Saturday, June 5, 2021

The Real Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Saturday June 5th 2021: 270 New FALSE POSITIVE Cases, Only 1 New Death NOT From This Fraud Contagion - Will This Nonsense EVER End?

 I am continuing with my daily shredding of the bullshit data that the criminals here in Manitoba continue to spew out about this entire scam-demic... And just the other day, someone that has been reading my reports religiously for the last while, and fully agrees with my assessments, asked me: "NTS, when will this nonsense ever end?"... My answer is simple; These lying sacks of shit have their 'marching orders' from the real perpetrators of this massive crime against humanity, and this horrendous hoax will ONLY end when they are told to have it end!  And obviously the fuckers running this scam here in Manitoba have been told to lie, cheat, and swindle, the good citizens of this province for a long time to come....

Well, once again these lying sacks of shit put out their 'daily dose' of garbage just a short while ago about the 'state' of this scam-demic here in Manitoba, that is now starting its 64th week of stupidity... And I have their 'numbers' from that vomiting 'report' here for everyone to analyze for themselves first and foremost:


(a) 270 new cases over the last 24 hours.  This brings overall 'cases count' for the 63+ weeks since mid-March of last year to a grand total of '52531'.

(b) 213 active hospital cases as of today.  This is an increase of '6' active hospital cases from yesterdays report of  '207'.  And there are now 44 active ICU cases in Manitoba as of today, which is an increase of '2' ICU cases from yesterday's report of '42'... Changes in all hospital cases due to 'return' of '14' patients that were 'out of province' (?) And there are presently an additional '39' ICU cases that are being kept outside of this province as of today (?)..

(c) 1 new death over last 24 hours attributed to COVID-19.  This raises overall death toll for 63+ weeks to grand total of '1072'.

(d) 47345 recovered cases for all of Manitoba now over 63+ weeks.  This is an increase of '346' from yesterday's total of '46999'.

(e) 4114 active cases for all of Manitoba as of today.  This is a decrease of '77' active cases from yesterday's report of '4191'.

(f) "New variant of concern" information for today has not been updated.  Will update if that information becomes available. Otherwise, next update is Tuesday, June 8th.

Anyone else see what they are doing once more to 'juggle their numbers' around?  The fraud 'hospital cases' numbers are indeed being manipulated greatly through their 'slight of hand' in bringing back or sending to other provinces, patients that should have been kept in Manitoba from the very start.. There has been NO NEED to shuttle patients in and out of Manitoba at all as most hospitals here in this province continue to be basically empty... But that is being done to promote the fraud that our health care here in Manitoba is being 'strained' by bullshit 'COVID-19 patients' and especially by those who are claimed to be ICU patients....

Well, once again I want to do my own analysis of their 'data' and of course to tear it all to smithereens to expose them all for the frauds they are.  And in the same alphabetic order as shown above, right here:


(a) Yes, just crank up or down the amplification cycles in the ABUSED PCR amplification tool to generate a whole shit load of false data here.... This has been their entire sick game for the full over 63 weeks now since they launched this fraud back in mid-March of last year.... Therefore as I have stated many times, they can throw what ever number of 'cases' they want here for they are 100% invalid, 100% inaccurate, and 100% frauds as they come ONLY through the PCR amplification tool that is NOT A VALID DIAGNOSTIC TEST AT ALL..  But sadly, so few in this province are taking notice at all, and continue to be brainwashed by these liars..

(b) First, every one of these 'hospital cases' are 100% frauds to begin with for the fact that they ALL come courtesy of the abused PCR amplification tool that spits out ONLY false results.... But I do also notice the game they are playing now, as they are indeed shuttling patients around and in and out of the province to first create the illusion of an 'overwhelmed' health care industry here in Manitoba, but also to manipulate this data to keep their numbers up as much as they can by moving those patients from out of province that absolutely do NOT have this disease at all, back in to prop up their hospital cases figures when they need to....And seriously, I have continued my observations of the hospital facilities here in Manitoba, and I continue to find NO TRACE at all of any 'pandemic' anywhere.....

