Friday, June 11, 2021

IMPORTANT Breaking News: Canadian Patriot And PPC Leader, Maxime Bernier, Arrested In Communist Manitoba For Attending Rallies For Freedom!

 Did I mention already how much I truly hate to call myself a Canadian, and especially a Manitoban, these days???  Every day now, this formerly free nation that to me was at one time the most free and 'peaceful' nation on planet Earth, is sliding faster into pure tyranny... And nothing reflects that slide down the slope to hell on Earth than what is happening right here in my home province of Manitoba, right now!

I absolutely want to present the following report that comes from the lying sacks of shit at GLOBAL NEWS, here in Manitoba at, where People's Party of Canada leader and true Canadian patriot, Maxime Bernier, was arrested earlier this afternoon for 'Violating Public Health Orders' just for simply asserting his Canadian Constitutional rights for attending a peaceful rally south of here in Winnipeg.... Here is that article for everyone to see for themselves, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Maxime Bernier arrested in Manitoba for violating public health orders

A federal party leader and former member of Parliament has been arrested in rural Manitoba.

People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier, who is currently on what he has dubbed the “Mad Max Manitoba Tour,” was holding rallies in several rural Manitoba towns starting Friday and was planning to move onto Winnipeg Saturday.

He was arrested Friday afternoon just outside St. Pierre, Man., say Manitoba RCMP.

“Mr. Bernier knew of the health orders and has already received a ticket. The continuation of the offence of violating the current public health orders in Manitoba has resulted in his arrest,” said Manitoba RCMP spokesperson Tara Seel.

“He is charged under the Public Health Act with Contravening a Provision of the Act for assembling in a gathering at an outdoor public place and for failing to self-isolate in accordance with the Order upon arrival in Manitoba. Under the Provincial Offences Act of Manitoba, he was arrested to prevent the continuation of an offence.”

RCMP say Bernier will be brought before a magistrate.

Bernier, a former federal Conservative who served as a cabinet minister in Stephen Harper’s government, is protesting what he calls “oppressive” lockdowns and vaccine passports.

Before being arrested, he attended a rally in Niverville, Man., where he was ticketed.

In a written statement that did not mention Bernier by name, Manitoba Justice said a Quebec man was arrested for “failing to follow public health orders as a result of unlawful gatherings today in Niverville and St-Pierre-Jolys and to prevent further offences related to attending, participating, and organizing public gatherings throughout the province.”

A video later posted to Bernier’s Twitter account showed an RCMP officer handcuffing Bernier and asking if he had any weapons.

“Only my words,” was Bernier’s response.

Bernier said on social media that he was warned about being ticketed or arrested if he did not follow Manitoba’s public health orders, which state that outdoor gatherings with more than five people are prohibited and that people entering Manitoba must self-quarantine for 14 days.

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister was asked about Bernier’s planned tour at an unrelated press conference in Winnipeg Thursday.

Pallister implied the former Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidate would be fined if his events broke public health orders.

“If he’s violating the public health orders he’s going to be light in the pocketbook and I’d suggest that he not violate the public health orders,” Pallister said.

“But of course, I’m not going to be directly involved in the enforcement, nor should I be.”

Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman was more blunt, saying, “Mad Max should go back to the Thunderdome.”

These are not the first rallies Bernier has attended or promoted, and he has been fined in other jurisdictions for attending rallies.

In early May, he was ticketed along with dozens of people in Regina and Saskatoon for violating public health orders at anti-COVID-19 restrictions rallies.

At the end of April, he was spotted at a rally in Peterborough.

Recently, he has visited Edmonton and Vancouver to protest and attended a rally outside the Alberta legislature, and gave an indoor speech in Vancouver, ignoring restaurant restrictions.

On Friday Manitoba’s deputy chief public health officer, Dr. Jazz Atwal, pleaded with Manitobans not to attend rallies like those planned by Bernier this weekend.

