Thursday, June 10, 2021

The Real Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Thursday June 10th 2021: 247 New FALSE POSITIVE Cases, 6 New Deaths NOT From This Contagion - Cases Numbers Falling? No Problem, As They Jack Up The Death Toll Instead!

 I am still so amazed at what I see happening here in Manitoba.. Once again this morning I had an interesting 'discussion' with an individual that has now had BOTH of his KILL SHOTS... It started with him asking me if I had taken my shots yet? I flat out said "No, and I never will", which astonished him and he went on a diatribe of trash stating that I was an 'idiot' and that I was going to 'make everyone sick'.... I dismissed his nonsense and got out of his way as I did NOT want to possibly catch any of the prions and spike proteins he was throwing off... And yes, this is on the rapid increase now, as these morons that have gone out to take these lethal injections are indeed trying to 'shame' those who are smart enough not to!

Well,  I am a bit late today with this article, due to work related issues.. But better late than never, I once again have today's vomiting 'Official Manitoba COVID-19 report' and yes, the 'cases' numbers in all categories are declining... But no problem, as these criminals always pull another trick up their sleeves, and this time they are throwing out some more 'deaths' to 'cover' for that decline....

OK, Onto today's 'numbers' from today's bullshit 'report', and as usual I have them broken down here for everyone to analyze for themselves:


(a) 247 new cases for the last 24 hours for all of Manitoba.  This raises their overall 'cases count' for the nearly full 64 weeks time frame to a grand total of '53650'.

(b) 206 active hospital cases for Manitoba as of today.  A decline of '8' from yesterday's report of '214'.  And today there are '48' ICU active ICU cases for all of Manitoba. This is a decline of '1' from yesterday's total of '49' active ICU cases.  AND there are still '30' ICU cases being kept outside of Manitoba once again, which is troubling.

(c) 6 new deaths for all of Manitoba over the last 24 hours.  This raises overall death toll for nearly 64 full weeks to a grand total of '1087'.

(d) 48963 recovered cases for all of Manitoba for the nearly full 64 weeks..  This is an increase of "427" recovered cases from yesterday's report of '48536'.

(e) 3600 active cases for all of Manitoba as of today.  This is a decline of '186' active cases from yesterday's total of '3786'.

(f) They had no 'new variant data' yesterday, and therefore today they are claiming '348' new 'variant cases' for the last two days... But no firm data on the total number of 'new variant cases' but I can assume through extrapolation and data from these last few days, that the total is approximately '13500' as of today.

Yes, no shock to me to see these criminals once again 'juggling' their data around... A few days ago, it was the 'cases' to strike fear into the gullible... Yesterday, it was the propaganda about the hospitals being 'overwhelmed', and today it is simply pushing up their 'death toll' by grabbing some more senior citizens in care facilities and claiming them falsely to have died from 'COVID-19'.... This has been their methods for the last nearly 15 full months now, and I seriously doubt if they will change this pattern.

Well, once again I will rip and tear their 'data' apart as I always do to expose them all for the frauds they truly are... And in the same alphabetic order as shown above, right here:


(a) No surprise that they are 'slowing down' the decline in the 'cases numbers' for they do not want to loosen 'restrictions' and their horrific 'lockdown' at all for Manitoba... But of course these 'cases' numbers are all false data as they have been derived ONLY through the blatant abuse of the PCR amplification tool that is useless for detection of ANY contagions and generates ONLY 100% inaccurate data.... Therefore I stand by my long standing statement that nobody in Manitoba has EVER contracted this phantom 'deadly virus' at all, as the 'virus' still to this day has never been isolated and proven to exist, AND the 'test' is absolutely useless...

(b) Again, as I have stated so many times already, these 'hospital cases' are just random numbers that they are indeed pulling out of thin air as they also ONLY come courtesy of the PCR 'test' that is not testing for this contagion at all... Therefore what we have here is blatant propaganda and fear mongering by these freaks to drive this entire fraud along... And all I have seen over these last few weeks is the constant lie that the hospitals are overwhelmed, when my own observations show completely otherwise... And WHY  are these pricks keeping so many outside the province?  To me, this is to allow them to continue to blatantly manipulate this data as much as they want, for when they start to 'run out' of ICU cases, they can say 'no problem' and just bring a some of those out of province ones to pump that number back up!

