Thursday, June 24, 2021

Did The United Kingdom Just Attempt A False Flag To Possibly Trigger A War Against Russia? British Destroyer PURPOSELY Crossed Into Crimean Waters, Russia Fired Warning Shots!

 I became aware earlier today of a major incident that just occurred in the Black Sea, off the coast of Russian Crimea, just the other day when the British Destroyer HMS Defender, crossed into Russian Crimean territorial waters, and was rapidly approached by Russian Coast Guard vessels that warned the destroyer to leave those waters or it would be 'fired upon'... Apparently, the HMS Defender did not heed the first warnings, and the Russian vessels proceeded to fire a few 'warning shots' across the ship's bow just to get it to turn around and leave... Luckily this 'incident' quickly was dissolved as the HMS Defender finally turned back and proceeded back into international waters....

BUT I was puzzled by a lot of the initial reports on this incident, as they were as usual very misleading and convoluted... Something was indeed afoot in this entire ordeal, and I have been wanting to find out WHY the 'Defender' went and did such a stupid move of provocation in the first place..

First, I want to present the following report from the 'Anti-Empire' website, at that gives a pretty good assessment of this incident and has everything about this provocation summarized in the sequence of time that this incident took place... Here is the link to that article right here:

Again, being the true skeptic that I am and knowing that the United Kingdom government is as crooked as they come... I thought to myself that there has to be a lot more to this incident than meets the eye..

And that Anti-Empire article does indeed give some great and damning evidence that this whole thing was indeed a forced provocation to try to get the Russians to respond!

And lo and behold, but leave it to my fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Penny, who writes the excellent blog 'Penny For Your Thoughts' at, to come up with some very vital additional information about this incident that should have a LOT of people thinking 'Hmmmmm...'... Here is the link to Penny's article here:

Yes, Here we go with definitive evidence that this provocation was not only intentional, but obviously by having some lying media whores on board the 'Defender' at the time of the provocation, these bastards were going to have the lying whore media right away have a full "live" report and try to brainwash the gullible out there into the false news that this was a RUSSIAN ATTACK....

There can be no coincidences here... This was a DELIBERATE provocation that was indeed a FALSE FLAG operation to trigger a 'Russian response' and possibly cause rapid escalation of the situation into a full blown regional war....  

And yes, this was also deliberate as the criminal psychos running the world wide scam-demic are now realizing that they are nearly 'out of time' in terms of that entire fraud.. .Therefore they are indeed sick beyond belief as they would indeed want World War III to be launched as their 'PLAN B' because of their KILL SHOT failure....

The bottom line is this... We are in most dangerous times now... These monsters are indeed willing to trigger a world wide war now as their scam-demic is indeed falling to pieces..... I sure hope people everywhere are alerted to this insanity and that we can stop these psychos before they possibly kill BILLIONS in that kind of horrible war.

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