Sunday, June 20, 2021

The Real Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Sunday June 20th 2021: 93 New FALSE POSITIVE Cases, 6 New Deaths NOT From This Contagion - Fraud Now Totally Driven By Non-existent New Variant Cases Only!

 Well, better late than never... The bullshit artists in the Manitoba government that are behind this entire fraud scam-demic for this province have finally released today's 'official report', and yes now they are definitely stuck with an agenda where their 'daily cases' are in free fall... To cover for that collapse they have upped the fraud 'death count' claiming that ALL new deaths are now from the bullshit 'new variants' which in actuality are showing to be deaths caused by the KILL SHOTS themselves!

OK, Onto the 'numbers game' from today's so called 'official report' of nonsense... I have their numbers broken down right here for everyone to analyze for themselves:


(a) 93 new cases over last 24 hours.. This raises entire cases count for 65+ weeks time frame to 55331 in total.

(b) 140 active hospital cases as of today.  This is an  increase (?)  of '6' active hospital cases from yesterday's total of '134'... And there are now '34' active ICU cases, which is a decrease of '1' ICU case from yesterday's total of '35'... And strangely they continue to keep '17' ICU cases outside of Manitoba as of today?

(c) 6 new deaths over last 24 hours.  This raises death toll for  65+ weeks to grand total of '1124'.

(d) 52041 recovered cases for 65+ weeks.  This is increase of '228' recovered cases from yesterday's total of '51813'.

(e) 2166 active cases as of today.  This is a decrease of '141' from yesterday's report of '2307'.

(f) NO new variant cases data as system once again takes Sundays and Mondays off.. Next data report on new variants expected Tuesday,  June 22nd, 2021.

Yes... Can you smell it?  I smell bullshit, and these 'numbers' are full of it!  Obviously they could no longer keep the 'cases' numbers as artificially high as they have done for the last few weeks, and to offset that decline, they are absolutely now going to run with the fraud 'new variants' causing so many 'deaths' when the reality is that since nearly ALL new deaths are of senior citizens in homes that have been 'fully vaccinated', these deaths are FROM those KILL SHOTS and not from these bullshit 'variants' at all.

Well... Time again to do my own analysis of their 'numbers game' and to rip it all to shreds.... And in the same alphabetic order as shown above, right here:


(a) ALL cases come only from the abuse of the PCR amplification tool that is NOT a valid test for any contagions at all.  Therefore ALL of these 'numbers' posted in this category are useless, 100% frauds.  No valid case of this 'COVID-19' crap has ever been found at all in entire  65+ weeks time frame as 'virus' is still not proven to even exist.

(b) Hospital cases are also derived only from PCR amplification tool abuse as noted in (a).  Therefore these 'hospital cases' are also 100% invalid and frauds.   Hospital cases that are actually 'sick' have other REAL diseases and not one inkling at all of this COVID-19 bullshit... And seriously?  How can these hospital cases be  rising while the 'cases' numbers are in free fall?  That smells of blatant manipulation in itself as it defies basic logic......And there is no valid reason at all for these criminals to also keep cases 'outside' of this province, and to do so shows of blatant manipulation of data.

(c) Almost ALL 'new deaths' are of senior citizens in group homes that have been fully 'vaccinated' with KILL SHOTS.  This can only lead to conclusion that new 'deaths' being claimed as 'variants' in that  target group have actually died from complications due to the KILL SHOTS themselves.   It is still a fact that in entire  65+ weeks of this entire fiasco I have yet to find ONE single death that can be directly attributed to this 'deadly virus' and I never will as the 'virus' remains an illusion and phantom to this day.

 (d) Numbers of recovered cases remains basically accurate now for the last 2 weeks and counting.. Fact remains that 'recovered cases' never did suffer from this 'deadly virus' as it remains a phantom to this day.  Those that were sick suffered from other REAL illnesses instead.

(e) ALL 2166 'active cases' came only through the fraudulent usage of the PCR amplification tool and therefore are 100% false and invalid.  Active cases that are actually sick are suffering from REAL diseases that are out there all the time and not from this fraud called 'COVID-19' at all.