“We are in a dire situation here, we have issues related to case generations, we have issues on the acute care side — we’re sending people out of province to get care,” he said.

“We understand that the restrictions on people have an impact. But we need to keep those restrictions on, to limit case generation to not overwhelm the care system, which it already has.

“I’d like these individuals who are thinking about not believing in COVID, or attending these rallies to really understand the situation.”

“If you choose to protest, protest virtually, protest with a letter, but by gathering, by getting together, we’re going to cause more problems with case generation, which will have an impact on our acute care system.”

Manitoba’s health care system continues to be hit hard by a delayed third wave of the pandemic and the province has had the highest per-capita COVID-19 infection rate in the country in recent weeks.

While daily case counts are dropping from a peak of more than 600 last month, Manitoba is still reporting hundreds of cases a day and a shortage of ICU space has forced the province to send dozens of critically ill COVID-19 patients to neighbouring provinces for care.

-With files from Shane Gibson, Taz Dhaliwal, Greg Davis and The Canadian Press

NTS Notes: I was so shocked when I was informed by email just a few hours ago that Maxime had been 'arrested' by the good people at the PPC...

THIS arrest is 100% illegal as it violates article 2(c) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms that stipulates that ALL Canadians have the RIGHT to have peaceful assemblies..... Therefore this horrendous action by the JACKBOOTED Manitoba thugs that have the nerve to call themselves the 'RCMP' has to be quickly dismissed if we actually had a true Canadian charter of rights!!!

And what a load of hogwash and lies  from these criminals and especially these liars at "Global News", as they are all on board with trying to make Maxime look like he did anything wrong, which he absolutely did not... But the 'spin' is so apparent to convince the sheep otherwise.  Their lies as so blatant and all through this entire article to the point I wanted to  vomit.... 

And yes, that master criminal that to me is a pupil of Satan himself, "Premier"  Brian Pallister and his other thugs that now run this province like an open air prison camp, will press their  'charges' and have Maxime put in jail for at least the next few days just to thwart his rallies that were taking place tomorrow and  Sunday...

Yes, readers, CANADA has fallen... This is nothing more than a full blown dictatorship where people have zero rights and freedoms... The only course of action now is RAGE and to have the formation of groups to fight this criminality much like what Chris Sky and others have been attempting to form (Oh, yes, BTW.. Chris Sky has also gone 'underground' as there are bullshit 'arrest warrants' out now to have him shut down and shut up for trying to push for freedom in this nation!)... 

I for one am so proud right now of Maxime Bernier, for he is the ONLY Canadian political leader out there fighting for the rights and freedoms of all Canadians..... This is why I am so proud to support the People's Party of Canada, which is the ONLY 'party' out there that is standing up for all Canadians, while the other criminal 'parties' are just a bunch of pussified spineless jellyfish that have bent over and allowed Justin Trudeau to be dictator of this nation...

And I do hope that the people of Manitoba remember this and do eventually rise up and have the Pallister tyranny booted out of office... The time to free this province and free this nation is now.

Stand up, Manitoba, and stand up Canada, for our rights and our very future!  

More to come


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Karmellis said...

We don't have democracy, rights and freedoms. Chris Sky has shown that. Maxine Bernier has shown that. We have others in Alberta and British Columbia, pastors and fathers, who have had the book thrown at them for standing up for themselves and what they claim to have are rights. While it's unofficially been dead since at least 2015 (when that obscenity frauded it's way into the bowels of the government), it officially died 2 weeks ago when our democratic government 'voted' themselves to becoming a full-out dictatorship (barring one brave Derek Sloan who stood up against it).

They're going to try and make an example out of him and have to make an unprecedented show trial out of this for the simple reason: If he is allowed to defend himself, he'll cut the entire court to pieces. Kinda falls under the same reason why the libel lawsuit against Scheer never happened: Any half-ass defense lawyer would have completely destroyed that obscenity since it would have had to take the stand.