Monday, June 14, 2021

The Real Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Monday June 14th 2021: 124 New FALSE POSITIVE Cases, 2 New Deaths NOT From This Contagion - Playing On The Mental Well Being Of Manitobans Again!

 Yes, I do want to thank some of those who sent a few comments my way in yesterday's daily report... I appreciate many saying to me to not stop posting these daily reports, but the issue remains that there are nearly ZERO citizens in this province that are even aware of my efforts....I have of course been aiming these reports purposely at the citizens of my province of Manitoba to try to wake them up, but it has been so frustrating at times knowing that they would rather just be dumb ass sheep lining up gleefully to get their KILL SHOTS injected into them rather than take a step back, look at MY data, and ask HARD questions to the pricks running this scam in this province!   

But I will persevere.... And of course I have today's vomiting "Official Manitoba COVID-19 report" in front of me, and from the 'data' in that report that shows numbers in 'steep decline' I do wonder if these pricks running this scam are indeed playing on the mental well being of the already traumatized citizens of this province to have them think that the end of this 'pandemic' is now 'in sight' before they once again hammer everyone by having their numbers game 'explode' once more!   To me, this is indeed mental torture, and I do hold the Pallister criminal government fully responsible for that abuse of the citizens of this province.

OK, Onto their 'numbers' from their bullshit 'report' and once again I have them broken down right here for everyone to analyze for themselves:


(a) 124 new cases over last 24 hours.  This brings total number of cases for nearly 64.5 weeks to '54481' overall.

(b) 194 active hospital cases right now across Manitoba.  This is an increase of '1' active case in last 24 hours from yesterday's report of '193'.   And there are now '42' active ICU cases out of that '194' active hospital cases, which is an increase of '1' ICU case from yesterday's report of '41'.   And there are STILL '26' ICU cases kept outside the province???

(c) 2 new deaths over last 24 hours.  This brings death toll for entire 64.5 weeks to '1012' overall.

(d) 50268 recovered cases in Manitoba for entire 64.5 weeks.  This is an increase of '316' from yesterday's report of '49952' recovered cases.

(e) 3111 active cases in Manitoba as of today.  This is a decline of '194' active cases from yesterday's report of '3305'.

(f) Once again, NO data today for the 'new variant' cases.  Next available 'data' will be tomorrow, June 15th, 2021.

Yes, the 'active cases' count is indeed in steep decline.. But since these pricks basically grab these 'cases' numbers out of thin air, then it does not really matter what they throw at us.... And yes, while the cases are in decline, they are manipulating their 'numbers' by trying to keep the fraud 'hospital cases' as high as they can... And AGAIN why in the heck are they still keeping 'ICU cases' outside of the province?  I smell a rat here, and I am convinced they are keeping them there just in case the hospital numbers go into collapse, they will simply bring in these 'outside of province' cases just to keep that entire number artificially high. Otherwise, there is NO reason for keeping anyone outside of Manitoba, period.

Well, time again to rip and tear their bullshit 'numbers' apart as I always do... And of course in the same alphabetic order as shown above, right here:


(a) As I have already stated so many times, these 'new cases' are a total sham as they come ONLY through the false usage and abuse of the PCR amplification tool that is never intended to be used as a diagnostic tool for detection of contagions.. That is fact...... Therefore we can toss ALL of their 'cases' numbers out the door as they are ALL 100% false and invalid... The fact remains therefore that nobody here in Manitoba has ever come down with this 'COVID-19' at all.

(b) Again, since these 'hospital cases' are also entirely derived from the PCR amplification tool, then they too are 100% invalid and 100% frauds..... Yes, of course people are sick in the hospitals at all times, and that is due to the wide variety of real diseases and ailments that are always out there.... And again, I am sick and tired of their blatant manipulation of the 'ICU' cases, as there is ZERO reason to continue to keep 26 patients outside of this province and there never was... The hospitals are NOT 'overwhelmed' and never have been... The hospital facilities that I have observed have been empty skeletons for over the last year with nearly zero patients at all....

(c) Yes, 2 new deaths and once again BOTH had severe underlying issues... And the one death of the '80+ year old' reported today does intrigue me, as I do wonder if that person did die from complications due to the KILL SHOT?   And as it stands today, they can claim '1012' deaths over a 64.5 week period of time that is ludicrous enough (Some 14000 people die of all causes here in Manitoba over any 64.5 week time frame) but I still have found ZERO evidence that any of those 'deaths' were directly caused by this non-existent 'deadly virus', and the best that these criminals can do is list them all as 'co-morbidities' claiming that they may have died from other causes, but at the time of death they also had this fraud called 'COVID-19'...

(d) This is the only number in their entire report now that is pretty close to being accurate... But since there is NO 'deadly virus' out there at all, and the 'test' is 100% invalid, then these recovered cases obviously did not have this 'COVID-19' at all, and were falsely kept as active cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' on false pretenses and falsified 'test' results.... 

(e) No surprise that the 'active cases' numbers are falling.... But of course ALL of these 'active cases' did not have even an inkling of this 'COVID-19' at all as the 'virus' is still non-existent to this day and the PCR 'test' is 100% invalid as well.... Yes, of course some of these 'active cases' were sick, but they were ALL sick from other REAL diseases out there that hit Manitoba all the time.... Have people forgotten about real diseases such as 'Influenza'?  Or even the 'Common cold'?  Obviously , for these criminals running this scam have turned those sufferers into 'COVID-19' patients instead!

(f) Yes, again these 'new variants' always take weekends off for 'good behavior' which to me is so ludicrous and laughable... But I do wonder what 'trick' they will try next to get these 'variant cases' and I am indeed thinking about those who are now getting very sick from the KILL SHOTS, and how these pricks will indeed call them 'new variant' cases!

Well, honestly... I saw this coming... They have been playing on the mental well being of the good people of this province for months now by playing the numbers game like a yo-yo... And here we go again and right on cue where  they have the "cases" numbers fall to raise false hope that we are nearly in the clear, and then watch what happens possibly later on this week when they suddenly have it 'rise' once again... Yes, of course this is torture and abuse of the worst kind IMHO...

I just continue to be so amazed at times at the level of brutality being done to the  people of this province... Most people are indeed now beyond any hope of recovery for they have turned into nothing but fractured and scared out of their wits phantoms of their former selves... I have seen the fear and anxiety in the eyes of so many, and in so many cases this anxiety and torture has forced them into suicides....  I can only imagine how horrible the number of suicides are for this province, but I do suspect it is at or above this phony '1012' deaths from this phantom contagion..

And yes, we the citizens of Manitoba, must never ever forget or forgive the Pallister criminals for this brutality, torture, AND of course all of the deaths that they have already done... And we cannot forget about the TENS OF THOUSANDS who will be dead and dying from their horrific KILL SHOTS... These are the reasons why I am not relenting on my want to see these criminals all get the real justice they deserve for these murders, which must be the death penalty for all of them.... Every death that they have caused will call for vengeance, and we must never allow them all to escape justice.

More to come


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