Tuesday, June 15, 2021

The Real Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Tuesday June 15th 2021: 115 New FALSE POSITVE Cases, 2 New Deaths NOT From This Contagion - Even More Blatant Manipulation Of Data!

 My heart sank a bit this morning when the lying whore media went on the idiot box aka 'Talmudvision' here in Manitoba and gleefully announced that some '1070000' Manitobans have now received either their first and/or their second KILL SHOTS..... When I saw that deeply disturbing report, I thought "OK, Now they have reached their 'herd immunity' and they will no longer be going after the 'unvaccinated', right?"... Well I could not be more wrong as these lying freaks used that number as their way of pushing for now 100% aka full 'vaccination' of this province.... Sadly, considering how gullible Manitobans are, I can easily see some 90% as an achievable percentage which to me would be beyond devastating... That could mean as many as 1 MILLION people in this province alone dead or dying within the next year!

Well, there is now little I can do for the brain dead in this province.... I have now been hammering their fraud 'statistics' here for 15 months, and sadly so few are paying attention to my efforts.....Most of them will now find themselves dead soon, and honestly good riddance to the lot of them..

OK, Better late than never, onto today's most vomiting 'Official Manitoba COVID-19 report' that I have right in front of me as I type this report... And of course I do want to present their 'numbers' first and foremost right here for everyone to analyzed for themselves:


(a) 115 new cases over the last 24 hours.. This raises overall cases count for the last 64.5 weeks to a grand total of 54596.

(b) 186 active hospital cases right now in all of Manitoba.  This is a decrease of '8' active cases from yesterday's report of '194'... And there are now '46' active ICU cases which is an increase of '4' from yesterday's report of '42' active ICU cases for all of Manitoba... There are also now '24' ICU cases being held outside of Manitoba as of today which is a decline of '2' from yesterday's report of '26'..

(c) 2 new deaths, both senior citizens in their 90's, over the last 24 hours for all of Manitoba... This raises their overall death toll for the 64.5 weeks' time frame to a grand total of '1104'.

(d) 50520 recovered cases for all of Manitoba over last 64.5 weeks... This is an increase of '252' recovered cases from yesterday's report of '50268'.

(e) 2972 active cases for all of Manitoba as of today... This is a decline of '139' active cases from yesterday's report of '3111'.

(f) 279 new 'variant' cases for Manitoba over last 3 days.... This raises overall 'variant cases' total for nearly 5.5 months since January 1st of this year to '13732' overall.... No firm data on the 'active' new variant cases, but I can estimate that total at just over 2/3 of the active cases or 2200 estimated.

Yes, the 'cases' number is now in collapse... And yet they are out there trying to sell the propaganda that we should not end these 'restrictions' and 'lockdowns' as they claim the hospital cases are 'too high'.... To me, this is just more unwarranted fear mongering, as the hospital cases come from the same invalid test as the 'cases', and the hospitals have ALWAYS been basically empty throughout this phony crisis.   It only shows again that these lying sacks of shit will try ANYTHING to keep the entire scam going.

Well, time again to rip and tear their 'data' to smithereens... And in the same alphabetic order as shown above, right here:


(a) Yes, obviously they are playing a sick game here... Every one of these 'cases' numbers comes out of thin air as the 'test' that they use aka the PCR amplification tool is NOT a valid test for ANY contagions... Therefore they can basically come up with any number here they want and throw it in our faces.... And since EVERY one of these '54596' cases that they have claimed now for nearly 65 full fucking weeks of this stupidity comes ONLY through that PCR amplification tool, then they are ALL invalid and nobody has ever contracted this 'disease' at all here in Manitoba.

(b) Just like in (a) above, these  'hospital cases come ONLY through the abuse of the PCR amplification tool and therefore are 100% invalid as well.... And as I noted yesterday, and proven right once more, they are pumping up the ICU 'cases' by adding in a few that they have been keeping outside of the province when there is NO NEED at all to have ANYONE outside of Manitoba at all!    It is indeed a 'numbers' game, and sadly the suckers in this province are losing that game to these lying sacks of shit.

