Friday, June 11, 2021

The Real Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Friday June 11th 2021: 222 New FALSE POSITIVE Cases, 2 New Deaths NOT From This Contagion - More Manipulation By Going After Senior Citizens To Up Their Death Toll Again!

First, I had a most disheartening thing happen to me last night... I received a call from my younger brother, who so 'ecstatic' that he had just received his 'second dose' of the KILL SHOTS and he was telling me "Now I will be free, and be able to visit Mom when ever I want!".... I was shocked and said to him "****, Do you realize you have taken a deadly concoction into your body and that you could be dead in less than a year?".... His reaction floored me, for after saying a few pieces of foul language he screamed '...and take your conspiracy garbage to hell!'...... Yes, I am now realizing that I have LOST all of my siblings now as they all have taken now BOTH of the lethal injections into their bodies, and I could be very sad indeed a year by now when I will be the last surviving member of that family!

Well, onto the business at hand, and better late than never I have today's "Official Manitoba COVID-19 report" to assess, analyze, and destroy.... I do want to present the 'numbers' from that vomiting 'report' broken down right here for everyone to analyze for themselves:


(a) 222 new cases over last 24 hours.  Overall total for full 64 weeks is now 53872.

(b) 197 active hospital cases as of today.  This is a decline of '9' from yesterday's report of '206'.  Now 45 active ICU cases, which is a decline of '3' from yesterday's report of '48'.  And they are STILL keeping 30 ICU cases outside of Manitoba ?

(c) 2 new deaths over last 24 hours.  This raises death toll for full 64 weeks to 1089 overall.

(d) 49293 recovered cases for entire 64 weeks.  Increase of '330' from yesterday's total of '48963'.

(e) 3490 active cases right now in Manitoba.  This is a decline of '110' from yesterday's total of '3600'.

(f) 151 new 'variant cases' over last 24 hours.  13255 in total since beginning of January of this year.  NO set data on number of 'active variant cases' but province claims 2/3 of active cases are of 'variant' variety, and therefore estimated at 2325.

Yes, it amazes me that people do not look at the major point in today's bullshit numbers, which is the TWO DEATHS being BOTH elderly individuals, one a female in her '80's, and the other also a female in her 90's and cry 'foul' as it is so glaringly obvious that BOTH of these elderly ladies had severe underlying health issues due to their advanced ages, and therefore definitely died from those OTHER conditions....  But of course the general morons in this province will ignore that and swallow this entire horse shit without any thought...

Well, time to do my usual and rip and tear their 'numbers' to pieces... And once again in the same alphabetic order as shown above, right here:


(a) This is fact: EVERY 'case' is a total fraud, as they come ONLY through the abusive use of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR for short..) amplification tool that the inventor himself, Kary Mullis, stated clearly years back is 100% invalid for ANY detection or diagnosis of any contagion... Therefore every one of their 'cases' for the last 64 weeks and counting are nothing but frauds, phantoms, and simply never have existed at all....  This, coupled with the fact that the 'deadly virus' has NEVER been proven to exist in any laboratory anywhere around the world to this day,  shows that we are indeed dealing with the greatest fraud in all history.

(b) These hospital cases are also meaningless and are 100% fraudulent, as they also come from the same abuse of the PCR amplification tool as is every 'case' recorded so far.... Therefore NONE of these 'hospital cases' have this phantom contagion at all, and if they are sick, then they are sick from REAL diseases and not this fraud called 'COVID-19' at all... But it is a fact that they need to keep the 'hospital cases' numbers pumped up as high as they can just to keep the entire scam going and to further the illusion of 'overwhelmed' hospitals!  AND there is NO reason to keep fraud ICU cases outside of the province at all, and there never was a reason as the hospitals have been mostly empty now for over a year!  My own personal observations of the local hospital where I live shows otherwise as all I ever see is a verifiable ghost town with nearly zero activity.

(c) THIS proves the fraud once again, for as these lying pricks have done so many times, they have trolled senior care facilities to pick off anyone that has died and falsely mark them as 'death by COVID-19' on their falsified death certificates... .And it is so glaringly obvious when you look at the ages of these victims.... One other factor of concern here is of course the fact that most of these seniors have received both of their KILL SHOTS, and many if not ALL deaths we are now seeing in senior care facilities are the result of the 'adverse effects' of those lethal injections that are now taking their toll...

(d) Well, today's recovered cases numbers are actually close to being 'accurate' and that has been the case now for well over a week.... But there may come a time soon when they will once again attempt to short this 'recovered cases' data just to keep the 'active cases' artificially high.... These criminals have done this several times over the last year, and nothing says they will not do it again.

(e) Yes, the 'active cases' are indeed falling.  Their adding of 'cases' through the overcycling of the PCR amplification tool is not keeping up with this fall, but that is up to these criminals if they want to change all that...But no matter, as ALL of these 'active cases' came ONLY via that fraud PCR 'test' and therefore are 100% invalid.... Thus nobody has this phantom 'deadly virus' at all, and for those who are sick right now, they are sick from the wide range of REAL diseases out there..

(f) It is interesting that they are not 'pumping up' this fraud 'new variant' bullshit... I am assuming they are waiting to unleash their fraud 'India Delta Variant' on this province, which may be coming very soon... That, and as people are now getting very sick from the effects of the KILL SHOTS, these criminals are definitely going to mark those as being caused by these fraud 'new variants' as well..

Nothing really changes, and we now have endured over 64 full fucking weeks of this continuing nonsense here in Manitoba.... How long these lying assholes will keep this fraud going is indeed anyone's guess, but I can only guess that they will keep it up until they get everyone in this province shot up with their deadly KILL SHOTS...

Yes, as I stated at the start of this report, I have indeed lost my entire family of siblings now... They have all doomed themselves to a most painful death within the next year, and all I can do is just sit back and try to not say 'I told you so!'...... I have always said that you cannot fix stupid no matter how hard you try, and for the longest time I had thought that these, my own siblings, were not in that category...But I am so proven wrong...

Well, 64 weeks and going strong.... These criminals in the Pallister regime and their ghouls in Manitoba Health are indeed hell bent on killing as many Manitobans as possible via lethal injections.... This is why I have looked at these monsters as soulless creatures that deserve NO pity or NO mercy when everyone starts realizing the horrors that they all are responsible for.... I therefore am not going to lose any sleep when they all get put on trial and get the death penalty as their proper sentences for this horrendous crime.

More to come


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