Friday, June 4, 2021

The Real Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Friday, June 4th 2021: 326 New FALSE POSITIVE Cases, 4 New Deaths NOT From This Contagion - More Juggling Of Data Around To Keep Fraud Alive!

 It has now been a FULL 63 weeks since these lying pricks unleashed their fraud 'state of emergency' on the gullible people of this province of mine, Manitoba... And of course at that time when they issued that bullshit 'emergency' they said that it would only be for 'two weeks' as they wanted to 'flatten the curve' that at that time was non-existent as well as their 'deadly virus'... Now some 61 full weeks beyond that '2 weeks' of lockdowns, I have to ask how their 'state of emergency' is working for the brain dead people of this province?  From what I constantly see with all of the unwarranted fear and anguish in everyone's eyes that I meet obviously not too well..... 

I continue to have to ask WHY the citizens of this province continue to put up with this bullshit from the Pallister criminal government and those lying pricks over at 'Manitoba Health', and sadly there is so little action being taken against these pricks and almost zero revolt..... This shows how successful these liars and their cohorts running the lying whore media have been in keeping the people here absolutely and hopelessly brainwashed into panic and fear about a 'deadly virus' that simply does not even exist...

Well, onto the subject at hand, and I have their daily dose of pure unadulterated horse shit that they call their 'Official Manitoba COVID-19 daily report'..... And I of course am not surprised that they are still cranking out false cases numbers by over-cycling the PCR amplification tool, but it is interesting as to how they are now 'juggling around' the hospital cases numbers now as those numbers continue to slide... Blatant manipulation and falsification of data?  You bet it is!

OK, Onto their 'numbers' from their 'official report', and as always I have them broken down here in alphabetic order first and foremost for everyone to analyze for themselves:


(a) 326 New cases over last 24 hours for all of Manitoba.  This brings total number of cases for entire  63 weeks since mid-March of last year to grand total of '52261'.

(b) 207 active hospital cases for all of Manitoba as of today.  This is a fall of '5' active hospital cases from yesterday's report of '212'... And they are now claiming '42' of those 207 active hospital cases are in the ICU wards as of today, which is a decrease of '6' from yesterday's report of '48' .  BUT they are now 'returning' some of the ICU cases that were sent to other provinces (why?) to start pumping up the ICU numbers.

(c) 4 new deaths over last 24 hours for all of Manitoba... This brings entire death toll for entire 63 weeks time frame to grand total of ''1071" overall.

(d) 46999 recovered cases for all of Manitoba over entire 63 weeks..  Increase of '310' recovered cases from yesterday's report of '46689'.  

(e) 4191 active cases for all of Manitoba as of today.  Increase of '12' active cases from yesterday's report of '4179'.

(f) 221 new variant cases identified for Manitoba as of today.  This brings total since January 1st, 2021 to  '12004' overall.  No set data once again in the number of 'active variant cases', but news reports continue to claim 2/3 of all active cases are 'new variants', giving us an approximate total of '2795'

Again, I do hope that readers caught the blatant 'juggling' of data going on here.... These pricks have PURPOSELY moved some fraud 'hospital cases' out of the province when they absolutely had NO need to be moved at all over a week ago... And now they are bringing them back and using those numbers to keep the ICU cases numbers artificially high just to keep the fear mongering and false claim that the hospitals are 'overwhelmed' alive.... There was NO Need to even move anyone out of this province as the hospitals are still basically empty...

Well, time again for my 'analysis' of their bullshit data for today... And in the same alphabetic order as shown above, right here:


(a) Just in case there are new readers to this blog reading this report, I have to repeat that EVERY 'case' here is complete fraud due to being derived ONLY through the blatant abuse of the PCR amplification tool that was never ever meant to be used as a diagnostic tool at all... And since ALL of these 'cases' come through that fraudulent 'test' then these cases are frauds.... These liars are basically pulling these numbers out of their asses and flinging that crap at the citizens of this province expecting them to swallow it without any thought.  And sadly they are right as the gullible believe their 'data' without any thoughts at all.

(b) The facts remain that ALL of these 'hospital cases' come also ONLY through the fraudulent abuse of the PCR amplification tool as stated in (a) above... Therefore these 'hospital cases' are meaningless, and every patient that is sick in the hospitals have some other illness... But as I have noted already, the real crime here is how they are further manipulating this data by keeping fraud "ICU cases" out of the province and bringing them back just to jack up their data here when they need to.... The fact remains that there was NO NEED to send anyone out of the province, for there has been plenty of room in the nearly empty hospitals for expansion of the ICU facilities, even ones temporary.  But of course it is the PALLISTER criminals that created the artificial hospital crisis themselves when they laid off so many health care workers last year and closed a LOT of the ICU wards, and that was due to the hospitals being empty of 'COVID-19' patients!   The situation today is still much the same in fact, as the hospitals are basically empty of ANY patients as well, and I continue to verify that by my own observations in my nightly walks by the local hospital.. That facility is indeed still a ghost town of nearly zero activity.