(c) Yes, 2 deaths of extremely elderly senior citizens once again that obviously died of other causes and/or the results of the deadly KILL SHOTS.... And I will repeat it here again that I have yet to find one single 'death' that can be directly attributed to this 'deadly virus' at all over the 'last 65 weeks.... .In fact every one of these '1104 deaths' that these lying sacks of shit claim were from this 'COVID' garbage did in fact succumb to a wide range of other REAL illnesses..... And yet another reminder that last fall/winter/spring was indeed Influenza season, and there were ZERO of those deaths from Influenza in Manitoba as these criminals just reclassified them as 'COVID-19' instead.

(d) Yes, this number of recovered cases continues to be close to 'accurate' now for the last few weeks... And the fact remains that since this 'deadly virus' is basically non-existent as it has never been isolated, purified, or proven to exist in any laboratory around the world now for nearly 20 months time, then these 'recovered cases' has actually suffered from OTHER real illnesses....

(e) Well, as expected the 'active cases' numbers are also in collapse... But no matter, as all of these 'active cases' come ONLY through the invalid PCR 'test' and therefore none have this non-existent 'deadly virus' at all.. .Yes, of course many are sick which is logical, but those that are sick are suffering from the wide range of REAL illnesses out there and stupidly went and got 'tested' when they should not have where the scoundrels have listed them falsely as 'active with COVID-19'.....

(f) I had expected more actually here... These lying sacks of shit may indeed be playing a game, and just waiting to unleash their new 'India Delta variant' on the suckers and morons in this province to drive them back into unwarranted fear again.... .This has been their game now for some time and their excuse to create just another fraudulent 'new wave' to keep the entire scam going as long as THEY want...

Honestly, I am a bit surprised by the data, as the distortions are so 'in your faces' once more... These lying sacks of shit are obviously propping up the hospital cases numbers while they let the other data slide.... It is obviously just to keep that 'fear' in the gullible to stretch this entire fraud along a bit longer until many that have received their first batches of KILL SHOTS start getting very sick.. At that point they will claim those who are being injured by the KILL SHOTS fraudulently to be suffering from the 'new variants' and drive their numbers back up accordingly.

This entire scam-demic is indeed all a horrible facade and once of the sickest games imaginable IMHO.... These lying sacks of shit are just continuing to pump fear, fear, and more fear, into the stupid in this province just to get them all to rush out and get the KILL SHOTS in them... Sadly, it is definitely working....

I also will state that the simplest way to end this scam is for people to stop being so stupid and get 'tested'.... These criminal liars have always been driving this scamdemic along from the false 'positives' that they get from the over-cycling of the PCR amplification tool which creates false and meaningless data... If people would just stay the fuck home when they are sick, and stop going to those useless testing centers, then there would be ZERO cases numbers from these fraud artists, and the scam would be over in no time flat!

But the name of the game here is FEAR, and the result is now over 1 MILLION retards here in this province taking at least their first KILL SHOTS into their bodies... I can only shake my head in pure disgust as these fools are all going to pay dearly for that horrible decision, and I no longer feel any pity for any of them.. They made their choice and now they will suffer the consequences...

Yes, this is indeed a program of mass genocide via these KILL SHOTS of certain death... The eventual death toll will be enormous and in a magnitude unheard of in all human history... THIS is why I am never going to stop my pursuit of real justice for this horrendous crime, and every criminal involved, all the way from the top down to the lying whore media outlets, are fully responsible for each and every one of those murdered by this genocide... The only justice for all of these monsters has to be the death penalty, and none must be allowed to escape this justice..

More to come



Unknown said...

"..honestly good riddance to the lot of them.."
Your words, NTS...and might I add, mine as well!
Let them ALL die slow deaths...both above and
below the 49th Parallel!

Karmellis said...


There is no guarantee that statistic is true, at all.

Remember: We have a Ministry of Truth that is there to publicize propaganda. Nothing they say should be taken seriously. We also have a PCR test system that is a 100% fraud. If they can lie about that, what else are they lying about?

Bob said...


Did you know about the Midazolam scandal? It's 100 percent fact that the evil bastards (Matt Hancock, Coumo, Governors - Wolf, Newsom, Whitmer etc.) Were murdering the old and the frail in nursing homes.

