Sunday, June 6, 2021

The Real Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Sunday June 6th 2021: 220 New FALSE POSITIVE Cases, 3 New Deaths NOT From This Contagion - Now Claiming Fraud New Variants Will Cause "Fourth Wave"!

I said many times before that these pricks running this massive world wide scam-demic would NOT allow this to end until THEY decide when it will end..... This means that these pricks will probably perpetuate this fraud for as long as necessary just to make sure they get enough people out there stupid enough to take their deadly KILL SHOTS into each and every one of them..

And here in Manitoba, the fraud is being perpetuated now by the hoax known as the 'new variants'... Just today, the propaganda crud that calls itself a 'newspaper' had the nerve to state that there is this 'big bad' new bullshit variant called the 'India Delta Variant' that is now 'hitting this province' and therefore we could be seeing a 'fourth wave' of this entire nonsense....Therefore these pricks running this scam at the provincial level here in Manitoba are not going to also going to perpetuate this fraud UNTIL they get nearly every Manitoban injected with their deadly KILL SHOTS as well....

Well, I have today's absolutely vomiting 'Official Manitoba COVID-19 report', and once again they are juggling around their 'number's as I have always expected... The daily bullshit 'cases' number has declined quite a bit, and to cover for that decline they jacked up the 'hospital cases' and 'death toll' numbers... But of course ALL of this data is complete bullshit as this 'deadly virus' does not exist, and the 'test' that they use to get their 'case numbers' is NOT even a 'test' for diseases at all.

OK, Onto the 'numbers' from that fabricated report... And I have them broken down first and foremost here for everyone to analyze for themselves:


(a) 220 New cases over the last 24 hours for all of Manitoba.  This brings total number of cases for 63+ weeks since mid March of last year to grand total of '52751'.

(b) 228 active hospital cases.  This is an increase of '15' active hospital cases from yesterday's report of 213.  And there are now '43' active ICU cases across Manitoba, which is a decrease of '1' ICU case from yesterday's report of 44.   And there are still 37 "ICU cases" being kept outside of Manitoba as well (?)

(c) 3 new deaths attributed to this 'COVID-19' over last 24 hours.  This raises entire death toll for 63+ weeks time frame to grand total of 1075  overall.

(d) 47607 recovered cases for entire 63+ weeks for Manitoba.  This is an increase of '262' recovered cases from yesterday's report of 47345 recovered cases.

(e) 4069 active cases for all of Manitoba as of today.  This is a decline of '45' active cases from yesterday's report of '4114'.

(f) No data today for the 'new variants' as once again the reporting system will be down until Tuesday, June 8th.

One major and critical correction that I do have to make here... I have overestimated the mistake that they were making in terms of their 'recovered cases' data, and the shortfall is NOT as high as I had previously stated... The actual short fall is only in the neighbourhood of '100' for the fact that they were 'adjusting' the recovered cases on a daily basis over the last 12+ weeks very 'stealthily' to make up for their huge distortion of that data for such a long time by simply putting more 'recovered cases' in that data file than there actually were possible for each day's numbers..... I will be from this point on make that adjustment in my daily reports, and I do apologize to everyone for that gross miscalculation on my part, for I usually am accurate with my assessments..  This mistake however does not forgive these pricks in any way for their continuing gross misconduct in abusing the PCR amplification tool as a 'diagnostic tool' when it absolutely is NOT.   And therefore in spite of my mistake, it does not justify their falsification of all data.

Well, time to make my own analysis of their 'data', as I always do to rip their numbers game to shreds.. And of course in the same 'alphabetic order' as shown above right here:


(a) These 'cases' numbers are once again the result of the continuing abuse of the PCR amplification tool which is USELESS and was never intended to be used as a diagnostic 'test' for contagions... Therefore as usual we can throw all of their '220' new cases in the garbage for they are all false... And since ALL of the '52571' cases that they are claiming for the last 63+ weeks came only through that invalid 'test' then they also can be thrown in the garbage as well.  Suddenly when you realize that they have been lying all this time by using a totally 100% invalid 'test' for this non-existent 'contagion' then it is clear that NOBODY here in Manitoba has ever had this fraud called 'COVID-19' at all.

(b) Their pattern here is persistent, where every weekend they suddenly throw a few more of the stupid out there that went and got 'tested' using the FRAUD PCR ''test" into the hospitals just to jack up this number... But since ALL of these 'hospital cases' are derived from that invalid PCR 'test' than NONE of them have this 'deadly virus' at all... Yes, there are sick people in hospitals all the time, but what they are actually sick from is the wide range of REAL illnesses out there..... And I do notice how they are still keeping so many fraud 'ICU cases' outside of Manitoba, and I continue to ask WHY?  There is absolutely no need at all to send any patients outside of Manitoba, since most of the hospitals here continue to sit virtually empty of ANY patients... Obviously that is being done as a propaganda means of creating the illusion that this province is somehow 'overwhelmed' with FRAUD 'COVID-19' patients...

