Sunday, June 13, 2021

The Real Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Sunday June 13th 2021: 194 New FALSE POSITIVE Cases, 7 New Deaths NOT From This Contagion - And Manitobans Believe This Horse Manure?

I may give up in doing these daily reports that expose the truth about the entire scam-demic here in Manitoba... I have become increasingly disgusted by my fellow Manitobans for the fact that many now know I am out there fighting against these fuckers and their scam-demic by using their own numbers game against them... But in spite of my efforts, so few are paying attention to these reports, and all I see around me are petrified sheep and brain dead morons that are blindly accepting what these fuckers have done to them for the last 64 weeks and more... Yes, it may come time for me to close these daily reports and say to these dumb asses to enjoy their enslavement and get out there and take those KILL SHOTS into your bodies as quickly as you can just so we can get rid of you!

Well.... I have today's absolutely vomiting 'Official Manitoba COVID-19 report' in front of me, and right on cue their daily 'cases' numbers are in free fall, but once again they are raising the 'death toll' just to compensate for that rapid decline... I also am beginning to wonder that since 5 out of the 7 'new deaths' may indeed be due to the effects of the KILL SHOTS  as the majority are indeed senior citizens in personal care homes that have had both of their lethal injections administered to them 4-6 months ago?  That may be precisely what we are witnessing now...

OK... Onto their 'numbers' from today's ludicrous 'report' and as usual I have them broken down here for everyone to analyze for themselves:


(a) 194 new cases over last 24 hours.  Total cases count for 64+ weeks now sits at 54357.

(b) 193 active hospital cases for all of Manitoba. A decline of '11' from yesterday's total of '204'.  And there are now 41 active ICU cases , which is an increase (?) of '4' from yesterday's total of '37'.   And they are continuing to keep 26 'ICU cases' outside of the province (?).

(c) 7 new deaths over last 24 hours.  This raises overall death toll for 64+ weeks to '1100' in total.

(d) 49952 recovered cases for all of Manitoba for 64+ weeks.  Increase of '319' from yesterday's total of '49639'.

(e) 3305 active cases for all of Manitoba as of today.  Decline of '132' active cases from yesterday's  report of '3437'.

(f) NO data once again for 'new variants' as data collection takes Sundays and Mondays 'off'.   Next available figures will be issued on Tuesday, June 15th.

Anyone else catch the blatant enigmas and impossibilities with today's official 'numbers'?   They jacked up the hospital cases as they always do yesterday on Saturday, and once again the number collapses back the following Sunday!  They have done this for MONTHS now, and as I have been following their data closely, it shows definite signs of manipulation which is nothing new for these pricks.... And since both the 'cases' and even the 'active cases' are now collapsing as they should, these liars are definitely going to go to the ' death toll' as their means to keep the sheep in this province scared.

Yes, time again to give my own analysis of their bullshit 'data'.  And of course in the same alphabetic order as shown above, right here:


(a) First and foremost, these 'cases' numbers are 100% fraudulent since they come ONLY from the 100% inaccurate and 100% invalid abuse of the PCR amplification tool that is NOT a 'test' for  contagions at all..  Therefore once again what these pricks have done is to pick this '194' number out of thin air and throw it out there.  This has been their exact ploy in all of their reports now for 15 months, and sadly the sheep out there accept it without any rational thinking.... Therefore their entire '54357' number for the last 64+ weeks is just a massive HOAX!

(b)  These hospital 'numbers' also come courtesy of the invalid PCR amplification tool, and we can throw these all out as 100% bullshit.... The fact remains that, yes, there are always people that are sick in the hospitals which is common sense... But none of these hospital cases have any inkling at all of this bullshit ' deadly virus' and are suffering of course from other REAL diseases..... And of course as I noted above this is blatant manipulation as after yesterday's sudden 'surge' here, the next day we see this 'collapse'?   In terms of data analysis that is impossible and shows clearly that these pricks are just grabbing these numbers out of thin air.... And again, WHY are they still keeping 'ICU cases' outside of the province when there never was a need to at all??? I smell manipulation here once again as they will simply use those out of province cases to continue to falsely jack up the 'ICU cases'...... And about the hospitals being 'overwhelmed'? Not a chance, as all I see in my continuing observations are empty facilities with nearly zero patients of any kind.

(c) There is something definitely sinister going on here with this upswing in deaths, primarily once again of senior citizens... I absolutely believe that what is happening here is the beginning of a massive death explosion as many of these elderly seniors that have received their KILL SHOTS are now beginning to die from the effects of those lethal injections.... And of course as they start dying en-mass, I guarantee they are being classified as 'COVID-19 deaths'...... Therefore I still have not found to this very day ONE single 'death' that can be directly attributed to this fraud 'deadly virus', and since this 'virus' is still a phantom to this day, I doubt if I ever will.

(d) I am continuing to watch the 'recovered cases' closely for accuracy, as these numbers must indeed reflect the fact that after 14 days of being considered an 'active 'case', the patients must either be listed as  DEAD or fall automatically into this category....  If they even attempt any fraudulence here, I will be all over it instantly..

