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UNBELIEVABLE: Associated Press Says Covid-19 KILL SHOT ("vaccine") reactions Are Caused By “Anxiety” And Are Simply The Product Of Imagination

 It does appear to be a 'slow' news day about the continuing scam-demic... Well at least in regards to what I am seeing in the alternative media, and of course the material sent my way via email or comments.... I therefore decided to see if there were any new articles at many great alternative media outlets that covered what the lying whore media has been saying about us, the 'anti-vaxxers' and awakened,  in regards to this entire scam-demic, these days and especially in regards to the criminal KILL SHOTS... And right away I was not disappointed as I found a most interesting article that definitely is a must read by everyone..

I want to present the following article from writer Ethan Huff, from the Natural News website at This article is entitled: "UNBELIEVABLE: AP says Covid-19 vaccine reactions are caused by “anxiety” and are simply the product of imagination" and is a must see by everyone... I have it right here and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

UNBELIEVABLE: AP says Covid-19 vaccine reactions are caused by “anxiety” and are simply the product of imagination

(Natural News) The thousands of Americans who died or become seriously injured after being jabbed with the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injection are victims not of the vaccine’s contents but of their own anxiety, according to the Associated Press (AP).

Officials from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a private corporation posing as a government agency, say that an “investigation” they conducted determined that people’s own fears are responsible for vaccine adverse effects.

“We knew we were going to see this,” says Dr. Noni MacDonald, a Canadian researcher.

The CDC looked at vaccine recipients from California, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, and North Carolina who reportedly became nauseous, started vomiting and experienced heart or chest pains after getting jabbed with the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) injection. The corporation determined that none of these symptoms resulted from the vaccines themselves, but manifested because of anxiety in the recipients’ minds.

Because the J&J injection is the only one of the three currently in use in the United States that comes in one dose rather than two, the CDC claims that the most nervous and anxious people of all are probably opting for this one instead of the others.

Such folks are “more highly predisposed to anxiety-related events,” according to the CDC, which means that the jabs themselves cannot be blamed for the adverse events that many recipients are suffering.

If anything goes wrong with your injection, you were probably just too afraid of it

Another CDC report that looked at side effects reported by more than 300,000 J&J jab recipients determined that upwards of half of them experienced a sore arm, fatigue or headache post-injection. Another third reported chills or fever, while a fifth said they felt nauseous.

The CDC says this is perfectly normal, and MacDonald, who teaches pediatrics at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia says that up to 15 percent of adults are afraid of injections – the inference once again being that fear is what is making people sick.

“Everybody thinks this is (only) young teenage girls,” MacDonald joked. “Well, it isn’t.”

If one person faints while getting an injection, it could cause another person to faint. This could then lead to a chain reaction where the whole room starts getting sick right after the needle is removed from everyone’s arms.

While the CDC quietly admits that “rare” reactions can occur that have nothing to do with anxiety, the AP headline and associated article reporting on the phenomenon seemingly want readers to believe that the jabs are generally safe and that only “anxiety” will cause you to get sick from one.

“These people are not crazy,” MacDonald added, downplaying the situation while making sure not to offend anyone who might be scared of injections for reasons other than what they contain and what reports say they are doing to people.

On Twitter, many were quick to see right through the government’s new “anxiety” narrative. Some relayed horror stories about how their own doctors dismissed symptoms as being all “in their head,” which is medical abuse.

“I had a doctor tell me years ago that my symptoms were in my head,” one of them wrote. “A second opinion diagnosed the true condition and I was referred to a thoracic surgeon. Moral of the story: Never believe the ‘it’s in your head’ nonsense because that is a convenient copout for dumb doctors.”

Another noted that she started to feel really sick about 30 hours after getting a Wuhan Flu shot. She suffered the worst headache she can remember and could not get up out of bed or find any type of comfort – was this all in her head, CDC?

Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) deception is everywhere. To keep up with the latest, check out

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NTS Notes: I read that article from the idiots at the 'Associated Press'... And honestly, are they truly this brain dead to actually think people will believe such a stupid excuse for their own ignorance?  These writers are either incredibly this stupid or are indeed very well paid liars... I see them as a little of both..

And quite honestly, HOW can anyone with two brain cells to rub together these days not be aware of the horrific dangers from these KILL SHOTS, especially in light of the TENS OF THOUSANDS if not more, reports world wide now about what damage these lethal injections are doing to people everywhere?   

But again, the criminals running this scam need something to throw out there to try to alleviate the growing concern of the people that these KILL SHOTS are not as they appear.. And yet, they come up with this lame excuse??

I honestly initially laughed my ass off at the stupidity of the Associated Press... But afterwards realized that this is no laughing matter, as people are still out there lining up in DROVES just to get these injections of certain death into their bodies.... 

And therefore the dangers faced by everyone from the 'adverse' effects of these KILL SHOTS can NEVER be chalked up as 'anxiety' for those dangers are very real and very deadly... The reality therefore is that people must do their utmost to stop everyone from going out and stupidly allowing these pricks to inject their poisons into their bodies.... Dying from these concoctions is not just someone's imagination but reality!

More to come



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