(c) Once again, 4 new deaths NOT from this non-existent 'deadly virus' for the last 24 hours... This has always been their pattern, and they will continue this same pattern because nobody has come out to challenge them on these 'death numbers'.... The reality is course that ALL deaths so far in Manitoba for the entire 63 weeks now, have NOT died at all from this bullshit 'COVID-19' but had severe underlying health issues meaning they had an assortment of REAL illnesses and diseases that caused each and every one of their demises.... Nobody in fact has actually died from this phantom 'deadly virus' here in Manitoba at all, period.

(d) Well, they are right back at the manipulation of this recovered cases data, as today's report of '310' is actually about '250' short of what it should be, for the fact that 14 days ago there were on this day back on May 21st, some '588' new 'cases' on that very day... Now if we assume that maybe 5 at the most 'died since that time from other causes, and the others have ran their course of being considered 'active' for 14 days, that leaves a MASSIVE shortfall of '250+' that we can add to the already huge shortfall of '1700+) and you now have a horrendous shortfall of '2000+' cases that are still being counted as 'recovered cases'.....Yes, this is indeed horrible MANIPULATION of medical data, and these pricks should all be in jail for this alone..

(e) Yes, the REAL number of 'active cases' if you take away the '2000' that are now being held here falsely and actually are 'recovered cases' you get a REAL 'active cases' count of some '2200' only for all of Manitoba.... So much for a 'deadly third wave' therefore... But it gets even better, for ALL of these 'active cases' came ONLY through the fraudulent and sickening manipulation of the PCR amplification tool that is useless and was never meant to diagnose 'contagions' at all.. Therefore ALL of these 'active cases' are indeed FALSE and do not have this non-existent 'deadly virus' at all... But of course there are people that are actually sick, and need I remind everyone that there are lots of REAL diseases and illnesses out there?  Each and every one of these 'sick' cases absolutely have THOSE real illnesses and not this fraud called 'COVID-19'..

(f) After yesterday's fiasco and bullshit report on 'new variants' (and the people of Manitoba did not even notice that glaring error?)  they have 'settled' on some 221 new phantom variant cases that are also phony as they too are derived from the ABUSE of the PCR amplification tool that is NOT a proper 'test' for any contagions... And the lying pricks are continuing with the falsehood here that these 'new variants' are 'more deadly' than the original non-existent 'deadly virus' which DEFIES basic biology!  The facts are that in every previous case of 'viral infection', the newer 'strains' aka 'variants' are ALWAYS weaker than the original strains.... But it is the propaganda from the lying whore media that is pushing this lie about these 'big, bad, new 'even more deadlier' variants' for the gullible out there..

More than anything else at this point, I can see these pricks continue to juggle and manipulate their daily data just to keep the scam going on and on and on.... Obviously these monsters have been directed by their 'masters' aka the ones that are behind this entire fraud, to keep pushing the citizens of this province with more fear and panic just to get them to line up and take their KILL SHOTS...

I was asked recently WHY pricks like Brian Pallister, that evil SOB Brent Roussin, and other trolls in Manitoba Health, are doing this to the people of this province?  My original thought when this entire scam started back in March of last year is that these fools have been manipulated and threatened into doing this sickness to their own citizens...BUT not any more, for if these monsters actually had any form of any consciences, they would have said 'enough of this' last year and actually stopped what they were doing.... Something else is therefore the driving factor here, and I truly am at the conclusion that these pricks are indeed PURE EVIL and therefore soulless criminals that have gone along with the entire scam and do not care about how many people they have killed already, and will kill shortly by their KILL SHOTS...

And yes therefore, these foul creatures do not deserve any sympathy or care at all, for they are indeed partaking in possibly the greatest mass extermination of humanity in all history... Therefore when the day comes that we do rise up and take back this province, we must make sure that these and all others that were involved or were 'accessories' to this mass genocide get no mercy and get the only justice that they all deserve for this crime which is to see ALL of them put to death... The deaths of thousands of Manitobans will indeed cry out for this form of justice that they all truly deserve.

More to come


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63 weeks of battle Brian.
Have you noticed the distractions they are resorting to after 63 weeks?
Googlestein might require a Winners permit from you and your comrades.
Thanks Brian