Tuesday, June 22, 2021

The Real Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Tuesday June 22nd 2021: 62 New FALSE POSITIVE Cases, 4 New Deaths NOT From This Contagion - Cases Collapsing? No Problem As They Throw "Swine Flu" At Us Next!

 I could not believe what I was reading this morning when I opened up that propaganda rag that somehow calls itself a 'newspaper' had on 'Page 2' their main headline of 'Swine Flu Confirmed In Manitoba'.... I read that garbage article and I had to howl... Obviously, since their scam-demic narrative is now in full collapse, they NEED something else as their newest 'excuse' to try to keep this province locked up and voila, here we go with that GARBAGE called 'swine flu' rearing its stupid moronic head again... 

You would figure that when that scam 'Swine Flu pandemic' failed a decade ago and was found to be such a fraud that they would not try to use that stupidity again...But nope, here we go with that scam now out here in Manitoba and obviously the fuckers running the scam-demic are hoping that most Manitobans have short attention spans and would have no memories of that decade old fraud... Therefore they actually think the suckers here in this province would fall for it now, and sadly that may indeed prove to be the case!  

Well, beyond the 'swine flu' stupidity, I have today's ludicrous and vomiting 'Official Manitoba COVID-19 report' and as expected, ALL of their 'numbers' are in free fall other than a vain attempt to prop up the 'death toll'  with deaths NOT from this non-existent 'deadly virus' at all, as well as propping up their 'ICU cases' numbers based on purely fraudulent cases numbers and falsified data.... 

OK, Onto their 'numbers' from today's most ridiculous report.... And I have them broken down right here for everyone to analyze for themselves:


(a) 62 new cases over last 24 hours.  Grand total number of cases for 65.5 weeks now sits at '55460'. 

(b) 123 active hospital cases as of today.  Decline of 18 active hospital cases from yesterday's total of '141'.    And there are now 34 active ICU cases in all of Manitoba as of today.  This is a decline of '3' ICU cases from yesterday's total of '37'.  AND they are continuing to ludicrously keep 14 ICU cases outside of Manitoba as of today.

(c) 4 new deaths over last 24 hours.  This raises entire death toll for 65.5 weeks to grand total of 1129.

(d) 52478 recovered cases for last 65.5 weeks as of today.. This is an increase of '273' over yesterday's total of '52205'...

(e) 1860 active cases as of today.. This is a decline of '215' from yesterday's total of '2075'.

(f) 14640 total 'new variant' cases since January 1st of this year... Some 1080 are listed as 'active' while '13243' are claimed as 'recovered'.   This leaves '137' listed as 'died' from these 'new variants' as of today.

Yes, the numbers are now in a steep collapse... The only thing that they can possibly hinge this entire fraud on now is indeed the fluctuating 'death toll' that they continue to claim is caused by these 'new variant' frauds, as well as continuing to attempt to keep the ICU cases as high as possible.... And I continue to be so amazed that nobody is coming out and challenging these lying sacks of shit for their continuing to keep 14 Manitobans outside of the province at this point when there is absolutely NO NEED to keep that charade going at all.....

Well, time once again to dig deeper into their fraud 'numbers game' and tear them all to smithereens... And in the same alphabetic order as shown above, right here:


(a) Yes, this number is indeed in a steep decline now.. But even that is irrelevant as these 'cases' come solely through the continuing manipulation and abuse of the PCR amplification tool that is USELESS for detection of any contagions...  Therefore ALL of these 'cases' are 100% false and frauds meaning that nobody in Manitoba has actually ever had this 'deadly virus' at all in nearly 66 weeks.

(b) Once again, these hospital 'cases' numbers come ONLY through the same PCR amplification tool fraudulent manipulation.  Therefore there are actually ZERO hospital cases that have this 'deadly virus' as the 'test' is 100% invalid AND the 'contagion' to this day continues to be a mirage..... I continue to see those '14' cases that are being kept outside of Manitoba as sheer and blatant manipulation of data here...

(c) Yes '4' new deaths, and once again ALL died of other causes as ALL had severe 'underlying health issues' that were the real cause of their demises... That, and as many as 3/4 of these new deaths were caused by the complications of the adverse effects due to the KILL SHOTS taking its toll in their bodies, as these criminals have the NERVE to claim falsely that they were caused by these fraud 'new variants' instead..  It continues to be a fact that in nearly 66 weeks time now, I have yet to find even ONE death that can be directly attributed to this phantom 'deadly virus' at all.

(d) Yes, this recovered cases number for today is actually quite accurate and shows that their manipulation of this data to keep the 'active cases' numbers artificially inflated appears to be over, at least for the time being...But since the 'virus' is a mirage, then all of these recovered cases if they were sick suffered from one of many REAL diseases and illnesses out there and NOT from this fraud called 'COVID-19' at all..

(e) Yes, this 'active cases' number is definitely in free fall as well.. But no matter, as ALL of these 'active cases' comes only from the abuse of the PCR amplification tool and therefore all are 100% invalid and false... Yes, of course there are sick people out there, which is only natural... The fact remains that those who are/were sick suffered from OTHER real diseases..

(f) Yes, this fraud is now nearly based entirely on these 'new variant' garbage cases for a 'virus' that still to this day does not even exist.... I also am going to state it here clearly that almost ALL of these 'new variant' deaths that they are claiming now, especially in the elderly, are NOT from this non-existent contagion, but are absolutely from the severe damage done by the KILL SHOTS.... 

Well, I for one am once again not in the least bit surprised by the blatant manipulation of data, as their newest 'excuse' will not only be because the 'ICU cases are still too high', but now again they will claim that Manitobans must continue to cower in fear because the 'new threat' is this sudden appearance of that fraud 'swine flu'..

And of course it figures they would come up with 'swine flu' for much of Manitoba's agricultural business which has been riding the storm with this entire scam-demic, is based on a lot of sales of pork products.... Now they may decide criminally to destroy that business by demanding that all hogs and pigs be destroyed due to this 'swine flu' bullshit..... That would cripple that business and also help to create artificial food shortages, which seems to be both some of the goals behind this entire scam-demic..

Well... I am not surprised by other announcements that Manitoba is now 'ahead of the 70% vaccination target' as all I continue to see are the most retarded people imaginable lining up to gladly take these KILL SHOTS into their bodies.... It will indeed be demoralizing and troubling when many of them start getting horribly sick and dying this coming autumn indeed..

And yes, the program remains one of mass depopulation through genocide via lethal injections... These fucking criminals responsible for this mess here in Manitoba must never ever be allowed to escape the real justice that they all deserve for their parts in this crime, which must be seeing ALL get the death penalty for their parts.... I just hope most Manitobans will be still be alive to see that happen!

More to come


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