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The KILL SHOTS: Absolutely NOT Safe And NOT Effective: FDA And CDC Lied About Vaccine Efficacy To Obtain ’Emergency Authorized Use’ (EAU) For Highly-Suspect Human Medical Experiment Using mRNA

 It seems to be a 'slow news day' today, as I have not found much in new material concerning the entire scam-demic this evening... Therefore I have the chance to do a bit of 'catching up' on some amazing articles that have been sent my way over these last few days from so many great supporters... I again cannot thank them enough for their own efforts, and especially in keeping me 'up to speed' on some great material in this fight for our very future..

In fact, I was sent the link to a great article from Mike Adams' "Natural News" website at, just the other day that completely blows away any notions that these KILL SHOTS that are absolutely NOT 'vaccines' do anything at all to alleviate the 'symptoms' of the non-existent 'deadly virus'..... This article is written by SD Wells, and does indeed show that these Pharmaceutical criminals LIED to US FDA and CDC just to get their 'emergency use authorization' approved by those government bodies...... Here is that article in its entirety, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Absolutely NOT safe and NOT effective: FDA and CDC lied about vaccine efficacy to obtain ’emergency authorized use’ (EAU) for highly-suspect human medical experiment using mRNA

(Natural News) As they say, the proof is in the pudding. COVID-19 shots have been the deadliest inoculations ever documented, by far, and that’s according to the CDC’s very own data. More people have died from Covid vaccines (approaching 5,000 now) than all vaccine deaths totaled since the 1950s. No wonder why. They couldn’t even reach the EAU (emergency authorized use) 50 percent efficacy threshold for approval, and that is pretty sad, but worst of all, these ‘treatments’ are super dangerous and haphazard.

Safety thresholds have been thrown out the window with all of these Covid jabs from all three manufacturers. They always assume that none of us can remember what happened last month or last year, but some of us can (the unvaccinated) and do, and we review the data and the findings too. Investigative journalists who support clean living and healthy living must expose the truth to the masses, or the “fence riders” (those not sure whether to vax-up or not) have no chance at all.

Scamdemic Alert: Gene-tampering Covid jabs offer ZERO safety or effectiveness proof, while causing blood clots around the world

In the summer of 2020, the FDA’s commissioner stated that in order for the vaccine manufacturers to even get just emergency authorized use, they had to cross the minimum threshold of 50 percent efficacy, that’s according to their own documented standard, and even if they did, that would only be considered a medical experiment, not some mass campaign to inoculate more than 70 percent of the world’s populace in less than 6 months. So how did they even get 50 percent efficacy, when the shots haven’t proven that ANYBODY at all is yet immune to Covid? Easy. Fake the research. Fake the results. Fake everything.

All Covid vaccines are actually a crime right now because none of them even meet the EAU threshold. FDA testing reveals more than half of the test-subject participants came down with Covid-19 within 7 days post vaccination, but the symptoms were labeled “reactogenicity” to alter the results in order to gain emergency approval. In other words, the FDA/CDC created a gray area where they say symptoms of Covid overlap with symptoms and adverse reactions or “side effects” of the inoculations.

So what did the vaccine manufacturers do to solve this little dilemma, and in their favor? They never bothered to verify whether those test subjects (human guinea pigs) even had Covid, they just chalked up all the symptoms they had as common reactogenicity.

They simply never checked to see if the vaccinated sheeple really caught Covid, because they didn’t want those results (and records), as they would demolish their chances of reaching the 50 percent EAU acceptable medical experiment threshold. And when will the worldwide “test” of vaccine “efficacy” cross the blood clot threshold of 50 percent?

Reactogenicity is the inflammatory response to vaccination, now used as a cover story for “safety and efficacy” of dangerous, deadly Covid vaccines

Chronic inflammation is the root of nearly all ill-health problems. The CDC tries their best to convince the worried, “hesitant” populace that all the horror stories are fake, and that the only side effects from inoculations are slight pain at the injection site, fatigue and a low-grade fever. That’s only the tip of the iceberg, and they know it, but most Americans never look any deeper than that.

Forget about “hesitancy.” It’s gone way beyond that. The skeptics of vaccines have much more to worry about than a slight fever or some numb pain called reactogenicity. If the CDC and the FDA were honest, or even if someone somehow was keeping them honest, they would have to disclose right now that the jabs are causing blood clots around the world.

Now, the CDC is targeting young teens. Pfizer wants 12-year-olds to get the vaccine, even though there’s nary a case of death on Earth for anyone that young, and if there is, it’s probably faked too (they probably died in a car wreck or drowned, and then tested positive for Covid proteins – and those are fake tests too).

Meanwhile, the vaccine industry is busy collaborating with the CDC and the tech giants, shutting down all talk (and literature) about natural remedies and indigenous cures that have worked against these viruses for millennia. The scamdemic also reveals that the PCR tests are fundamentally invalid and fraudulent.

The vaccines don’t prevent infection, but rather cause blood clots and hyper-inflammatory responses that are very dangerous to the immune system and can even cause mad cow disease in humans through the uncontrollable creation of prions thanks to mRNA “technology.”

Tune your internet frequency to for updates on how to prepare for the upcoming VACCINE PANDEMIC and communist apocalypse.

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NTS Notes: Honestly... And once again... Nothing surprises me any more about any aspects of these KILL SHOTS..

AND therefore we have the proof that these criminal pricks LIED their asses off when they came forward and told the US FDA and CDC that their 'vaccines' were effective against this 'virus', when they are NOTHING of the sort at all...

Therefore the question becomes: With this evidence, why has not the FDA and CDC taken these lethal injections off the market completely??   What are these criminals waiting for?  But of course there is a much more deadly agenda afoot here, obviously ....

Well, there you have it.. Proof that these 'vaccines' are actually useless against the supposed 'virus' that these manufacturers claim them to be...  But of course this makes sense, for these are NOT 'vaccines' and they were NEVER intended to be used against a  phantom that does not even exist, but were intended 100% to be shot into the suckers wanting them as part of their grand 'experiment' on fucking up the human genome permanently and killing a lot of the recipients in the process....

So, the next time you find someone out there screaming that they want these 'vaccines' to fight against this non-existent 'virus', show them the proof that they have been hoodwinked and these KILL SHOTS are indeed for a more diabolical purpose....  But of course if you try to do so, most of the dumb ass sheep will simply ignore you and will still line up like drooling idiots to have these lethal injections pumped into their bodies..

More to come


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