Saturday, June 12, 2021

The Real Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Saturday June 12th 2021: 291 New FALSE POSITIVE Cases, 5 New Deaths NOT From This Contagion - Just Playing The Numbers Game Now On Gullible Manitobans!

 First, some good news... I got word this morning that the great Canadian patriot, and true fighter in this formerly free nation called 'Canada', Maxime Bernier was 'released' this morning on a stupid $1000 bail and has been 'ordered' to immediately leave Manitoba.... I saw this coming for these criminals in charge of the now despotic province of Manitoba had NO choice but to have him released, but are of course trying to have their ILLEGAL criminal charges against Maxime somehow remain 'valid' and thus force Maxime to return to Manitoba later this month for a KANGAROO COURT trial based on LIES!   This just shows how LOW these pricks here in my province of Manitoba have now become, and how truly despotic it is now to just be living in this province..

Well, I am actually so pissed off today by what happened yesterday to Maxime Bernier, and NO surprise that the fucking liberal lying sacks of shit 'media' here in Manitoba put out a front page picture of Maxime and put in a major article on 'page 3' claiming FALSELY that Maxime is somehow 'guilty' and that he 'defied' bullshit Manitoba 'Health rules' that in themselves are 100% ILLEGAL and are against the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.... But these lying sacks of shit WHORES in the media are of course tying to 'spin' the truth and make Maxime out to be the 'bad guy' when he absolutely is NOT...

OK, Onto the business at hand as I present the daily report of PURE LIES that these criminals running this scam-demic here in Manitoba have released a short while ago... And once again they are playing the sick 'numbers game' by having the fraud 'cases' and the fraud 'deaths' rise just to keep the gullible and stupid in this province mesmerized into believing that there is this 'big bad virus out there'.... I for one am not impressed, as all this means is that these pricks want this scam going on for as long as they feel like it!

Well, onto their 'numbers' from today's bullshit 'report', and as usual I have them broken down right here for everyone to analyze for themselves:


(a) 291 new cases over the last 24 hours.  This raises overall 'cases count' for 64+ weeks to a grand total of '54163'.

(b) 204 active hospital cases for all of Manitoba as of today.  This is an increase of '7' active cases from yesterday's report of '197'.... '37' active ICU cases in all of Manitoba as of  today, which is a decline of '8' ICU cases from yesterday's report of '45'.... And there are still '26' ICU cases being held outside of Manitoba, which does not make any sense at all!

(c) 5 new deaths over last 24 hours.  This raises overall 'death toll' for last 64+ weeks to a grand total of '1093'.  Something wrong here, as yesterday had '1089' overall deaths, and if you add '5', total has to be  '1094'.  

(d) 49633 recovered cases for entire 64+ weeks.  This is an increase of '340' recovered cases from yesterday's total of '49293'.   

(e) 3437 active cases for Manitoba as of today.  This is a decrease of '53' active cases from yesterday's total of '3490'.

(f) 198 new 'variant' cases.  This raises the grand total of 'new variants' since January 1st of this year to '13453'.  No data still on the number of  'active cases' having these 'variants' but report states still nearly '2/3' of that total have these 'deadly' variants, thus we can estimate around '2284' for the active cases.

Well, right on cue here comes the Saturday report, and I have found these pricks following the same pattern of deception EVERY previous Saturday for months now where they just throw out some more fraud PCR amplification tool false positives to increase their fraud 'cases' count, and also throw some of these SUCKERS that went and stupidly got 'tested' into the hospitals to increase that number as well... This proves blatant fraud alone.... And of course they are back grabbing elderly and those with severe underlying health issues to up their fraud 'death count' also....  This numbers game is so blatantly obvious, and yet the gullible RETARDS living in this province are just not seeing it at all.

OK, Time to do what I always do which is to shred their 'numbers game' to smithereens... And of course in the same alphabetic order as shown above, right here:


(a) Yes, guaranteed these pricks are playing the citizens of this province again, as right on cue here they go with an 'uptick' in fraudulent 'cases'.... Of course anyone with any intelligence understands now that ALL of these 'cases' come ONLY through the abuse of the PCR amplification tool that is ABSOLUTELY NOT A VALID TEST AT ALL!.... I keep on hammering away on that key fact, and am so saddened that so few understand its implications.... Basically, they can just keep throwing any 'cases' numbers out here as much as they want just to have them decide if and when THEY will end this scam-demic in this province....The reality is of course ALL of these 'cases' are absolutely 100% frauds and absolutely do NOT have this bullshit 'deadly virus', period.....  