(c) Well, they are back at it again, as 5/6 of these 'new deaths' were senior citizens and most of them very elderly.... And now comes an interesting aspect, as I do suspect that some of these new 'deaths' are now dying due to the complications from the horrible KILL SHOTS that they have taken months back... I do strongly suspect therefore that this 'death toll' will start rising rapidly as a result of these lethal injections starting to take their toll, and these pricks running this 'numbers game' will claim they died of the phantom 'deadly virus' instead.

(d) Yes, the recovered cases are 'slowly' rising... But since ALL cases are 100% invalid, then none of these 'recovered cases' had this 'deadly virus' at all.... But again all of these numbers are 100% false and just there for the fear factor only..

(e) And yes, the 'active cases' numbers are also dropping... But it may only be a matter of time before they rise again due to those getting horribly sick from the KILL SHOTS and being called 'cases of COVID-19' instead.....But this once again is all a moot point, as every 'active case' comes, at least at present until they pump it up with those suffering from the KILL SHOTS, from the 100% invalid and inaccurate PCR amplification tool that is not a valid test....Therefore once again all of these 'active cases' are 100% invalid and nobody actually has this 'COVID-19' at all... And yes, there are sick people out there, but they are all sick from other REAL illnesses..

(f) Yes, the blatant manipulation of their 'new variant' cases is so evident... But of course all of these fraud 'new variants' come only through the same fraud PCR 'test' as all of the other cases.... It will however just be a matter of time before they start classifying all of the Manitobans that are beginning to die as a result of the KILL SHOTS as having come down and dying from this fraud 'virus' instead.

Yes, I just cannot believe that others in this province have not been tracking these reports to the level that I have, and therefore are not even seeing the blatant distortions and lies for themselves... Sadly, most are just too far gone now and are nothing more than cannon fodder as they are so glad to line up and get their KILL SHOTS injected into them all as soon as they can...

The facts are that the first group of those who will be suffering greatly from the adverse reactions to these KILL SHOTS are probably already being added into this data in the form of the 'new variant' lies as well as the suddenly increasing 'death toll'.... I will be watching closely over the next while to see if that is exactly what is happening, and report those findings in an upcoming 'daily report'....

And of course the facts remain that this is a program for mass genocide of the population.... I have done my utmost already to try to wake up so many out there, but as I have said already, I am now encountering increasing resistance and so many that have been trying to  'shame me' for not being 'vaccinated'.... I can only turn away from these clowns in total disgust as I know they will be singing a different tune very soon as many of them start being crippled and/or dying from that deadly choice in having those lethal injections put into their bodies....

Well, in closing, I want to once again emphasize the importance to make sure that these criminals that have lied and deceived so many gullible people out there into accepting these KILL SHOTS into their bodies do NOT escape the rightful justice that they all deserve for this horrendous crime of genocide... They all must be put on trial and there receive the only proper justice for this level of crime which of course is the death penalty for all of them.... We must never accept any of them claiming 'ignorance' for this massive crime, for that is NO defence for this level of horror..

More to come



Brian said...

One and half interview with Dr. Michael Yeadon on the Highwire today. He is on at the 1 hour 30 minute part and goes on for 90 minutes.

Bob said...


What sent me into a mental health crisis is my Hiking Club started a discussions about vaccines!

I told them that you are on very dangerous legal ground. I told them 'If you force or coerce someone into getting an experimental vaccine and they DIE then it's a capitol offense.'

Very clear no gray area - "A crime, such as murder or betrayal of one's country, that is treated so seriously that death may be considered an appropriate punishment."

I saw a video of uniformed thugs with side arms and camo gear vaccinating the mentally disabled. These poor helpless people were crying out! These ghouls did it anyways.

About the MSM! These are moral hazard people. Dumb presenters who think they are worth $10,000,000 a year. If they speak out on anything they are handed 'an apron and a spatula or a mop bucket'. They will spout anything to keep their sinecure!!

Bob said...


A fun contest!

Your Trudeau Versus our Biden!








That's all I can think of at this time! I'm sure there are more categories.

I likes my Biden over your Trudeau! If the US loses I will be very humble in defeat!