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Magnetism In People Receiving These KILL SHOTS? Some Analysis Into This Growing Problem

 I do have one heck of a lot of things on my plate today to do... I therefore will try my best to fire off a few articles in the meantime if and when I have the chance, such as right now..

Over the last week, I have looked at as many of the videos, and read as many articles as possible, about this disturbing problem that has arisen in those stupid enough to take these KILL SHOTS into their bodies, where they have suddenly become increasingly magnetic... And the magnetism apparently is not just concentrated in the region of the body (usually the arm) where the lethal injection was administered... I figured I would do my best to 'weigh in' on this most interesting aspect of these KILL SHOTS, for the fact that if they prove true, then these damn injections are indeed wrecking human beings even worse than what we have already assumed!

First and foremost, I want to present the following article that comes from the 'Our Greater Destiny' website at, that is entitled: "Proof: Magnetic field technology insertion via covid jab" that gives a pretty good summary of what we are seeing so far in terms of this magnetic problem in those who have taken these KILL SHOTS... Here is that article right here:

Proof: Magnetic field technology insertion via covid jab

Supra Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles [SPIONS]

The following in-formation is online for anyone to research on your own.

Forced gene delivery system

Dr. Jane Ruby

Video snippets
Dark forces are using magnetic fields through different chemicals to concentrate m-RNA into people’s cells. It’s part of the lipid nanoparticle and it’s a super delivery system. There are places in our body where synthetic DNA/RNA should not be going. This approach ‘forces’ the m-RNA encoding to force cells to make over and over again dangerous spike proteins all over the body.

Where they insert [jab] this magnetic field technology is in and around the lipid nanoparticle envelope to get this m-RNA into cells. Why, because m-RNA is so delicate, so easily degraded hence storage requires -70 degrees F [-56.67 C].

Chemicell in Berlin, Germany

There are hundreds of components to create magnetic fields around a molecule. Chemicell develops and produces innovative bioseparation-gene transfection and detection systems based on magnetic nano and microparticles.

Purchaser Notification- Chemicell

The Magnetofection™ reagents and all of its components are developed, designed, intended and sold for research use only. They are not to be used for human diagnostic or any drug intended.
Magnetofection™ are registered trademark

Dr. Jane Ruby states the Magnetofection reagents are known to be used in the Moderna and Pfizer jab. For more damning facts watch the 11 min video.

Covid jab delivers nanoparticles for mind control

A biologist named Ricardo Delgado and a doctor, Dr. Jose Luis Sevillano, both host an on-line program called “La Quinta Columna”, say some people’s arms become magnetic precisely in the point where they were inoculated, holding not only magnets but scissors, metal parts, tools even cellphones!


The phenomenon is not exclusive to the arm. Within days it moves towards the chest, neck or upper spine. They started their own research and discovered the following.

Dilemma of covid experimental gene therapy and blood transfusions

Dr. Judy Mikovits said there is technology to decontaminate, inactivate pathogens in blood however there is no certainty regarding nanoparticles.

FDA Advisory Committee meeting to consider expanding emergency use of covid gene therapy in younger children

“We are at a crossroads,” said Mary Holland, Children’s Health Defense president and general counsel. “Governments around the world are seizing authority away from parents to make life-and-death medical decisions for children. These laws and policies are recklessunethical and illegal. Parents, not government, must make medical decisions for their children.”

Holland said the issue is more urgent than ever, as mainstream media promotes the vaccines for 5-year-olds, and infants as young as 6 months are participating in clinical trials.

New Brunswick, Canada target children under age 12

June 08.21: Premier Blaine Higgs said the cabinet committee could decide this week to expand jab eligibility to under age 12

Safeguard the children

People who believe the corona hoax, fear porn, and propaganda, on some level, may get the jab to leave here and avert what lies ahead. Each of us can respect that and thank them for evidence of eugenics but WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?

Please share evidence of depopulation to spare the children, inform those who stay, and perhaps those sitting on the fence. TY

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino
Via ethernet to safeguard life


OK, Just in case anyone wants to see the 12 minute video where that US doctor talks about this very real SPION problem.. Here is the BRANDNEWTUBE link here:

Dr. Jane Ruby | Vaccine Nanoparticles (

Now,  I have read all of the links and the material enclosed, and yes, I am deeply troubled.... But there are those out there that are still calling this 'disinformation' and that this 'magnetic effect' is bunk...And for them, I want to present the following important report from Jim Stone, through his website at, that covers this effect and exposes it fully as being REAL:


On my mind all night: Mexican television proves the Corona vax is using hidden tech, there's no other way

The following will stay top posted for a while because it is important, new reports will fill in below this report.

