Wednesday, June 9, 2021

The Real Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Wednesday June 9th 2021: 250 New FALSE POSITIVE Cases, 2 New Deaths NOT From This Contagion - WHY Offer Incentives To Take The KILL SHOTS?

 Yes, I am deeply puzzled over these last two days about the low level of depravity that these lying sick bastards that are running this entire scam-demic for Manitoba will stoop to just to get everyone in this province DEAD from their horrific KILL SHOTS.... Yesterday, they tried to 'scare' the gullible here in this province with the fear of vaccine passports disguised as 'immunization cards', which I say good luck to that, for that alone is in direct violation of the Nuremberg Codes and there will be a lot of lawsuits if they try that garbage...And today, they are pushing this ludicrous 'lottery' to also entice and COERCE the gullible into taking these lethal injections..... I do wonder why, and it is logical that all of this hype that Manitobans are 'ahead of the national average' in terms of total number of 'vaccinated' is pure baloney!

Well, better late than never, I have today's vomiting "Manitoba COVID-19 report" that is full of so many distortions and lies, to once again destroy in this article... And first and foremost I want to break down their 'numbers' from that 'report' right here for everyone to analyze for themselves:


(a) 250 new cases for all of Manitoba over last 24 hours.... Total number of 'cases' for nearly 64 full weeks since mid-March of last year is now sitting at '53403'.

(b) 214 active hospital cases for all of Manitoba.  This is a decline of '8' active hospital cases from yesterday's total of '222'..  And 49 active ICU cases for all of Manitoba, which is a decline of '2' ICU cases from yesterday's total of '51'.... And they are still claiming  '30' ICU cases are outside of Manitoba (OK... WHY???)

(c) 2 new deaths for all of Manitoba over last 24 hours.  Grand total number of deaths for entire nearly 64 full weeks sits at '1081'.

(d) 48536 recovered cases for nearly 64 full weeks for all of Manitoba.  This is an increase of '298' from yesterday's total of '48338'.

(e) 3786 active cases for all of Manitoba as of today.  This is a decline of '50' active cases from yesterday's total of '3826'.

(f) New variant data is once again misleading and late as usual.  Will update if that 'data' comes available.

Yes, I had to ask a big 'WHY' in terms of these criminals continuing to keep some '30' ICU cases outside of the province, when there is NO NEED to do this at all as the hospitals are ALL basically empty... The problem to me is NOT the ICU's at all, but the Pallister criminals who laid off so many health care workers and nurses over the last 15 months, thus creating the real problem which is staffing of facilities!  But what the heck, right?  The lying whore media jumped on this to falsely claim that the hospitals are 'overwhelmed'..

Well, time again to give my own analysis of their always falsified data, and in the same alphabetic order as shown above, right here:


(a) Well, I was right that they would have this number fall a few days ago, and then slowly allow it to 'creep up' just before the lying sacks of shit in the Pallister regime announce 'changes' to their horrible lockdowns and restrictions come this Friday..... But of course ALL of these 'cases' are 100% false as they come only through the abuse of the PCR amplification tool that generates ONLY 100% invalid data as that 'test' was never intended to ever be used for disease diagnostics...  And therefore these lying sacks of shit can throw what ever 'numbers' they want here, for they all are 100% invalid and 100% meaningless..

(b) Again, you must understand that ALL of these 'hospital cases' come from the same PCR amplification tool abuse just like ALL of their 'cases'... Therefore these 'hospital cases' including ALL of the 'ICU cases' are 100% frauds.... But it is the PROPAGANDA that drives this entire fraud, and what better way to scare the gullible than to keep up the illusion that the hospitals are somehow 'overwhelmed' with phoney 'COVID-19 patients'.... My own observation of the hospitals shows nothing more than empty facilities, and I have yet to find anyone prove me wrong.

(c) Yes, 2 more 'deaths' that are absolutely NOT from this phantom 'deadly virus' at all... This has been the same pattern of lies here for the last nearly 15 months, so WHY stop now?   I have also always pointed out that ALL of these '1081' so called 'deaths' so far absolutely did NOT die from this phantom 'deadly virus' at all, and in all cases died from other real illnesses and diseases... In fact to this day I have yet to find even ONE 'death' that can directly be attributed and proven to have been caused by this phantom contagion.

(d) Yes, this recovered cases number for today is pretty close to being accurate.... But the fact remains that since this 'contagion' is and always has been an illusion, then these 'recovered cases' recovered from OTHER real illnesses and not from this bullshit called 'COVID-19' at all....

(e) Well, this '3786' active cases shows that their 'active cases' count that they are dependent on to keep this 'third wave' alive is indeed in decline... But the reality remains that since ALL of these 'active cases' were entirely derived SOLELY from the ABUSE of the PCR amplification tool and its 100% false results, then none of these 'active cases' have this phantom 'deadly virus' at all... Yes, I have to keep explaining that of course there are sick people out there, but what they are actually sick from is the wide range of REAL illnesses that hit this province constantly...

(f) Interesting that today's data on these non-existent 'new variants' continues to be so misconstrued... I find it so ludicrous though that these lying sacks of shit continue to promote these fraud 'variants' as 'more deadly' than the original strains, for that clearly violates all rules of BIOLOGY.... But what the heck right?  May as well scare the sheep by screaming that these 'new variants' are 'deadly' and 'out to kill us all'...

I am puzzled by one other 'announcement' the lying whores made today, as they claim that Manitoba has reached a 'new milestone' by having some '70%' of the entire population shot up with at least the 'first dose' of their KILL SHOTS.... If that was actually true, then WHY push for those 'new incentives' to get the 'reluctant' to take these shots as well????

And I am also puzzled by their push to have the 'unvaccinated' shot up with their garbage claiming that we are a 'threat' to others?  How??? If people were actually 'vaccinated', then they would have 'immunity' from this phantom 'contagion' right???? So who cares about the 'unvaccinated' therefore, right???  WRONG, for what this shows is also the level of depravity in these sick freaks as they KNOW perfectly well that their 'vaccines' are nothing of the sort, and their real diabolical program is to get EVERYONE full of these KILL SHOTS no matter the cost...

But of course this has always been a program of mass extermination, and the sick freaks in our governments are all on board with KILLING their own people..... I sometimes wonder what kind of monsters we are dealing with for the fact that they are all willingly participating in a mass genocidal program and have no souls at all in wanting to stop it...

Therefore, I am not backing down at all when I state that we must have ALL of these monsters arrested and put on trial for their participation in this mass murder program.... They all deserve the only justice appropriate for a program of GENOCIDE, which is the death penalty.... Let us make sure that none of them escape this justice that they all must get for this crime against humanity.

More to come


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