Wednesday, June 16, 2021

The Real Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Wednesday June 16th 2021: 143 New FALSE POSITIVE Cases, 7 New Deaths NOT From This Contagion - Back To Manipulation Of False Data Again!

 Well, I opened up this morning's copy of the propaganda bullshit rag that somehow classifies itself as a 'newspaper' and these lying sacks of shit had the main cover page with a picture of a guy who lives north of here in Gimli Manitoba whom they 'claim' suffered from 'COVID-19' and still has 'complications' even after 'treatments'...This man is also saying in that and the subsequent article that he is just imploring people to 'get out there and get your KILL SHOT'.... I honestly wanted to puke for obviously this man suffered from a REAL respiratory disease (Bronchial Pneumonia by any chance?) and is stupidly allowing himself to be the latest 'poster boy' for pushing for the KILL SHOTS in everyone!   Pathetic?  That is putting it mildly....

OK, Better late than never... I have today's vomiting "Official Manitoba COVID-19 report" of lies and distortions, and yes 'right on cue' they are now having both the fraud 'cases' numbers as well as the 'death toll' rise.... It is mid-week, and we are fast approaching this Friday when there is supposed to be 'lifting' of so many brutal 'restrictions' for Manitoba, and therefore they are now going to push up these 'numbers' to claim 'not so fast, for we are not out of the woods yet', and therefore have those horrors continue for the citizens of this province for 'a bit longer'!

OK, Onto the 'numbers' from today's ludicrous 'report'... And I have them here as usual for everyone to analyze for themselves:


(a) 143 new cases over the last 24 hours for all of Manitoba.  This raises overall cases count for nearly 65 full weeks to a grand total of '54739'.

(b) 166 active hospital cases for all of Manitoba as of today.  This is a decline of '20' from yesterday's report of '186'.... And there are now '44' active ICU cases for all of Manitoba, which is a decline of '2' from yesterday's report of '46'... And strangely they are still keeping '22' ICU cases outside of Manitoba.

(c) 7 new deaths over last 24 hours for all of Manitoba.  This raises overall death toll for the nearly 65 full weeks to a grand total of '1111'.....

(d) 50829 recovered cases for all of Manitoba for the nearly 65 full weeks time frame... This is an increase of '309' recovered cases from yesterday's report of '50520'.

(e) 2799 active cases for all of Manitoba as of today.  This is a decline of '173' active cases from yesterday's total of '2972'.

(f) 121 new 'variant' cases over last 24 hours.. This raises grand total since beginning of January of this year to "14003".   Still no set data on actual 'active' cases of these 'new variants' but additional data now out that they claim '120' of the '1111' so called 'deaths' were from these 'new variants'.

Yes, anyone that has been following these reports could see this coming... They are once again 'toying' with the citizens of this province, for after a few days of allowing the fraud 'cases' numbers to fall, now they are right on cue making them rise again slowly...... That, and their focus has 'switched' once again over to the 'death toll' as they are claiming '7' deaths from this non-existent 'deadly virus', but in reality 6/7 of these new 'deaths' were of elderly seniors with other health issues, and the other death was also a patient with other health issues as well.... Just more false propaganda of fear, definitely.

Well, time again to give my own analysis of their 'data', and rip it all to shreds... And in the same alphabetic order as shown above, right here:


(a) The facts remain that since ALL of these 'cases' come ONLY through the invalid and 100% inaccurate PCR amplification tool that is NOT a diagnostic tool for detection of diseases, then these cases numbers are still 100% invalid, inaccurate, and meaningless... Therefore what we have here is these bastards now 'pushing up' these cases numbers that they pull out of their asses to further their wanting to have this scam-demic NEVER end....

(b) Just like in (a), these hospital cases numbers are also based solely on the FRAUD usage of the PCR amplification tool, and therefore are 100% invalid and meaningless..... Therefore we can throw out all of these '166' hospital cases and their '44' ICU cases, for they are indeed 100% frauds......And again, why the fuck are they keeping ANYONE outside of Manitoba at all?  This smells of criminal fraud in itself and I see it as a means of keeping these numbers here so artificially high.... And again, overwhelmed hospitals?  I took another walk last night past the local general hospital and I still see ZERO patients of any kind in that facility!

(c) Yes, ALL '7' new 'deaths' are nothing of the sort as they ALL had severe underlying health conditions and weakened immune systems due to most of their advanced ages... AND I do suspect that many of the elderly deaths that we are now seeing were caused by the horrific KILL SHOTS beginning to take their toll in the elderly that were injected with that garbage months back..... But either way, I am still trying to find any confirmation that ANY of these '1111' deaths that they are claiming over a ridiculous 65 week time frame, actually died DIRECTLY from this phantom 'deadly virus', as I still have found that in each case, they had 'comorbidities' meaning they died from OTHER causes...

(d) Well, they are still continuing to keep the 'recovered cases' reasonably accurate to this point, if this was a REAL 'disease'... But since this 'COVID-19' still to this day has never been isolated, purified, or confirmed in ANY laboratory around the world, and the 'test' is an insult and a joke, then ALL of these 'recovered cases' did not suffer from this contagion at all and actually if they were sick suffered from other real illnesses and diseases..

(e) Yes, the 'active cases' are now in decline.. At least for the moment.... These pricks can easily manipulate this data as they have always done as the 'test' used to derive 'active cases' is a total fraud and basically they are getting their 'active cases' out of thin air.... Thus, none of these 'active cases' actually have this phantom 'deadly virus' and if they are 'sick' then they are sick from other real illnesses...

(f) Yes, we now find the MAJORITY of these 'new cases' to be of these fraud 'new variant' types... These 'new variants' are as much phantoms as the original 'strains' as the 'virus' still has never been proven to even exist.... But they are of course throwing these 'new variant' cases in our faces these days to drive the FEAR porn, as they are gearing up for an 'explosion' of these fraud 'new variants' based on their fraud 'India Delta variant' which is probably the biggest fraud of all.... AND as I said before, these pricks will indeed call those who will be suffering and dying from taking the KILL SHOTS to have been suffering and dying from these fraud 'new variants' instead.

Honestly, I just do not get it any more with the citizens of this province?  Most are indeed nothing but brain dead dumb ass retarded sheep that are not going to raise any resistance against this tyranny.... Sadly then they deserve exactly what these criminals are doing to them by turning their lives into a living hell...

I also saw the report today that there were some '2096' of THE most stupidest retards imaginable over the last 24 hours that went out to those horrid 'testing centers' to allow these pricks to shove their cribriform plate destroying ram-rods up their noses... My question is WHY?  Why would anyone with any brain cells want to subject themselves to that torture?  And WHY give these monsters their way of pumping out false case numbers?   My solution remains so simple: DO NOT GO AND GET TESTED!.  If you are sick, then just stay home, take fluids, get some bed rest, and do not give these bastards another false positive case for them to use to torture the citizens of this province, period!

Honestly, fuck you Brian Pallister and that sick freak Brent Roussin, for destroying the lives of the people of this province with your scam.... I for one do hope that when the people do realize that this has always been a fraud, that you two are arrested, along with the rest of your criminal associates, for destroying lives and especially murdering so many via your KILL SHOTS...... I have long said that justice in courts must be swift as the only judgment for all of these genocidal freaks is to see them all get the death penalty for this crime.

More to come


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Tribe of Dab said...

Yes these really are genocidal freaks as you say.
I stumbled across the Branch Covidian website to learn of this Vax Cult.
Dude, the parallels to Christmas insanity are striking, except that
Christ is out, Covidian is in.
Brings new meaning to turn the other cheek no doesn't it.