(c) Yes, '3' new deaths, and every one had severe underlying 'health issues' once again... This has been the same theme in these daily reports for the last 14 months and counting, and it will not stop any time soon as it is blatantly used to create the illusion that a lot of people are 'dying 'from this non-existent contagion... And of course when you do sit down and analyze ALL of the so called '1075' deaths for this province to this point, you find that they ALL suffered from other real diseases and those other diseases were the cause of each and every one of their demise..... Has anyone actually died over the last nearly 15 months here in Manitoba from this ''COVID-19" garbage?  From my assessments, NONE..

(d) Yes, I actually sat down earlier today, and went carefully over the 'recovered cases' data for the last 3+ months and I did discover that they were 'quietly' making adjustments over that time frame to bury their shortfall in the actual number of recovered cases by simply throwing extras into this number on a daily basis.... I actually very stupidly fell for this, and missed it.  But not any more, for I will keep this number and their 'shortfall' as accurate as I can going forward... The actual shortfall is presently at around '100' at this point in time..... But in all actuality, this does not matter for the fact that they have been toying around with this number and the active cases numbers for the entire nearly 15 months now, as their 'test' for this supposedly 'deadly virus' is NOT a valid test at all as its results are entirely false....  Basically, since nobody in Manitoba has this contagion at all, then every 'cases' has to be dismissed immediately.

(e) Yes, the actual number of 'active cases' if this was a real 'disease' is right now just under '4000'.... But since the 'contagion' does not even exist due to never being isolated or purified anywhere across the planet to this day, then ALL of these 'active cases' are nothing but lies and false data.... Therefore the reality sets in very quickly that NOBODY here in Manitoba is presently 'active' with this 'disease' at all... But of course there are sick people here in Manitoba, which is only common sense.  But those who are sick do not have this fraud called 'COVID-19' but actually are suffering from the wide range of REAL diseases that are out there all the time... The reason why they get these numbers is because people are stupid enough to go out to get 'tested'!

(f) Yes, another weekend with NO 'new variant' data... But of course the propaganda news is out there claiming that we are going to get yet another non-existent and more 'deadly' new variant from India, which is nothing but pure bunk..... The fact remains that these liars are now nearly 100% dependent now on having these fraud 'new variants' be claimed to be 'deadly' just to drive this entire fraud scam-demic along, and sadly the gullible out there swallow it all without any rationality what so ever.

Yes, in spite of my glaring error as shown above, which once again I have to apologize to readers for (Heck, even I make mistakes. That is part of being human, right?) that miscalculation.... But in the overall picture, it does not even matter as ALL of their 'data' is completely 100% false and pure nonsense as they have so blatantly continued to use the Polymerase Chain Reaction amplification tool so abusively as an invalid 'test' for this 'contagion'.... .

Sadly, I have to report that as of today there have indeed been '785905' SUCKERS and MORONS here in Manitoba that have stupidly gone to those fraud 'testing centres' to get 'tested' for a non-existent contagion.. THIS is exactly how these liars have been getting every one of their invalid 'cases', as they have randomly selected out of these SUCKERS who is a 'positive case' to drive up their numbers... The fact is so blatantly obvious then that if people would simply STOP going out to stupidly be 'tested' their entire numbers game would collapse overnight and this entire scam-demic would have been over months ago... But again you cannot fix stupid no matter how hard you try, right?

But besides having a 6 inch long poker shoved up your nostrils to rip open your cribriform plate and cause potential brain damage, the other abuse of Manitobans is having them all blindly and stupidly line up like dumb ass sheep to have the lethal KILL SHOTS jabbed into their bodies..... I am still waiting to see the massive  'uptick' in the cases count and 'new variants' that they will try to associate with these morons getting very sick from the adverse effects of those lethal injections, and yes that is definitely coming... Sadly,  the number of those that will be dying from these lethal injections is also about to explode as well.

And yes, the bottom line remains that this entire criminal operation is indeed a mass culling of the masses through the use of these deadly KILL SHOTS..... I am therefore not going to ever 'back down' from my statements made in these daily reports that each and every one of these monsters responsible for these deaths must be put on trial and given the only appropriate sentence for this crime which must be the death penalty for all of them... As I said before, they showed us NO MERCY in shoving these KILL SHOTS into so many people, and they therefore deserve the same level of mercy in return.  Let us make sure that they do not escape justice for this crime.

More to come



Tribe of Dab said...


Check it out. "Vaccination rates decline, imperiling a Biden goal."
No evidence that I actually read that or that yahoo put it up today.
Nevertheless sites like yours caused that. Keep it up.

Karmellis said...


A friendly reminder of how desperate the coverup is.

As someone else I was talking to pointed out (regarding the article): Isn't this in violation of the Hippocratic Oath; The whole 'Do no harm' deal, yet they are basically being ordered to promote ideology and cause great harm, especially if they know it?

One of the points in the article is that the order commands doctor to abandon science and debate and promote only government-sponsored propaganda. I remember the Cambridge MPP candidate saying during a forum in Hamilton that when you deliberately silence certain views to promote others (denying debate from happening), it's no longer science, but ideology. He was talking about the whole climate change ideology back in 2019. I am wondering if the whole 'global warming' ideology was a test run for this next round of ideology...?

And of course the culling has already begun...

It's not exactly 'new' news but it's good to see it's still being reported on.