Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Wednesday's Bullshit Manitoba Official COVID-19 Report Is Delayed - Time Again To Nail These Assholes For Their Lies

 Well, this is getting to be a regular 'occurrence' as today's most vomiting 'official Manitoba COVID-19 report' full of the usual lies, enigmas, and flat out impossibilities, is 'delayed' once more...

I find this happening now way too often, and to me it is a sign of how they are obviously just pulling these numbers out of their asses and flinging it at the gullible sheep in this province hoping that their falsified data somehow 'sticks'.... Me on the other hand have had now 13+ months to watch their trends of continuing lies, and I therefore am onto their game now fully..

And to me, it continues to be such a blatant distortion of reality as these criminals continue to gleefully use and actually ABUSE the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) amplification tool that even the inventor, Kary Mullis, stated CLEARLY is NOT intended at all to be used as a 'diagnostic tool' for ANY diseases, period... But instead we find these criminals everywhere using this tool so blatantly wrongly just to obtain their false positive results that they all throw in our faces and LIE that they are somehow 'real' cases counts for a 'deadly virus' that to this very day still has NEVER been proven in any laboratory around the world to exist at all... I have long challenged naysayers to please prove me wrong in all this, as I dare them...

It has therefore been through the 100% corrupt mis-usage and ABUSE of the PCR 'test' that is NOT a valid 'test' at all for diseases, that the pricks running this scam-demic here in Manitoba have been throwing out as they falsely claim to be a 'record' number of 'cases' of this non-existent 'deadly virus'... And in doing so, they have been able to fool the retards and morons living in this province to somehow 'accept' their horrendous new 'restrictions'... And all this over a complete HOAX?

Yes, this province of mine has now turned into a complete living hell, where after nearly 62 weeks and counting of this fraud, the citizens are absolutely at wits end.... Most have had their very lives destroyed from this entire fraud as their jobs have disappeared, and so many have turned to unwarranted despair and anxiety to the point that so many have indeed taken their lives via either suicides or drug overdoses... In fact, the lying whore media did put out one interesting article today, stating that Manitoba now is seeing a 'record' number of drug overdoses, and gee I wonder why?

But of course the latest driving factor to this scam-demic here in Manitoba has been the renewed lie that the hospitals in this province are now somehow 'overwhelmed' once more with COVID-19 'patients' and that these facilities can not handle the strain.... What? Are you fucking kidding me here?  Considering the fact that most hospitals have been mostly empty for nearly the last 14+ months due to this non-existent 'deadly virus' paranoia, it is indeed remarkable that these assholes can make the claim that the hospitals are just 'loaded' now with COVID-19 patients, when their own data shows only '253' supposedly active COVID-19 patients in the nearly 62 hospital facilities across the entire  province... Even if they somehow claim that the patients are concentrated in Winnipeg, the 4 general hospitals in Winnipeg, along with the other health care facilities in that city alone have a few thousand beds alone... And again, from my own observations of the empty hospitals in person, all of this perception about overwhelmed hospitals is just pure propaganda fear mongering for the feeble minded sheep out there.

But of course this all makes sense, as these lying sacks of shit needed something NOW to convince the gullible in this province that they have to accept these new horrendous 'restrictions' and why not use the hospital ploy as their primary weapon of unwarranted fear?   It worked once before last year when they tried to create this same illusion for a short time before people discovered it was all a lie, so why not just hope that the  suckers here have short attention spans and try it again?   

And I saw the news earlier today that the idiot Premier of this province is trying a different ploy now to convince the morons here in this province to get out there and take their KILL SHOTS into their bodies by falsely claiming that this latest 'disaster' that is not a disaster at all is due to the 'unvaccinated' not accepting the idea that we all must bend over and take their lethal injections.... I actually saw this coming a while back and had expected these criminals to stoop this low, as they will now try to massage the simple minded here into the false notion that we, the ones who are smart enough to not take their KILL SHOTS are the cause of this false 'third wave'...

And honestly, anyone with any intelligence can see that the unvaccinated are NOT the cause of this bullshit 'third wave' as every so called 'case' is generated by a falsified PCR 'test' and that the real problem will, if not already, lie with those stupid enough to take these shots of certain death into their bodies and pour out 'spike proteins' and other RNA material that could very much make EVERYONE very sick that comes into close contact with these morons... Yes, it is becoming clear that those that have these KILL SHOTS now working its magic in their bodies are indeed being turned into biological weapons of mass destruction as their sinister 'spike protein' release is making those around them very ill and in some cases actually STERILE....  And yet, the criminals in charge of this fiasco continue to try to sell the notion that the 'unvaccinated' are somehow a problem?

But of course the real problem that I see now is the horrific push by these monsters to get our CHILDREN shot up with these lethal injections that will either end their precious lives in a short time or truly make them STERILE for life..... And honestly, who in their right minds came up with the sick notion that it was OK to destroy our childrens' lives with this garbage, when children are almost 100% immune to any strains of these phantom 'deadly viruses' in the first place?  To me, the criminals running this entire scam-demic have indeed targeted our children for destruction as part of their plan to wipe out a lot of humanity and to prevent children from possibly growing up and repopulate the human species...

And finally, we cannot forget the fact that apparently a lot more people in this province, thankfully, are now becoming aware of the dangers of these KILL SHOTS and about how this is indeed the greatest hoax in all human history.. .I do believe this is the reason WHY the criminals in our governments are trying to resort to criminal 'enticements' to convince people to get out there and take these lethal injections into their bodies, including stupid and ludicrous temptations such as 'Ice Cream', 'passes to sporting events', 'gift cards', and even money..... Yes, sir, step right up everyone and take your jab and win a prize...Most not knowing that their eventual prize is certain death..

Well, today's vomiting 'report' for Manitoba is coming.. And I can hardly wait.... I do wonder what twisted and sick distortion of 'data' these pricks have in store for the sheep in this province, and I bet it will be as ludicrous as their previous falsified 'data' ..... I will of course be on top of it all as I always am, for I do love a challenge and the desire to tear their 'data' once again to smithereens..

More to come


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