(f) Once again 'new variants' take weekends off for  'good behaviour' which is ludicrous.  Entire scam is now driven solely via these fraud 'new variants' and yet these lying sacks of shit withhold data until this coming Tuesday?  Madness to say the least and shows that they are indeed lying sacks of shit.

Yes, the people of this province will be under the false illusion that 'happy days are here again' as the cases numbers are definitely in free fall... But not so fast, as these criminals running this numbers game are placing all of their bets now on the fraud 'new variants' and will say that we are 'not out of the woods yet' as the fraud 'new variants' are causing  so many 'new deaths'... Therefore they will insist that we suffer in this province 'just a bit longer' which is total horse shit.

People here in Manitoba must remember that these criminal fuckers in the Pallister regime have had their  'marching orders' now for over a year, and like obedient evil scumbags they all are, they are obeying those instructions, even if it means the total destruction of this province's economy and the livelihoods of all Manitobans...

And lets face reality here... Their goal is and always has been to get everyone that they possibly can shot up with the deadly KILL SHOTS as part of the master plan for world wide depopulation and to turn the survivors of those shots into something LESS than human..... Sadly they are succeeding beyond their  wildest expectations as the RETARDS out there are just so happy to oblige and line up like the dumb ass sheep they truly are to take these lethal injections without even caring what is in these shots and what they will do to their bodies!

I again want to state that IF the people of this province ever do wake the fuck up from their slumber and go after the Pallister criminals and the fuckers at Manitoba Health for this mass destruction of the populace, there must be hell to pay and one where there will be NO escape for these criminals at all other than to see them put on trial and then summarily put to death for this mass genocide.  Honestly, I can hardly wait for that day to happen, for this crime has gone on way too far already.

More to come



Thinking....... said...

This is a report from Dr Young.
⁣⁣CDC NOW Admits NO ‘Gold Standard’ for the Isolation for ANY Virus!
The Freedom of Information is a great tool.
I am guessing the same thing applies to all animal vaccinations.
A friend of mine has a dog she got after her other one died. The only vax the owner ever gave any dog owned was for rabies. All the dogs lived to be old and were for the most part healthy. The last dog died due to the smart meters outside the house. Never tie a dog anywhere near smart meters. He/the dog had all the symptoms of wireless radiation.
The dog the owner has now came from a friend, who was living alone and felt the dog was left on it's own for to many hours in a day, due to the new workload from a new job.. The dog originally came from a shelter. They gave the dog all it's vaccinations, castrated him and added flea meds to the mix. All of that in a very short period of time. The dog has brain damage just like kids get damage from vaccines. He cannot learn anything new. He behaves to a degree like he has ADHD among a few other problems. The new owner has trained many dogs over the years and has never had a problem until this one. I have even helped with the dog and boy that dog sure is out of it. There is no doubt about the fact, the dog is damaged. I am guessing all the so called dog viruses are as bogus as the ones for humans. Drug companies make billions on pets as well. Something to think about for a while. Can't make a vaccine for something that has never been isolated.

Bob said...


I was thinking about these Rock and Roll bands caving to the "Assthorities".

They got fooled and signed an iron clad contract and the governor of NY trapped them into insisting on vaccines! They would be ruined if they didn't go along.

Of course the chimp faced loser Coumo is about to be completely obliterated by lawsuits even over the masks. The honest experts are coming forward in droves. Coumo murdered the old and the frail! Even his own family will abandon him.

I'm still depressed but fighting back. I'm the phantom poster in the night 3-4 AM with truths that I laminate and post all over Northern Virginia.

I saw the Red Fox this morning and it tracked me for a mile and snarled at me but I figured it was guarding it's litter in it's den. I don't think they exist in the Great White North but here in Virginia they are all over. If you ever heard a Red Fox scream I guarantee it will make the back hairs stand on end in fear.

ArmedPatriot said...

Awesome blog ! Im in Commie Quebec
Man im sick of these jew tricks, just about fawking had it !

You know about Cyber Polygon ? Them kikes at the World Economic Forum are doing a huge "Cyber Atack " simulation . rekon its june 9th

Yall be ready , i think theyll finally be pullingbthe plug !

Holodomor 2.0

Lock n Load !!!

Karmellis said...

Greetings, NTS!

And now we have this news:

The comments are more interesting than the article, IMHO.