Friday, June 18, 2021

Newest Video By Doctor Vernon Coleman: Why And How Doctors Have Betrayed Patients

Most readers to this blog are aware by now that I am in a personal war against my 'family doctor' that has turned, tragically, into nothing more than a mouthpiece for 'Big Pharma' and the criminals behind "Health Canada" as they are pushing for EVERYONE across this once free nation of mine, Canada, to get the deadly KILL SHOTS shot into them all as soon as possible...

I have indeed been searching now for a new family practitioner as I cannot stand seeing so many of these 'doctors' basically surrender their own 'HIPPOCRATIC OATH' of doing no harm to their patients, and yet many are driven by either GREED or to just follow the 'orders' from Health Canada to protect their cushy jobs and basically sell their own souls out to pure evil..... I will indeed let readers know how things turn out, as I have found it so hard as most of the 'doctors' out there are nothing more than brain dead spineless jelly fish with NO souls at all as they are KILLING their own patients with these deadly KILL SHOTS..

Which leads me to the newest video by none other than Doctor Vernon Coleman out of the UK, that is entitled: "Why And How Doctors Have Betrayed Patients'... I have the BRANDNEWTUBE video link right here for everyone to watch this video for themselves right here, and of course as always my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Yes, even I am old enough to remember a time decades back when doctors actually cared about their patients and even made 'house calls' up here in Canada as well to see those patients that were unable to make it to clinics and doctors' offices.... My, how times have indeed changed..

Vernon Coleman is so right in his scathing report about what he sees has happened to doctors in the UK, for his information is definitely a reflection of the same type of betrayal for patients up here in Canada as well as south in the US...

To me, to see 'doctors' now push these KILL SHOTS into patients is beyond an abomination and they all should be ashamed of themselves for that and for NOT speaking out about this entire scam-demic.... I do hope that if and when this hoax finally is over that many remember these doctors for their part in the mass killing of so many out there and to make sure that they get stripped of their licenses and be put on trial for their part in this mass culling of humanity....

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Barney said...

Dr Coleman isn't wrong. We had neither gas nor electricity in the 1950s. We used lamps and candles for lighting, and we cooked on the fire and on paraffin (kerosene) stoves. We even had an oil-fired oven.

I remember a time when I sustained quite a nasty cut (I've still got the scar), and our GP (family doctor) came straight out and put three metal clips in my leg to hold the cut closed (after cleaning the wound, of course). I should have had stitches, but these did the job just as well, and avoided the need for a hospital visit.

Doctors used to be doctors. Nowadays, being a GP is to be a hypocritical oaf to whom the Hippocratic oath means nothing.

For many, the current crony-virus SCAM is the final nail in the coffin of organised "medicine".

For two or three years I've had a painful skin condition for which the quack occasionally prescribes small quantities of a steroid cream (the last time was Christmas 2020). I've recently found a holistic herbalist near to where I live, so that's where I'll be going in future, rather than to a government-sponsored drug pusher.