Cell phones are sticking to the vaccination sites. That's not possible with conventional technical explanations. Take your cell phone and put a magnet up to it. All 3 I tested plus a tablet would not stick to a magnet except for right where the speaker is. Yet random cell phones, in any random orientation are sticking to the vax sites. There is no conventional explanation for how this is happening. If the actual conventional magnetism we are familiar with was that powerful no one would be able to get into a car or open the fridge. Cell phones are relatively heavy and are mostly non-magnetic. WTH is going on here? I tested 3 cell phones and a tablet with powerful neodymium magnets and they did not stick AT ALL.

This needs more testing and examination, however, from how it looks at this point that vax is causing the body to build something that represents a technology we have never been permitted to have access to. There's nothing in conventional tech outside of magnetism that can explain a cell phone sticking, and if cell phones are predominantly non-magnetic, a technology is at play that we were never allowed to have access to.

This is "Philadelphia experiment" level tech, and the vax re-programs your body to build it. There is simply no other way this could be possible:


UPDATE: Claudia watched this. She knows what program this is, who the announcers are, said she does not like that program, and said the announcers were very surprised the vaxxed people actually were magnetic.

She said this is obviouslly 100 percent legit.

This won't stay on Youtube for long! They made fun of the claim the vax was magnetic, called people from the crowd who had been vaxxed, the first two had nothing stick and then . . . . TOTAL FAIL. That's the last thing they want going out over a live MSM broadcast.

You can tell the hosts are scared by this and they cut the segment short, less than a minute after it was confirmed true.

Another update, my comments:

Cell phones do not stick to magnets. And spoons are sticking to people. It seems like anything that has any metal at all sticks. That can only mean the vaccine is forcing people's bodies to create something that is literally a dark technology we have had stolen from us. The body has to be creating a frequency for non magnetic materials to stick, and they are sticking via induction or I'll be frank here, I don't know what the hell is going on here.

If cell phones are sticking to people that is very serious, how much does a cell phone weigh, and how strong would the attraction have to be to do that? And HOW? In the early part of that video they showed a woman showing how her cell phone sticks to her. OK, that might be explained by however that phone is made, maybe it has a lot of iron or something else in it. But the announcer stuck his totally random phone to the guy and it stuck too. I just tested magnets on 3 different cell phones and they DO NOT STICK except for one small spot where the speaker is. That is not enough to hold the phone on an arm, especially in any random orientation. WTH is going on??? There is an attraction being made by the vax sites and it might not even be a magnetic attraction. I really don't know how the announcers random phone stuck to the guy.

And they cut it short. DAMMIT. THEY CUT IT OFF once the result was not what they wanted. They wanted to poke fun at people and ended up eating it. AND THEY CUT IT OFF. Blew an enormous opportunity to put things right on national television. That is inexcusable when obviously they were not in on whatever con job that vax really is.

NTS Notes: Yes, I agree with Jim's assessment that there is a lot happening here that these criminals are doing to people via these KILL SHOTS..

And I too was puzzled by the want to turn peoples' bodies 'magnetic' and I agree with Dr Ruby in her stating that this is due to their want to have their horrible mRNA genetic destroying material swiftly get ALL OVER the bodies of those stupid enough to take these 'shots' of certain death...

But I am still puzzled about the way that smartphones stick to the bodies of these stupid morons that have these KILL SHOTS in them?  Basically most of the components in smartphones are not magnetic sensitive, and therefore SHOULD NOT be sticking to their bodies..... There is indeed something far more diabolical happening here that still needs to be researched.....

But the bottom line remains.. .DO NOT take these lethal injections into your body, period... Absolutely do not be coerced or threatened into allowing these pricks to shoot this garbage of certain death into you, and absolutely resist and flat out refuse..... Your very life depends on you just saying 'HELL NO!'

More to come



greencrow said...

Looks like you and I are posting the same links this morning, NTS. No matter. This is blockbuster news that must be disseminated far and wide. This is gamechanger material!

May the force be with us.


greencrow said...

Hi again NTS. In the Stew Peters interview with ModeRNA "vaccine" victim Brittany Galvin, she puts a key on her forehead and it sticks. That means the substance SPIONS has already travelled to her brain. As Max Igan likes to say...this is "next level".

Again, I have apparently got sent the same links as you...but no prob. This is the enchilada!

Sean said...

“It seemed that what was acknowledged to be one of the most contagious of communicable diseases could not be transferred under experimental conditions.”

I'd happily volunteer to be exposed to supposed "COVID" patients in a similar study. I think we all know why they'd never do this study - it'll yield the same results. Person-to-person transmission of disease is a myth, meaning lockdowns, masks, distancing, etc. have absolutely no basis in science and are 100% for another psychotic purpose i.e. getting us all injected with this toxic venom.

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