Friday, June 18, 2021

Exposing The Fraud Of COVID-19: Is This Secret Memo A Super Screw-Up By The British COVID Criminals?! Or Is It Their Rightfully Stolen Blueprint?

 I had a most interesting email sent to me a short time ago by one of my best supporters and avid fan of this blog.... I read the material he sent, as he said 'NTS... This, if it is legitimate, may finally destroy the entire COVID-19 fraud once and for all'..... I read the entire article, and I knew right away it belongs here to everyone to assess for themselves...

So, without any further adieu, I want to present the following report that comes courtesy of the State Of The Nation website, at, that is entitled: "IS THIS SECRET MEMO A SUPER SCREW-UP BY THE BRITISH COVID CRIMINALS?! OR IS IT THEIR RIGHTFULLY STOLEN BLUEPRINT?".... This may indeed be the one piece that DESTROYS the fraud  'COVID narrative' IF it does pan out and prove to be legitimate.... Here is that article right here for everyone to read for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts to follow:


New 4-Page Memo Sent Out by Neil M. Ferguson
from the Imperial College London Purportedly
to Key Covid Crime Spree Co-Conspirators
Spells Out Secret Plot to Effectuate the
“Permanent Lockdown of the UK”

State of the Nation

*Click on all four screenshots below to enlarge.

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SOTN Editor’s Caveat: Even if the preceding memorandum is not authentic, it perfectly lays out the Covid criminal conspiracy that Britain’s Power Elite is executing throughout the United Kingdom today.  The UK Government has consistently imposed the most draconian restrictions and unlawful national lockdowns of any nation on Earth.  The perfidious British mainstream media has likewise published more outright falsehoods and transparent propaganda about the COVID-19 pandemic and deadly ‘vaccines’ than any other country, often leading the way for the American “fake news” channels and newspapers to globalize/sensationalize the never-ending fraudulent Covid drama.

State of the Nation
June 17, 2021

NTS Notes: I agree with the Editor at SOTN on this one... If this proves authentic, then this could indeed destroy their entire  scam-demic once and for all...

BUT if it proves to be a 'fake' and a possible 'plant' to upset the alternative media, like we have seen so many times before, then we will look at it from the perspective that these pricks know we are finally closing in on them and their criminality and that they had to resort to this type of fakery....

I will be awaiting the word on whether or not this is legitimate...... I for one sure hope so, for some of the details in this 'Memo' actually make sense and shows how they have been using REAL diseases such as 'HAY FEVER' and even common colds, influenza, and other respiratory illnesses to drive this entire scam along...

I will leave it up to readers for their opinion on this.... IF it does prove to be a piece of trash aka 'fake' then I will either update this article accordingly, or remove it completely.... I for one have no time for such nonsense..

More to come



Estragon said...

SOTN logic is interesting: if x=1 set y=1; if x=0 set y=1. Either way, y=1. Why test for x?

Tribe of Dab said...

If it is a blueprint then it's just them leaking it intentionally.
Know why? Cuz it's already done.
We are always behind playing catchup. We never catch up.
Know why? Distraction, that's why.
List of Distractions-
1 everything.
You see silly goy?
The old tried and true mechanisms of controlling people are all that are in play.
Blackmail, bribery, religeons,money
Propaganda,and fear.
And you thought jews were making you all into autonomous drones.
Sure that's the big Jewish fantasy, but at this point it's a gigantic experiment and most importantly it's another gigantic failure.
So expect more of the same this summer like riots, massive immigration, monkeys in the money supply,isis,global warming,droughts,more governments, psuedo laws, NASA, Cure for cancer,
Variants,Nazis, White people are meanies,asteroids.
It was all bullshit except for the sick toxic mindless zombies that are your new neighbors.
Time to up up our game.

Anonymous said...

Not sure about the authenticity of this - there are quite a few spelling 'mistakes, which I'm not certain there would be if it was authentic...... Sounds scary and plausible though.

greencrow said...


This looks like manufactured dysinfo. In other words, It is probably a more or less accurate assessment of what is going on but was created by the PerpZ to:

1) Terrorize the Sheeple--by telling them what's coming down the pike without making official announcements...

2) Set up some of their assets as "fall guys" Neil Ferguson. Neil Ferguson probably has no power at all but is simply a scapegoat. He is being lined up along with the others on his list of "take the fall" for the big Cull...or Kill...that's coming in the Fall.

greencrow said...

Hi Again NTS:

Looky here what I just saw as a headline on the CBC:

Remember what Neil Ferguson said in the memo in this post...about the Covid being "rebranded Hay Fever"? Well the MZM is taking the latest dysinfo ball and running with it big time. Everyone who has hay fever will now be suspected of having the dreaded "Covid"...and you can bet the sheeple will eat that one up like Spring grass,

Thinking....... said...

