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COVID-19: Three Men Who Own Corporate America (Hint: They Are ALL From The Same Tribe!)

 I just cannot understand how in the hell people everywhere continue to accept this still ongoing fraud of a scam-demic, including these fraud 'lockdowns' and horrible 'restrictions' that are suffocating so many peoples' lives, their livelihoods, as well as destroying our nations' economies..... All that this scam has done is to basically cause a global collapse of the world economies, and even if the entire fraud was suddenly ended immediately, the damage done to our nations is now permanent.

Well, to help answer the question as to how 'Corporate America' actually accepted the lockdowns and shutting down of businesses in the US that caused horrific damage to the American economy for the last nearly year and a half, I want to present the following report that once again comes from Jon Rappoport, through his blog at 'No More Fake News' ( that is entitled; "COVID: Three Men Who Own Corporate America".... Here is that article in its entirety and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

COVID: Three men who own corporate America

Why did mega-corporations accept the lockdowns?

by Jon Rappoport

June 21, 2021

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I’m reprinting this article I wrote in July, 2020. Before I do, here is an analogy.

Let’s say you own a company. You’re public, meaning you issue stock for sale.

Suddenly, the fake pandemic hits. The governor of the state issues restrictions, including lockdowns. You have to close your doors. You’re going to take a staggering financial hit.

Your first reaction? Anger. Seething anger. You’re determined to fight back. You call your lawyer to work out a plan.

“Wait a minute,” he says. “I have some bad news. Do you know who is now the majority shareholder of your company? Bill Gates. And he has voting rights. If you object to the lockdowns, he’ll roast you alive. You’ll be out on your ass…”

Buckle up. Here we go.


Over the past 38 years working as a reporter, I’ve spoken with many medical people. Doctors, researchers, public health bureaucrats, business executives whose companies supply products to the medical industry, professors, etc.

In every case, these people completely and utterly support conventional medical reality. They are unshakable. A man like Fauci says jump and they jump. To do otherwise would be unthinkable.

As you read on, you’ll see why this is important…

Airlines, hotel chains—you name it, they all folded when the lockdowns were imposed. They closed up shop, they took a knee, they opted for bailouts. Why?

The CEOs of these corporations are supposed to be hard chargers and ruthless operators. Why didn’t they rebel?

I could cite several reasons. Here I want to focus on a little-known and staggering story.

Imagine an employee of a company is motivated to speak out against the lockdowns and go public. Then he thinks about the owner of the company. That owner happens to sit on the board of a large hospital.

Uh oh. That owner is SOLIDLY WIRED into official medical reality. He isn’t going to appreciate a naysayer who says the lockdowns are a ridiculous and destructive overreach. Better to stay quiet. Better to fit in and go along.

Well, it so happens that three of the most powerful corporate bosses in America DO have deep connections to major hospitals, and these three men run corporations that OWN CORPORATE AMERICA.


The three men are Larry Fink, Joseph Hooley, and Mortimer Buckley.

Buckley is the CEO of the Vanguard Group. Hooley is the CEO of State Street. Fink is the CEO of BlackRock.

These three companies are titanic investment funds. Financial services companies.

Buckley is a board member of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. From 2011 to 2017, he was chairman of the hospital’s board of trustees.

Hooley serves on the president’s council of Massachusetts General Hospital.

Fink is the co-chair of the NYU Langone Medical Center board of trustees.

Let’s look at their investment funds: State Street, BlackRock, and Vanguard—known as The Big Three. The reference is an article at, “These three firms own corporate America,” 5/19/17, by Jan Fichtner, Eelke Heemskerk, and Javier Garcia-Bernardo.

“Together, BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street have nearly US$11 trillion in assets under management.”

“We found that the Big Three, taken together, have become the largest shareholder in 40% of all publicly listed firms in the United States.”

“In 2015, these 1,600 American firms [the 40%] had combined revenues of about US$9.1 trillion, a market capitalisation of more than US$17 trillion, and employed more than 23.5 million people.”

“In the S&P 500 – the benchmark index of America’s largest corporations – the situation is even more extreme. Together, the Big Three are the largest single shareholder in almost 90% of S&P 500 firms, including Apple, Microsoft, ExxonMobil, General Electric and Coca-Cola.”

“What is undeniable is that the Big Three do exert the voting rights attached to these shares. Therefore, they have to be perceived as de facto owners by corporate executives.” (emphasis mine)

“Whether or not they sought to, the Big Three have accumulated extraordinary shareholder power, and they continue to do so…In many respects, the index fund boom is turning BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street into something resembling low-cost public utilities with a quasi-monopolistic position.”

If the CEO of a corporation whose main shareholder is The Big Three thinks about rebelling against the official COVID medical consensus…

And he knows that The Big Three bosses are heavily wired into the US medical complex…

That CEO has a HUGE reason to forget about being an old-time hard charger.

He has a reason to swallow his anger when he’s told to lock down and shut down.

He has a reason to knuckle under and play the game.

He has a reason to surrender to a story about a virus and Fauci and Bill Gates.

He has a reason to stand down and stand aside and watch economic devastation sweep over the land.


It’s that stark.

I keep telling you we’re now living in a medical civilization.

From the financial side of things, you’ve just read how that is so.

The three men who own corporate America are also medical denizens.

Think it through.

NTS Notes: What Jon has missed in this entire article is that ALL THREE of these criminals are all JEWS and it once again points to the fact that the Jewish Elite definitely has its hands all over this entire scam-demic!  

I therefore am not sold on Jon saying that they are somehow 'loyal members of a medical complex' for this goes beyond this medical tyranny as they are ALL tribe members that have an agenda of world wide domination..

Therefore, it is obvious that this entire 'scam-demic' was indeed in the planning long before they unleashed the hell on Earth for everyone early last year.... And it is now evident that all of the 'mega-corporations' in the US were indeed fully onboard with that destruction from the very beginning..

Yes, this entire operation was indeed well coordinated from the beginning... These monsters are to me sick perverse demons that care not about human life at all, but are all in bed together for their agenda of this ludicrous 'Great Reset' as well as the criminal depopulation program of mass genocide....

More to come


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Karmellis said...

Hey NTS.

Unfortunately, there are times you 'have' to miss it, or else something mysteriously happens to your site, you, your family, your dog, etc. This tribe does not tolerate anyone connecting the dots and drawing the blatantly obvious conclusion. They prefer we lay in fields, graze on grass and get led to the slaughter when it suits them rather than allows us any sense of control over our own lives.

It's such an extraordinary level of mental illness, there is no word to describe it.