Tuesday, June 1, 2021

The Real Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Tuesday, June 1st 2021: 226 New FALSE POSITIVE Cases, 3 New Deaths NOT From This Contagion - And Even More Blatant Manipulation Of False Data

 I could not help this morning but to see the front page of the daily rag here in Manitoba that somehow calls itself a 'newspaper' with the glaring headline of 'Vax To The Max' and with the 'page 3' article claiming that it was now perfectly OK to MIX your 'vaccines', meaning that if you have been retarded enough to take the 'AstraZeneca' KILL SHOT, then it was somehow NOW OK to take either the garbage "Pfizer' or even the deadly 'Moderna' lethal injections as your second shot!  

I could not help but to just shake my head, for COMMON SENSE has always dictated in any medical profession to absolutely NEVER EVER "mix" any treatment ingredients, period... But here we go with these scoundrels now allowing this monstrous action to take place, and I do wonder WHY?  Why are they allowing the mixing of KILL SHOTS that is beyond criminal and will definitely leave so many destroyed?  And sadly it could be because the fools out there are not being murdered fast enough by these lethal injections, so these fuckers are thinking "oh well, they will be dead anyways, so lets just let 'anything goes' in regards to these kill shots".... Sadly, that may not be far from the truth..

Meanwhile, I have their fraud 'official Manitoba COVID-19 report'  to rip to shreds as I always do...  And of course for starters, here comes their bullshit 'numbers' from that report here for everyone to analyze for themselves:


(a) 226 new 'cases' for the last 24 hours for all of Manitoba..  This gives an overall 'cases number' grand total for the 62.5 weeks of this stupidity of '51316' overall...

(b) 229 active hospital cases for all of Manitoba as of today.. This is a decrease of '7' active hospital cases from yesterday's total of 236.... And they are now claiming '51' out of those 229 active hospital cases are in the ICU wards as of today, which is an increase of '3' ICU cases from yesterday's report of '48'.

(c) 3 New deaths claimed over the last 24 hours for all of Manitoba.  All 3 new deaths had severe underlying health issues.  This raises overall 'death toll' for 62.5 weeks to a grand total of '1056'.

(d) 45927 recovered cases for all of Manitoba over 62.5 weeks since mid-March of 2020.  Increase of '396' recovered cases from yesterday's report of '45533'. 

(e) 4333 active cases for all of Manitoba as of today.   Decrease of '171' active cases from yesterday's report of '4504'.   

(f) 11204 'new variant' cases since January 1st, 2021.   2594 'new variant' cases considered as 'active' across Manitoba as of today.

I for one am not in the least bit shocked by their blatant manipulation of data with today's 'report'... The fraud 'cases' number now is in steep decline, at least for the moment, while their 'hospital cases' number is just being pulled out of thin air while more of the SUCKERS stupid enough to be 'tested' get thrown into the ICU wards just to create the illusion of those facilities being 'overwhelmed'... It is all done for the manipulation of the gullible sheep out there, and sadly too many keep falling for their lies...

OK, onto my usual analysis of the daily 'numbers', and in the same alphabetic order as shown above right here:


(a) Once again I must repeat that these 'cases' are meaningless and 100% inaccurate as they ALL come from the blatant abuse of the PCR amplification tool that is useless and was never intended to be used as a diagnostic tool for detection of any diseases... Therefore, and as always, they are throwing out 'cases' numbers here hoping the gullible accept it as true, when the reality is it is 100% false... Therefore the fact remains that NOBODY here in Manitoba has or has ever had this non-existent 'deadly virus' at all.

(b) Another reminder here that the  'hospital cases' numbers are also solely derived ONLY from the PCR amplification tool, and therefore are 100% phantoms and meaningless....BUT it is the 'FEAR FACTOR' in the gullible sheep out there that drives this entire scam-demic, and what better way now than to scare the saps out there that our hospitals are 'overwhelmed' when they absolutely are NOT..  I must remind readers that I continue to do my own investigation and observation of the local general hospital where I live and to this day and in all observations so far I see NOTHING that validates that facility being overwhelmed and all I ever see is a nearly empty facility with zero activity at all.... 

(c) "Upon further review" and as always, when we examine these '3' latest 'deaths' that they try to attribute to this non-existent 'deadly virus' we once again find a completely different story than 'dying from COVID-19', and one where all THREE had severe underlying health conditions and very weakened immune systems.. Therefore once again all '3' actually died from other causes and the best that these criminals can claim is that they had 'co-morbidities' which in itself is such a bad joke....And seriously?  If you compare this '1056' overall 'death toll' which is for nearly 63 weeks time, and compare it to the 14000+ that die in any nearly 63 week time frame for all of Manitoba, the number here is just a small fraction... But that also does not take into account the fact that most of these 'deaths' are from real illnesses such as Pneumonia, Influenza, Pertussis, Tuberculosis, and heck even the common cold, which have all been re-designated over the last 63 weeks as 'COVID-19'.....The FACT remains that I still have not found one death that can be directly attributed to this phantom 'deadly virus' and I still seriously doubt if I ever will...

(d) Yes, we are now seeing a rise in the 'recovered cases' which makes sense for 14 days ago there was a sudden 'explosion' of active cases, and of course after the mandatory 14 days of being classified as being 'active' these cases must be either dead or listed as 'recovered'.... But there is still the shortfall here of nearly '1600' cases now that are falsely labeled as 'active'  but should be in this category instead.... I again seriously doubt if we will see that 'correction' being made any time soon, as they do need to keep the 'active cases' number as high as they can to push the fear of this non-existent 'third wave' bullshit.

(e) If we take into account the nearly '1600' cases here that should actually be listed as 'recovered', this 'active cases number falls to '2750' or so... But since ALL of these 'active cases' came ONLY through the blatant abuse and manipulation of the PCR amplification tool, ALL of them are false and meaningless.  Therefore once again there are actually ZERO 'active cases' of this phantom 'deadly virus' in Manitoba, and those that are 'sick' have a wide variety of OTHER real illnesses and diseases..... 

(f) Yes, these 'new variant' cases are so ludicrous, as the fact remains that the 'deadly virus' is indeed an illusion making these 'new variants' illusions as well... BUT what I do see starting to happen is those stupid enough to take their KILL SHOTS are now beginning to get very sick and some are actually dying.. But the criminals of course are not counting those as caused by their fraud 'vaccines' but are trying to attribute them to bullshit 'deadly new variants' instead... And I do expect this number to rise rapidly over the next while and that these criminals will use that as their excuse to continue if not intensify their brutality against the citizens of this province.

I for one am not the least bit surprised as to how they blatantly juggle their 'numbers' around just to try to keep the illusion of this 'third wave' bullshit alive.... And as I stated above, this is only the beginning as we will indeed start seeing the massive die off of those who have stupidly taken those deadly KILL SHOTS into their bodies.... I am not one for forecasting, but the devastation will be massive..

Yes, it does still sadden me greatly to watch people so blindly and stupidly continue to rush out there and line up at those KILLING CENTERS to get their KILL SHOTS into them.... I can no longer bother to try to reach them to let them know that they are making the mistake of their lives, for most simply no longer listen and most are now beyond reasoning..

Well, the program of mass extermination in this province is continuing... And once again every one of the bastards running or abetting in that program of GENOCIDE are fully responsible for each and every one of the deaths that we will be seeing in this province very soon..... I again must emphasize that we all must never allow all of these pricks, right down to the lying whore media outlets, ever escape the justice that they all deserve for this horrendous act of cold blooded murder, and to me seeing them all get the death penalty for this crime is the only fitting justice that fits this crime.

More to come


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