Doctor David Martin in his interview with Stew Peters should have indeed been a watershed moment in this war against this fraud scam-demic... But instead as many have already pointed out to me, we cannot fix stupid and too many are  just too far gone now and totally brainwashed into the belief that all of the lies are real... I remember years back an important statement made that even if you showed millions, or even BILLIONS the truth that what they have been told is a horrendous lie, there would be a vast number that still would not believe that as fact..... Apparently that is the case now with this massive fraud as the majority of people are simply lost and will be as good as dead from the adverse effects of the KILL SHOTS doing its damage tot their bodies...

Well, I guess I will trudge on.... And once again I have today's BULLSHIT 'Official Manitoba COVID-19 Report' on the status of this 100% proven fake 'deadly virus' for this province, right in front of me...  I will begin my own 'report' with the breakdown of their 'numbers game' right here for everyone to analyze for themselves:


(a) 33 new 'cases' over last 24 hours.  Overall 'cases count' for 69.5 weeks now sits at 57269 in total.

(b) 30 'active' hospital cases as of today.  11 'active' ICU cases as of today as well.

(c) 1 new 'death' over last 24 hours.  Overall death toll now sits at 1166 in total.

(d) 55187 recovered cases as of today.  An increase of ONLY '25' over yesterday's report of '55162'.

(e) 916 'active' cases as of today.  Increase of '7' over yesterday's report of '909'.

(f) Overall 'new variant' cases increased by 2 to 16385 claimed since start of this year.  AND there are now '595' active 'new variant' cases for all of Manitoba according to today's 'data'.

Now to do my own analysis of their 'data'.  And in the same order shown above, right here:


(a) Once again, 33 new 'cases' that are 100% invalid and frauds as they come ONLY via the fraudulent use of the PCR amplification tool that is useless as a diagnostic tool for contagions.  Therefore ALL of these 'cases' as they came ONLY from that invalid 'test' are ALL invalid as well.   I will state the obvious here again, as NOBODY here in Manitoba has ever had this 'COVID-19' crap, ever!

(b) Same as (a) as ALL hospital cases come only through the 100% invalid use of the PCR amplification tool and therefore NONE of these 'hospital cases' have this non-existent 'deadly virus' at all.  It is indeed therefore ALL a 'numbers game' now and trying to keep as many suckers as possible in the hospitals for the propaganda of fear value.

(c) As the 'test' used for 'cases' in the first place is 100% invalid, and nobody has actually had this 'deadly virus' then any claims of 'deaths' from that false contagion are 100% false as well... Yes, this latest 'death' is indeed claimed from the non-existent 'delta variant', and I will state that they will be riding that fraud 'variant' as much as they can by claiming a lot more 'deaths' to come...... It remains a fact that in the last 69.5 weeks of this massive lie, I have yet to find ANY deaths that could be attributed to this phantom!

(d) Here we go with more blatant lies here... EXACTLY two weeks ago, there were 70 new 'positive cases' of this 'contagion'.. Which means that after the '2 weeks' of being claimed as 'positive, ALL '70' must be in this category, or labeled as dead... If we somehow assume maybe 1-2 'deaths' then this recovered cases file should have grown by '68' at least... But instead, these liars claim ONLY '25', meaning the other '43' are once again added to the shortfall amount here that I have been tracking consistently for weeks... That shortfall is now at '360+' where all 360+ are kept as 'active cases' ..... This is indeed a criminal offense as falsifying medical data and statistics is indeed a punishable offense.  BUT who is going to go after these pricks for this lie as it is our own government doing the lying?

(e) The REAL 'active cases' number is now at around '555' after we take the information presented in (d) above into account.....This '916' is definitely an attempt again to keep this 'active cases' number artificially high as a weapon of fear on the gullible sheep in this province.. But no matter, as ALL of the 'active cases' come only via the abuse of the PCR amplification tool that is not a valid diagnostic 'test' at all.... Therefore NONE of these 'active cases' have this 'contagion' at all and those that are sick continue to suffer only from the wide range of real ailments and illnesses that are out there all the time.

(f) Yes, surprisingly there are nearly ZERO 'new variant' cases added to their fraud 'tally' as of today.. But again the emphasis is now on the 'deaths' from the  fraud 'Delta variant' which they will be claiming more rapidly over the next while.. BUT always remember that since the 'deadly virus' is a total lie and a phantom, then any claims of these 'new variants' are 100% total lies and phantoms as well...

Honestly, WHY should anyone be surprised by today's 'data' at all?  They have had NO choice now in having their 'variants' be front and center now in terms of throwing that ONE fraud 'delta variant death' in our faces,  to keep the entire scam going...They will use the lying whore media more and more now to promote and brainwash the masses with the false FEAR of these non-existent 'variants' from now on...

And sadly I saw in today's report where 1897 of the most STUPIDEST Manitobans alive went out and got 'tested' in the last 24 hours for this non-existent 'contagion'..... Having a 6 inch cattle prod shoved up your nose to destroy your cribriform plate is bad enough, but these RETARDS are simply allowing these lying sacks of shit running this scam in Manitoba to keep the scam alive through claiming many fraudulently to be 'positive' for this phantom disease....  I again must state that if these MORONS and RETARDS would simply not go and get 'tested' then this fraud would collapse in no time flat!

And the total number of RETARDS that have taken the KILL SHOTS continues to increase... Today these lying bastards gleefully claim some '77.9%' having taken their first lethal injection, while a further '63.1' have received their double doses of certain death... Even if we speculate some 50% or so of these morons DEAD within the next 6 months to a year from these lethal injections, that means probably 1/2 MILLION dead Manitobans which to me is so frightening to contemplate...

Yes, this genocidal program of mass culling of the human race is continuing as so few have indeed awakened to what this genocide is all about... BUT many will indeed be awakened coming this Autumn as the deaths start to pile up and the criminals will be unable to lie in claiming that these deaths are from any bullshit 'variants'.....Thus the need to put ALL of these bastards on trial for causing this genocide will be absolute... And the only justice that all of those put on trial must receive as punishment MUST be the death penalty for all of them, with no exceptions... True justice for this act of genocide of millions must be served..

More to come


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