(c) Honestly, are they fucking kidding here?  One death, that of a 60+ year old female patient that had severe underlying health issues, and most definitely died from those other issues.. And they have the NERVE to call that their 'only' COVID-19 fraud 'deadly virus' death in the last 24 hours?  I again must point out the fact that nobody is really dying from this supposedly 'deadly virus' at all here in Manitoba, period.... In fact every single one of the '1072' so called 'deaths' that they claim from this non-existent 'deadly virus' for the entire 63+ weeks of this stupidity have ALL succumbed to other illnesses and diseases... Heck, at least a dozen have died from Terminal Cancer over the last year alone that they have marked as 'death by COVID-19' instead!   And what about the 700+ Influenza deaths expected on average for any 63+ week time frame that have now disappeared, and instead been strangely categorized as 'COVID-19' as well?   Manitobans are indeed being badly played as suckers.

(d) OK, lets play with real numbers here... Exactly 2 weeks ago there were '473' new reported cases of this fraud 'deadly virus' that were added to the tallies.... That means that after enduring 14 days of isolation and incubation as being classified as 'positive' for this 'virus', then every one of those '473' cases should either be listed as 'dead', a few kept in the hospitals for 'further treatment', OR be released as 'recovered cases'.... Logically, and taking an average that I have seen over the last 6-12 months, I can assume those total maybe '8' at the most kept in hospitals or 'dead'... That leaves about 465' that must be added to this recovered cases number.. .But instead they have added for today only '346' to this tally, meaning a further 'shortfall' of some '120' to add to their already burgeoning '2000+' recovered cases that they falsely continue to classify as 'active cases' .... Yes, their own data does not lie, and I am throwing that data in their faces and calling them all criminals for this blatant manipulation that continues.... I say to naysayers to please prove me wrong here...

(e) Since the overall artificial inflation of this 'active cases' number is now some '2100+' and rising as shown in (d) then as it stands as of today, OVER 1/2 of the 'active cases' that these criminals continue to throw in our faces are actually fully recovered.... The actual number of 'active cases' is presently around '2000' at the most!  But even all that is a moot point, as every 'active case' came only through the blatant manipulation and abuse of the PCR amplification tool and therefore they are ALL false and non-existent 'cases' of this fraud 'deadly virus'....  And yes, it must be repeated here that of course people do get sick all the time, and those who are 'sick' but stupidly went out and got 'tested' for this garbage are or were suffering from REAL illnesses out there, but absolutely not from this fraud known as 'COVID-19'...

(f) I want to be honest here... I keep on finding so much distorted and misleading data about these 'new variants' and even trying to get the figures from their online 'site' is like pulling teeth.... I have found that today's 'data' report was never properly updated, as they showed EXACTLY the same figures for these fraud 'new variants' for today as they sent out yesterday.... But does it really matter though?  Every one of these 'new variants' are frauds and phantoms just like the original fraud 'deadly virus' as they too were derived from the fraudulent abusive use of the PCR amplification tool as well....   BUT I am once again warning readers that with the horrible adverse effects from those who were stupid enough to take their KILL SHOTS months back start taking their toll over the next few months, these pricks will indeed try to pass of those as 'new variant' cases as well..

Yes, I just do not get it with the people of this province at all?  I continue to show just by straight forward data analysis of their OWN statistics how they are running this complete scam here in Manitoba, and yet so few are actually even bothering to pay any attention at all.....  Yes, I have recently seen an increase in interest in the data that I present, but that increase is so minuscule right here in Manitoba.... And as a result, all we have here are dumb ass sheep wanting to continue to live in unwarranted panic and fear over a  'deadly virus' that simply does NOT exist...

The real sad part in all of this is how I continue to be so flabbergasted at seeing so many of the most ignorant and stupid human beings imaginable just believe everything that the lying whore media and our criminal Pallister government presents as 100% the truth... And therefore almost ALL obey these monsters and have been going out to both get stupidly 'tested' for a non-existent contagion, and even worse line up at those lethal injection sites to take their shots of certain death into their bodies.....  

And yes, as I have said so many times, this is indeed a mass extermination operation for the genocide of most of mankind.... Sadly, I have seen reports that some 850000 Manitobans, meaning nearly 2/3 of the citizens of this province, have already gone out to receive at least their 'first dose' of these deadly KILL SHOTS..... And all I can sadly do now, is to sit back and await what is coming, which will be a horrible death toll happening across this province as those mRNA shots of certain death start ripping their bodies apart...

Well, I continue to stress here that we all must never, ever, allow these monsters in charge to escape the justice that they deserve for running this genocidal program and thus murdering millions of people world wide.... I for one do not want to see ANY of these criminals escape the true justice that they deserve for this mass culling of humanity, and I cannot stop my stating that the only sentence for them all for these murders is to see them all get the death penalty... That is the only just punishment for the millions that they have killed or are about to kill.

More to come


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