(e) Yes, the active cases number is now in decline... And I do wonder what they will attempt to drive this one back up!  They could either simply just over-cycle the PCR amplification tool to get a lot more false active cases, or they can try to use the 'variants' as well to balloon this number... But in either case, the 'active cases' are of course 100% FALSE as they have indeed come courtesy of the PCR amplification tool that generates nothing but false numbers that are 100% invalid.... Therefore the reality continues that there are ZERO active cases here in Manitoba of this phantom 'deadly virus', and for those who are 'sick' they are of course sick from the wide range of REAL diseases out there.

(f) Once again, just wait until Tuesday, where they will undoubtably have a new 'surprise' in store for the gullible in this province... And once again this is reality: These 'new variants' are phantoms just like the non-existent 'deadly virus' always has been.... And to claim that these phantoms are somehow 'more deadly' than the original 'strains' defies basic Biology 101 which shows that NO newer strains or 'variants' of ANY contagion is 'deadlier' than the originals.... 

Honestly, should anyone be surprised?? The blatant and criminal manipulation of their 'numbers game' is so obvious in today's report, as they are once again violating basic principles of statistics and how the change in contagion 'numbers' works in terms of patterns and facts..... But again, I continue to be so troubled that there are nearly ZERO people here that are reading my reports, which is so disheartening...

Meanwhile, the propaganda from the lying whore media outlets is actually increasing as they are running more and more 'advertisements' and other crap to get 'everyone vaccinated'..... I just marvel at the bullshit and continue to be so troubled as to how they can blatantly LIE as these KILL SHOTS are absolutely NOT vaccines at all!   But try to explain this fact to the sheep out there and you get so many with just that deer in headlights look as they continue to yearn for more lethal injections to be shot into them as soon as possible..

Yes, over 64 fucking weeks of this massive con-job here in Manitoba with NO end in sight... The Pallister criminal government is hell bent on keeping everyone subdued with unwarranted fear just to make sure most are out there getting their KILL SHOTS into their bodies like good little morons....And honestly, considering how these freaks seem to love their 'control' over the citizens of this province through this scam, I seriously doubt they will end this fraud any time soon!

And in closing, we have to always remember that this is a program of MASS GENOCIDE.... These monsters pushing these KILL SHOTS into everyone must be held fully accountable for every single death that they cause and must be put on trial for these deaths on murder charges..... There must be no 'way out' for all of these horrible criminals, as they will have or will be killing thousands in this province alone... The only proper justice for every one of these evil bastards is to see them all get the death penalty for this. We must give them the same level of 'mercy' that they showed in willingly put so many to death via lethal injections.

More to come



Tulip63 said...

Please dont give up lots here are awake in Europe,i have sent your information to lots,i know how you feel,its tiring but your work is just so good.
Take care and time out when you can.
Admirer of your excellent work.

Unknown said...

I agree with Tulip! It is easy to see
how just a few hundred NYC Bolsheviks -
sent over to Russia by big-time Jew
banker Joseph Schiff - took over Russia
and formed USSR out of the blood and
bodies of the brain-dead sheeple in
1917. I honestly believe this is a
genuine attempt by International
Jewry at world population control.

No doubt they believe that a few
billion gentile deaths will be
easier to control the remaining

Anonymous said...

Friend, I read your blog daily, I'm from Ontario, next door shall we say. Please, don't stop the good fight.It's frustrating trying to wake up the living dead. I have sent your blog to many, they are starting to wake up, baby steps. You're not alone, although it feels that way. Your info is spot on, very few I read on the net, you seem to be over the target. Thank you for your tireless work, please, keep doing what God wants you to do, helping the helpless, giving hope to the hopeless. Beacon of light for those in the dark. Sincerely, don't give up.

Anonymous said...

St.Andrews, Manitoba here.
I don't read the paper, listen to the news or watch TV, but read your blog every day.
Thanks for your work to keep us updated!

Unknown said...

I cannot use your material on National Vanguard
directly, but I do find a way around that. I
cannot use it because of your "Moon Landing
Denial," but that is OK...deny all you want.

It should be interesting to note that the
Jews are not criminalizing "Moon Landing
Denial," but they are all on board with
"Holocaust Denial." Interesting.

Tribe of Dab said...

Hey Brian , I echo the first four comments.
Remember , you,and sites like yours are winning.
And to those around the world where speaking your truth (the truth) is censored, marginalized, or even criminalized, We will speak about that.(not for you because I might say a lot of things you honestly don't like).
So to the holohoaxing kikes let me introduce myself ...they call me Denial and I hate your gutz.
BTW NTS the YaJew front page had an article headlined- Ultra Conservative uprising. Now that's jew code speak for White uprising. Something tells me they are having trouble with their Nazi slurrs. Also I found 2 more folks who will not be getting Death Jabbed.
Keep winning NTS.