Thursday, June 17, 2021

Good Question: Since Covid-19 KILL SHOTS Are Said To Be Free For The “Health Of The Nation,” Why Aren’t They Giving Away Vitamin D And Other Vital Supplements?

Well, I opened this morning's piece of propaganda bullshit that continues to call itself a 'newspaper' here in Manitoba, and the headline on the cover page was 'VAXX TO THE MAX'.... That was so terrible and absolutely bullshit in itself... But when I turned to page 3 in that rag to get more 'details' the headlines were that Manitoba is now fully primed to administer '2nd shots' to everyone in the entire province, and with the troubling statements that their plan was indeed to have every Manitoban shot up with at least 2 doses of these KILL SHOTS before the end of this year.... Yes, this means that they are going to make sure that most Manitobans are absolutely DEAD within the coming year!

Well, many readers to this blog are well aware of the dozens of articles that I used to write about the importance of getting proper vitamin supplements into your bodies, including how important it is to have as much VITAMIN D in your systems at all times.... That vitamin alone is actually one of the most important and natural means of fighting off Common colds, Influenza, and other diseases that these criminals are indeed falsely labeling these days as 'COVID-19' instead..

But the question to ask is... If these fuckers pushing these kill shots into people are now claiming that they are being administered 'free of charge' for the 'health of the nation'... Then WHY not administer freely some of the important natural supplements such as VITAMIN D and VITAMIN C as well??? And to answer this important question, I want to turn to the following report from SD Wells, through the NATURAL NEWS website at, where that same question is asked and you will indeed be surprised by the answers... Here is that article, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Since Covid-19 vaccines are said to be free for the “health of the nation,” why aren’t they giving away vitamin D and other vital supplements?

(Natural News) One might argue that China Flu vaccines are free because Covid is an infectious disease that is contagious, and that cancer and diabetes are not, but cancer and diabetes are killing many more Americans than Covid-19, so that argument doesn’t really hold water. Think about it; Covid kills less than one percent of its victims, where cancer kills 50 percent of its victims. Pancreatic cancer kills 90 percent of its victims, so all cancer treatment should be free, starting now, according to the logic applied to covid vaccines. Such free cancer treatments would include all supplements (like vitamin D), superfoods, chemical-free personal care products and all organic cleansing products.

Vaccines for Covid are free because they cause health problems, not because they prevent them. Everyone is so germaphobic and brainwashed by the media that they believe these free mRNA jabs are to help them, to save them, to extend their life past the Chinese Flu, that kills about .04 percent of those infected – mostly people already battling cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and dementia.

With all this “free money” the Biden Regime is printing, they should be at the least, subsidizing natural medicine and indigenous cures to all these viruses and bacteria and pathogens, but instead they’re creating them in labs and releasing them, then dishing out gene therapy shots… for free. It’s always “safe and effective” and “for your health and safety” … it’s like a broken record that lies to you and won’t stop playing. These vaccines are not safe. There’s no science behind that.

We’ve already scene filthy, scummy labs where they manufacture the dirty jabs in Baltimore. FDA inspectors found “brown residue” on the floors and walls after employees were caught ON VIDEO dragging bags of medical waste around the laboratory. So, you were saying?

Vaccines are free because they are part of a population reduction plan, just like Bill Gates bragged about at a TED conference for his White elitist Klan of followers

From the mouth of the vaccine enforcer comes the real agenda, as Bill Gates planned years ago how to reduce the world’s population by BILLIONS of people by doing a “really good job” with vaccines and abortions. Have a listen and a look now. If you still have questions as to why the Covid-19 vaccines are free after this, then you might want to get your hearing checked.

Over a decade ago, Bill Gates was planning how to wipe out billions of people, including two-thirds of all Americans. He wants to eliminate THIRTY TIMES MORE humans just in America alone, than were executed in the Holocaust, and in just as sinister and sneaky a way. Yet, in his elitist arrogance, he’s still dumb enough to announce it at a TED conference.

That’s right, Bill Gates planned this genocide, as he planned this TED speech, and it’s premeditated mass murder now that 5,000 of his 5 billion medical-experiment-victims have already died. He’s a modern serial killer who uses ‘science’ and vaccines to lead people into their own personal “gas chambers,” and he has yet to be arrested.