(b) Again it must be stated clearly here that these 'hospital cases' numbers are 100% frauds as they also come only through the abuse of the PCR amplification tool that is 100% invalid for 'detection of contagions'.... And yes, today is Saturday, which means they are artificially increasing their 'hospital cases' numbers right on cue as they have done for months now and I have exposed..... But the real strange manipulation here is how they suddenly increase the 'hospital cases' and yet neglect to have the ICU numbers reflect that rise as well?  Someone is either negligent, or there may be indeed a 'whistle blower' of one of these criminals that may be trying to show that these numbers are indeed all bullshit.... ALL that and the fact that I continue to witness the hospitals for myself on a nearly daily basis in my walks, and all I see for the local hospital in my neighborhood is nothing but a ghost town with zero patients of any kind.

(c) Yes, the actual 'death toll' for the last 24 hours is '4' and not '5' if their overall death toll for the 64+ weeks is at '1093' as posted..... But needless to say, but once again ALL of these latest 'deaths' had other severe health issues that were definitely the causes of all of their demise... AND I cannot help but wonder what these criminals will do with this death toll as the stupid out there in this province that have taken their KILL SHOTS are now getting sick and will be dying very shortly?  My expectation is the they will claim those death as being from their bullshit 'new variants'....

(d) Yes, now for the last week they have kept the 'recovered cases'  accurate IF there actually was a 'deadly virus' out there, which there is 100% not..... Every 'recovered case' for Manitoba absolutely did NOT have this 'deadly virus' at all, as it still has never been isolated or purified in any laboratory around the planet to this day... No isolation means NO virus, plain and simple....

(e) And yes, they may be attempting now to 'slow down' the decline in the 'active cases', as they are dependent on keeping THIS 'number' as high as they can for the  propaganda of fear value..... But of course every  'active case'  came ONLY through the 100% invalid PCR amplification tool that is NOT a 'test' at all for contagions.... Thus none of these 'active cases' had this fraud 'deadly virus' at all, and in all cases where the patient was sick, they were of course sick from other REAL ailments and diseases....

(f) No shock that they are still promoting this horrific lie about these non-existent 'new variants'... The propaganda will in fact continue to increase as we find so many getting horribly sick from the KILL SHOTS, and these lying sacks of shit will obviously try to claim that those getting sick and dying did so from the 'new variants'.... And yes, I am awaiting to see what kind of 'numbers game' they will be playing in regards to this bullshit 'India delta variant' garbage.... We shall soon see, and I will be ready to hammer them for their lies.

The blatant manipulation of their 'data' for today is so obvious as I have shown... But the sad part is that there are so few out there living here in Manitoba that have even bothered to pay attention to the effort I have shown over the last 15 months to expose this entire fraud.....But I am not going to stop putting out this data, for when these criminals are all put on trial for this crime, I will give any prosecutors full access to my data for them to have the ammunition to see them all destroyed.

The sad part that I see happening right now here in Manitoba is the 'over the top' constant propaganda that the lying whore media is now using to 'coax' Manitobans into taking the KILL SHOTS into their bodies so that they will die a certain death in the coming months....In fact, I want to present here the link to an article from the garbage called 'CBC news' where apparently a group of brainwashed fools are pushing a video to get everyone in Manitoba 'vaccinated' with the KILL SHOTS! :

I watched that 'video' and I had to  puke.... This is so horrendous beyond words, as I see so many of those young people with their lives and futures ahead of them getting these shots of certain death and blindly and stupidly promoting that garbage for others as well...

Yes, let us not kid ourselves here... This is and always has been a depopulation program and the weapon of choice are these horrific KILL SHOTS.... I am never going to ever forgive the Pallister criminals and their cronies for what they have done to this province for this crime of genocide.... This is why I am not going to ever rest in my want to see ALL of these sick bastards be put on trial for these murders and to make sure they all receive the only appropriate sentence for this crime, which is absolutely the death penalty.   

More to come


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