A brief discussion of this atrocity.

"Is there a policy to euthanize older patients in the hospital? Are older people being killed before their time? What is the role of the state in this dramatic policy-shift?

Jacqui Deevoy is an investigative journalist who has interviewed over 50 whistleblowers who believe their parents or partners were euthanized while in hospital. While I have no way to verify their claims, Deevoy’s presentation of the evidence is compelling to say the least.

For that reason, I decided to transcribe part of the interview so readers could parse the words for themselves and make their own determination. I should add, that I have read enough anecdotal accounts of suspicious elderly care treatment in Europe and the US (since the pandemic began), that I suspect Deevoy may be onto something bigger and more sinister than we might have imagined. And if there is a grain of truth to what she says, then open-minded people will have to mull-over the prospect that “depopulation” might not be such a loony “conspiracy theory” after all.

But that’s for you to decide. I’m merely presenting this video because I found it so disturbing and because I’m convinced that You Tube will remove it before it is widely circulated.

State Euthanasia??

Jacqui Deevoy, investigative journalist: (Text starts at 2-minute mark) “Last summer, someone contacted me….he said his father was murdered in hospital… which was pretty shocking… but because I’ve had alot of people coming to me about it… I took it seriously…. So, I started looking into it, and what I found was pretty shocking…. We now have alot of evidence that what he said was true, not just for his father but alot of other people’s relatives as well who were victims to this “protocol”… I decided that this needed to “go public” so I contacted 28 editors…… But didn’t get even one single reply…. and that surprised me because I’d never been ‘blanked’ so broadly…

“… what I’d actually pitched to them (the 28 mainstream media editors) was a story, backed up with alot of evidence that the elderly were being killed in hospitals, care homes, and hospices; being put on “end of life” care before they needed to be. And I’ve spoken to 50 people who have experienced this firsthand, and I found 16 who were willing to speak to the papers and to go public. …We have so much evidence now. We have documents from the House of Commons, we have documents to prove that Midazolam was ordered last March, to treat Covid patients. How Midazolam can treat Covid patients, I don’t know, because Covid is a respiratory disease, and Midazolam works by suppressing the respiratory system leading to death. The more midazolam you give, the more likely the person will die. Midazolam is used in America as an execution drug, in a huge amount…. It’s a horrible way to go. I have evidence that Midazolam was given to unconscious patients… people who had one jab and fell unconscious, and while they were still unconscious, were still being administered it, which doesn’t make any sense. There are so many stories. …..

Gareth Icke–…”The proof is there in black and white.. and the amount of this drug that was administered compared to other years, is insane! It’s on average a 100,000 more doses of it (midazolam) per month then before the pandemic. And, the excuse that it’s being used in operations, but they haven’t done any operations! (The whole thing was a fraud.) So where is this drug going??”

Jacqui Deevoy: “I think we’re all arriving at the same conclusions… I think this is going on worldwide.” "

Northerntruthseeker said...

Karmellis... IS that not the whole point of this exercise?

I have now for 15 months shown clearly that their 'statistics' are pure bunk... They are all based on falsified data, erroneous and terribly impossible statements by these pricks, etc etc..

This is why I attack them.. For they have the nerve to call their 'data' 'official' which of course leaves them open to scrutiny and evidence of distortion.... That alone will eventually see them all (hopefully) get jail time for the fact that reporting falsified 'medical data' is indeed a huge criminal offence.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Bob.... Have you read my last two weekend rants? I put in my two cents worth about that terrible LIE in the UK..

I too have looked at both GARETH and DAVID ICKE's reports on this euthanizing of seniors using the drug 'Midazolam', and I do hope the UK people go after Boris's criminals for answers...But just like the 215 first nation's children that were found murdered at Kamloops BC here in Canada, and evidence that the royal bitch whore herself was involved, any investigations will just be dragged on for years!

Bob said...


You are so prolific I can't keep up! I'm sorry.

It's in the US too! They stockpiled lethal injection chemicals here in the US!

I feel bad for the young people that have to go thru this nightmare.