Bill Gates is the tyrannical leader of mass population reduction effort using vaccines and abortions

Bill Gates is a Marxist psychopath billionaire who has deliberately calculated, formulated and scripted this TED presentation about healthcare (vaccines and abortions) as being the primary means to justifying his end game and goal, and that is population reduction via genocide.

It’s not coincidental that mRNA vaccines are causing abortions and mass damage to ovaries (blood clots and bleeding from prion overload), as top vaccine scientists and the world’s most intelligent, experienced virologists have already blown the whistle on this. Will Fauci go down with Gates (for mass murder and treason) for funding “gain of function” virus research and using it as the prime vehicle of population reductionism for Bill Gates’ evil plan? Time will tell.

Tune your internet frequency to for updates on these crimes against humanity being delivered under the guise of inoculation. Plus, learn how to best prepare for the upcoming vaccine-induced wipeout.

Sources for this article include:

NTS Notes: I too look at the real diabolical aspect as to why these KILL SHOTS are being administered to people freely, for the fact that those receiving these lethal injections will be either dead, or the majority will be crippled for life and at the mercy of further horrendous 'drugs' put out by 'Big Pharma' that they will be paying for for the rest of their lives...

But of course these KILL SHOTS have the agenda of depopulation... That was always the plan, and sadly the gullible retarded morons out there are just so glad to get these concoctions into their bodies so quickly...... I honestly have never seen such madness in all of my life....

I have personally upped my daily dosages of so many vital minerals and vitamins since this entire scam-demic began.... I presently take around 8000 IU of Vitamin D on a daily basis along with usually 3000 IU of natural Vitamin C as well also daily....  I also take some vital minerals and metals such as Zinc, Selenium, and COQ10, which I find helps me sleep better and keeps my mind sharp.....  I am not an expert on these minerals or vitamins, but I see taking any of these essential nutrients is FAR better than having a KILL SHOT stuck in my arm, any day.

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Barney said...

For years people have been talking about "The Great Die-Off", some unknown, but believed inevitable population reduction. I suspect most assumed this would be the result of nuclear war or something equally evil, but now we know, and its more evil than we ever expected.

The Great Die-Off is happening now. The only people to survive intact will be those of us who recognise this fake "vaccine" for what it really is.

Some will "sort of" survive as mental and physical cripples, but the drastic reduction in the truly Human population means those of us who didn't fall for the lies will be the ones who'll have to rebuild our world. As such, though the mass-murder is the most evil crime ever contemplated by the devil's own, and a terrible tragedy for Humanity, it also represents an opportunity to put things right.

First we'll have to deal with the scum that caused all this, starting with the propagandists, without which none of this would have been possible, and then we go after the scum that devised this evil plot.

My one regret is that I'm too old and unfit to play my part in personally ending the worthless lives of a few of these monsters.

Once the devil's servants are no more, we'll have the job of building a new society free from "rulers" and other criminals, with natural medicines based on truth. No more LIES about "germs" and "viruses" and no more poisons marketed as "medicines", most of which cause the conditions they're prescribed to "treat" in an evil reversal of the theory of homeopathy (which I consider little more than faith healing anyway).

I found this video earlier today via The Truth Seeker and Henry Makow, in which the woman explains how so many have been literally HYPNOTISED by the tel-aviv-zion, which explains why sheeple are so defensive of the "beliefs" they've been fed.

Tribe of Dab said...

Isn't it peculiar how Jew Israel has been practicing eugenics since the Lord Balfour plan?
Don't misinterpret what I mean here.
Eugenics practiced for humane purposes and for the well being of a nation is fine. The thing is only Shekelstan Israel is allowed to do that.
Now the rest of the world is overloaded with suffering, weak , addicted, and pathetic Consumers.
As if they fattened a hog so one day they could take part in a torcherous slaughter. One huge glorious sacrifice to Yowway JeeHoser.
This isn't a joke. Population reduction means very little to them.
So the reason they do not hand out "good health advice" , and vitamin D is because your brain function would thwart them and their coming celebration.