Well it sound like something Neil Ferguson would say.
You might want to check this out. Some of it is about your provincial leader. The sum bag he is.
She talks about the media as well. All her links are below the video.
June 18 -The Smoking Gun & Tam Found In "Contempt Of The House Of Commons" And Much More
Bill C10 Liberals gag order backfires; Tam in contempt as s/he doesn't believe in democracy; FFarmmma and Media same people with proof; Tyrannical premier gets a promotion,; Fighter Pilots from Communist Party Of China practicing in Canadian airspace; Total BURN on Astra recipients; CBC needs wellness counseling; BCTF want to defy Public Heath Authority ; Dead people are still alive according to VAERS; More Nurses speak out; Sustainable Development Group equals Trans agenda.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a load of horse shit. The words are not what they'd say, for instance "it" has been very profitable for and there's no reason why this can't continue". Horseshit. Never read anymore after that. That's a distraction. That's not the reason these communists are working for, they've already got more money than they need. These are all communists, proven communists. They are working towards first the destruction of the white race and secondly they want to build the 3rd temple in Jerusalem in Israel so they can rule the few intermixed dark skinned people that are left with an with an iron fist. This has nothing what so ever with money. Money is the means by which they have gotten there but the people who controls these "Drs" also control the money machines and all financial institutions. Why do you think they been kicked out of 109 countries i the last 2000 years? They hate Jesus ad for these very reasons. The bible is explicit on who the enemy is, tells us "the synagogue of satan". Who do you think the secret societies are. What do you think that uncapped pyramid represents on the dollar? it's their way of communicating the unfinished building of King Solomon's temple, 2 have already been destroyed remember. This plan is 3 years old. Why do you think antifa and blm are "self proclaimed" trained marxists and are getting a free pass by the institutions. They get funding from jew soros and convicted terrorist Susan Rosenberg. In fact we are being supressed by our own government and institutions eg footballers kneeling, headlines demonising all white people etc - in the country our grandparents supposedly went off to do for. Peace and unity.

Anonymous said...

Fake - the phrasing and general language is off. Some of the proposals don't make sense.

franz said...

"Some of the proposals don't make sense" and "spelling errors"?!
Why would that disprove its authenticity.
Or do you think that the psychopaths who are running this scam and their accomplices in government are intelligent?
Perhaps you think Bill and Mengele Gates are intelligent too and not just psychopathic scumbags.

I am not arguing that the thing is real. But I still want to see a court set up where scumbag, liar and psychopath Neil Ferguson would have to prove he did not write it.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe this is genuine because it reads like someone explaining to people with no knowledge of the plan what they are doing. But all of the people listed are part of the plan so would know about things like covid being rebranded as hay fever or what the bracelets would be used for.

I will be watching the dates mentioned and the other "variant" strains to see if any confirm this is real but my gut feeling is this is fake.

Alberta said...

just like in canada, ooppss i meant chinada, there was a leaked liberal memo last year, people laughed, ohhh sooo funny, well, its all come to pass!!

and you aholes, with the "or theres a spelling mistake, cant be true--PHUCK OFF MORONS!!

Amazon said...

Exactly my thoughts, too much explanation.

Unknown said...

Plenty of names on the letter. Any reporter out there take it upon themselves to do some reporting and maybe follow up???

Anonymous said...

Too much détailed to be authentic !! His gang knows the plan , so it s a fake...

Northerntruthseeker said...

Well.. guess what? Apparently the details and facts stated in this 'memo' are now coming out as real and authentic.

Yes, at the time the assumption was this was fake, but now apparently it is REAL.

MySilverKnight said...

t's not all real. Ferguson stepped down from his position in early May (probably made to step down) because he broke covid protocols to see his married lover. A simple search would have turned that up. It seems unlikely he'd send a memo through the college over a month later :\

Don't believe everything.

The memo also has some other errors in it, so no, I doubt it came from Ferguson and while some of it might contain indications of possible truths, too much is wrong with it. It appears just to be a reworded rehash of a similar one that came out last year in October.

The Kalergi plan isn't about covid at all, nor about lockdowns, and doesn't exist on the WEF, the UN, or anywhere else, except in a book.

The memo also spells the name of the WEF person wrong ... as Schwaab. His name is Schwab,and he is part of the "Great Reset Plan", which is not related to Klerg, but is scary enough on it's own.

Seriously, it takes about 10 minutes to research what's in that memo, including all of those doctor's names. The only one who throws a red flag (besides the questionable author of the memo)is Dr. Susan Michie, who is and has been a part of the British Communist Party. That in itself tells a tale. Not a pleasant one.

Could some of it be possible? I suppose bits and pieces could be over time, but it would depend on the citizens of various countries NOT fighting it.

There are countries who would tear down the government if this came about. Wouldn't put it past some of those Brits to have a go at Buckingham.

Plus, you've heard the expression "the best laid plans of mice and men" I assume.

The plans laid out depend on a host of things that they have no control over. I haven't had the flu for over 10 years, and I've never had hay fever and buy no medicines for either. The same for the hubby. We aren't getting vaccinated. We have no young kids for them to "take away", and we ARE the old people. And we'll fight.

On top of that, there are military folks who would certainly not condone such a thing. Particularly in the US. When push comes to shove, the US will probably be the place where people balk most at this, loudly and strongly. Move to Forida, or Texas. The south is full of men and women unafraid to stand up for their rights. They also have guns.

And no, I'm not American, but that's about where I'd flee to if this were actually real. I think it's not. At least, not all of it.

Anonymous said...

Re: "The Kalergi plan isn't about covid at all, nor about lockdowns, and doesn't exist on the WEF, the UN, or anywhere else, except in a book."

Look here. If the Kalergi plan is a theory, why the prize is being rewarded? Think broader.