Friday, June 18, 2021

The Real Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Friday June 18th 2021: 183 New FALSE POSITIVE Cases, 4 New Death NOT From This Contagion - Still NO End In Sight To This Massive LIE!

I just cannot believe it.... It is now a full 65 fucking weeks since these lying sacks of shit in the Manitoba Pallister truly criminal government, along with that bald headed sack of shit that calls himself 'Manitoba's Chief Health Officer', 'Doctor' Brent Roussin, unleashed hell on Earth  for the good citizens of this province by claiming a 'state of emergency' that was supposed to last '2 weeks' then due to a FRAUDULENT 'deadly virus' that still to this day has NEVER been proven to even exist!   The truly sad part is looking around me these days at the people of this province that have turned into blobs of mindless jelly with NO real thinking processes at all, that are just sucking up the criminals' garbage and living their lives in nothing but fear and anxiety.... I for one will NEVER accept any excuses for these pricks and I truly want them all to FRY for what they have done to the people of Manitoba..

OK, I had to get that off my chest... I once again have today's putrid 'Official Manitoba COVID-19 report' in front of me, and yes I continue to be right about these foul creatures making their fraud 'cases' numbers creep up very slowly just to keep the fear factor going... And their latest ploy seems to be now to focus in on the 'new variants' as ALL of their phony '4 deaths' for the last 24 hours are claimed to have been caused by these bullshit 'more deadly variants'.... Just more fear mongering over something that is not even out there at all, definitely!

Well, onto their 'numbers' from today's vomiting report, and once again I have them broken down right here for everyone to analyze for themselves:


(a) 183 new cases over last 24 hours.... Grand total for full 65 weeks is now 55098.

(b) 143 active hospital cases as of today.  Decrease of 12 from yesterday's total of 155.  37 active ICU cases as of today.  Decrease of 3 active ICU cases from yesterday's total of 40.   There are STILL '20' Manitobans so strangely and without any reason being kept outside of the province at this time.

(c) 4 new deaths over last 24 hours.  Grand total for 65 full weeks sits at '1115' due to one previous 'death' was removed due to a 'data correction'.

(d) 51547 recovered cases for entire 65 weeks.   Increase of '276' over yesterday's total of '51271'.

(e) 2436 active cases as of today.  Decline of '96' active cases from yesterday's total of '2532'.

(f) 166 new 'variant' cases over last 24 hours.  Grand total of these 'new variants' for period since January 1st, 2021 sits at '14394'.   Still no 'accurate data' on 'active variant cases' but estimates are still at just over 2/3 of active cases, which means 1700+ active 'new variant' cases.

Yes, the latest 'twist' to their massive lie is to push the fraud that ALL 'new deaths' are suddenly all from these bullshit 'new variants' that are absolutely NOT "more deadly" than previous strains.  That propaganda is a pure lie and defies simply BIOLOGY 101.....  But they do need these 'variants' now to drive the entire fraud along just to scare the retards out there into getting their KILL SHOTS in their bodies, definitely.

Well, time to once again 'analyze' their data, and I will continue with a simplified format that I introduced yesterday... And in the same alphabetic order as shown above, right here:


(a) 100% fraudulent and invalid, as data comes ONLY through the continued abuse of the PCR amplification tool... ALL 55098 cases therefore are 100% frauds and invalid, period.  Has anyone ever actually had this 'COVID-19' at all?  As all cases are 100% frauds, the answer is NO!

(b) Hospital cases also derived only through the fraudulent abuse of the PCR amplification tool, and therefore ALL are 100% invalid for this 'deadly virus'... ALL data presented here is absolutely a massive lie, as the hospitals continue to sit nearly empty with ZERO patients of any kind.  And criminal provincial government is continuing to hold 20 extra patients outside of province to obviously pump up these fraud numbers when they need to do so.

(c) ALL '4' new deaths are listed as 'comorbidities' once more, meaning that they ALL died from OTHER causes but are claimed to have had fraud 'new variants' of this non-existent 'deadly virus' as well.  In fact there is STILL NO evidence that any of the '1115' deaths so far in last 65 weeks have died directly from this phantom illness, where in all cases they ALL died from other causes or REAL illnesses.

(d) Still close to accurate at this point for recovered cases.  But since 'test' for this non-existent 'deadly virus' is a dud and a fraud, then NONE of these 'recovered cases' had this COVID-19 crap at all but ALL suffered from other REAL illnesses.

(e) 2436 active cases where ALL came from the abuse of the PCR amplification tool.  Therefore NONE have this 'deadly virus' at all, and those that are indeed sick are suffering from other REAL illnesses.  Therefore there are actually NO active cases of this 'COVID-19' at all in Manitoba, as the 'deadly virus' still to this day does not even exist.

(f) To me, these 'new variants' are serving the purpose of prolonging this entire fraud....  The simple logic here is that since the 'deadly virus' simply does not even exist due to the fact that it has never been isolated, purified, or even PROVEN in any laboratory around the world for the last nearly 21 months, then these 'new variants' are duds and phantoms as well... But the PROPAGANDA of fear for this scam-demic here in Manitoba is now entirely dependent on these fraud 'new variants' to keep it going..

Honestly, are you as sick and tired of this never ending bullshit as much as I am?   All I ever see these days in my dealings with the retards and morons in this province these days are masked up fucking losers with NO lives other than to OBEY these fuckers driving this entire scam along... Pathetic is definitely putting it mildly..

And seriously??? That fucking bastard Premier Brian Pallister had the 'nerve' to announce earlier today that if Manitobans 'obey their masters' and if at least '70%' of all Manitobans have received at least their first lethal injections of their KILL SHOTS, then 'maybe' he will 'allow' businesses to open up to '25%' capacity by this upcoming CANADA DAY, meaning July 1st!!!!!   Tell you what, you asshole, tell the truth that you are a fucking lying sack of shit and open up EVERYTHING right now and apologize to this province hoping that we all do not hang your ass off the gallows when this is all over...

The other sad report that I saw today was where these provincial 'health' bastards announced that Manitobans have now received at least 1.1 MILLION doses of these KILL SHOTS.... I just continue to be so damn sick to my stomach in the realization that there could be as many as 1 MILLION dead Manitobans within the next 2 years from these lethal injections!

But it is now so obvious that these criminal fuckers are going to demand Manitobans take their jabs of certain death, or NOTHING will ever open up again as long as they are in charge of this scam-demic... To me, this is way too much, and I absolutely want to see the citizens of this province NEVER EVER forgive these pricks when this is all over... They all must get a speedy trial for this crime against humanity and get the ONLY sentence that is deserving of their crime, which is the death penalty for them all!

More to come


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No longer a Trump supporter said...

Are you aware of Dr. Pierre Gilbert who is/was a French doctor who said some very interested things in 1995 concerning what is happening now related to the Covid 19 vaccine push? If you want an alternate explanation for the vaccines beyond being merely "kill shots", then I think this is something you should be interested in. I know nothing about this man or what he is really saying but I am going to be doing my own research into this because it appears to be the truth. I think you will want to go down this rabbit hole too. Please see the latest post on my Blog mentioning Dr. Gilbert.