Monday, May 10, 2021

This Is Scary: Magnetic Particles Injected Into Human Bodies Via Pfizer KILL SHOTS? Turning Humans Into Cyborgs? Updated!

As a man who understands real science, I have always had a real kick out of watching old 'Science Fiction" shows such as every series of the "Star Trek" franchise... But I was always intrigued by what that series claimed were the ULTIMATE ''bad guys' known as the 'Borg'..... 

For those who are not yet aware of the fictional 'Borg' they are in the 'Star Trek Universe' a cybernetic meshing between humanoid life and machines... Basically they are all cyborgs that were part machine and part humanoid... They communicate together by a cybernetic neurological link to 'one mind' and therefore with no independent thoughts or individuality at all... They served a Queen and in most cases were nothing more than "Borg drones"... Their sole purpose, so it seemed, was to ' assimilate' all life forms that possessed technology that they could use, via injecting their intended targets with microscopic robots called 'NANOBOTS' to perform the assimilation of their victims, and in almost all cases turn those who were 'assimilated' into drones as well... According to the Star Trek "Universe" they occupied and controlled a wide swath of the 'Delta Quadrant" which was directly opposite to the quadrant containing 'Earth and the United Federation of Planets' in the Milky Way galaxy (Beta and Gamma Quadrants next to ours..).... They were considered the ultimate enemy of all mankind and the entire 'Federation' as their goal was to assimilate and control it all!

Yes, that is only 'science fiction' and were the creation of some great Star Trek writers starting in 1989... But again that is 'fiction' right?  And we could not be witnessing such a horrible idea that humans could be turned into 'cyborgs' right?

 Well... Apparently that could be EXACTLY what we are seeing happen with these KILL SHOTS right now.. For I want to present the following important report that comes from Jim Stone, through his website at, where apparently strong evidence is now out that at least the Pfizer 'KILL SHOTS' contain magnetic material that is being injected into those stupid enough to accept their poisons into their bodies... Here is that article:

Covid jab CONFIRMED: Magnets stick to a fresh covid jab.

When you don't get the saline that is.


The Pfizer jab does indeed make a magnet stick to people's arms where they got the shot.

I have now confirmed the shot probably contains nanobots, because you are supposed to wait 6 - 10 WEEKS after the shot before you get a MRI most likely because the nanobots have to disperse or the MRI will rip your arm apart. PROOF OF THIS IS RIGHT BELOW THE VIDEO. IT IS NOT BULLSHIT.

That's a strong attraction. How's that going to work in an MRI???


And here is Jim's follow up report from just a short while ago, today, right here:

To my surprise, a lot of people are having a hard time believing the following post about magnets sticking to a fresh covid injection. However, if you're not supposed to get an MRI for 6-10 weeks after the shot, I beg to question why not? WHY NOT?? Answer: Because you can't put magnetic materials into an MRI, and the shot needs to totally disperse, because it is indeed magnetic. And how would it be magnetic? Nanobots, obviously.

(Really inexperienced) and/or stupid people or outright trolls (and I'll pull no punches this time) are also saying there's no way this could work because the shot is a liquid and "anything in it would be too small to develop magnetic attraction". That's total horse sh*t, have people really forgotten ferrofluid? You know - that magnetic liquid used to cool the voice coils of high performance speakers? That's not an obscure topic for ANYONE who has an ounce of tech sense. THERE IS YOUR MAGNETIC COVID SHOT, RIGHT THERE. It's obviously not the classic ferrofluid in the shot, but there's absolutely nothing stopping it from acting exactly the same way. I had such speakers in the 90's and the ferrofluid was completely clear. I discovered this when I had to change the tweeter diaphragms. It was like a totally clear oil. I believe this woman's video is legit 100 percent and am not one bit stupid. Hell yes there's a way this could be real. There has to be a reason why you should avoid MRI's for a period of time after the shot, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT REASON? Easy answer: You can't go into the world's most powerful magnetic medical equipment with a magnetic substance in you unless that substance is totally dispersed. It would rip that woman's arm apart if she went into an MRI like that. WATCH THE VIDEO.

NTS Notes: Many may not realize that 'nanobot' technology has been in the works now for decades, and therefore I am NOT going to easily dismiss the thought that Jim presents in this article as being 'far fetched'.. 

We must also realize that the technology for those nanobots to possibly get into our brains is through "HYDROGEL" which has been discussed in great details by Doctor Carrie Madej in a  long list of videos in which she has been interviewed.... People should listen and heed what she is stating...

AND this all be the reason why there has been such a 'rush' to install 5G telecommunications around the world over the last while... The 5G system may in fact be how the criminal monsters will 'switch on' the nano-bots that are now in so many idiots' minds thanks to these lethal injections, and will be used as a means of controlling them!

Yes, many may look at some of these ideas as 'science fiction' and I too have looked at some of these as maybe in that realm.....BUT with the tremendous advancements in micro-technology over the last decade alone, many may indeed be scratching their heads and saying 'hey, maybe there is something to all this?'...

I for one do not ever want to be turned into a human cyborg, and this is just another reason besides the hundreds of others why I will NEVER take their KILL SHOTS into my body... 

The famous statement by the 'Borg' was 'We are the Borg... You will be assimilated... Resistance is futile', but to me more than ever RESISTANCE to this horrendous crime against humanity is a must and is absolutely NOT futile at all.

More to come


*Update: May 14th, 2021: I have been wondering if there is a possible link between these magnetic particles being put into the stupid people that have been taking these Kill Shots, and of course the continuing cases of massive 'blood clotting' and Jim Stone has come up with an interesting follow up to  this important report that I will share here:

After watching a lot of magnets stick to vaccines and hearing what people are saying, my conclusion is:

These people can never go into an MRI again for the rest of their lives. I think whatever was in the vax that is magnetic was some sort of self replicating nano tech, (a chip was not injected) it was instead a nanotech with a bunch of nanobots that are building structures in the arm at the injection site that are magnetic.

The needles being used for the vax are too small for an ID chip and an ID chip, even at full size, probably would not be enough to attract a magnet.

If they are going to have nanobots build a magnetic structure in the body, those nanobots have to work with whatever the body has available to do it with. The only readily available source of magnetic metal in the body is hemoglobin in the blood, where a nano tech device could get iron to build something with. I don't think a shot alone that was only 1CC or less could have made people THAT magnetic. They are VERY magnetic. which means whatever is under their skin making that happen had to come from their own bodies if a magnet will stick to it right through their skin.

At first I figured it might just be the shot and that you'd need a neodymium magnet to see the effect. But ordinary ceramic magnets and flexible refrigerator magnets also work, and they work with force, often over an area 4 inches square. It is not a fringe effect. Something serious is going on with this, that involves the body being instructed to build something that is either metallic or emits a magnetic field.

WHAT IF all the blood clots are happening because the shot released a bunch of nanobots, which attacked the blood to steal it's hemoglobin so they could build something at the injection site? I BET that's not a "what if".

And I'll make a bet that eventually they'll transport at least part of that structure to the right hand or forehead . . . . 

Yes, This is a most interesting assumption, and one that may have a lot of validity.. The nano-bots injected into the stupid out there has to get its 'raw materials' from somewhere in the body to produce its replication, and thus we have the iron in the blood as a valuable source for that material..

All this boils down to is the fact that you have to be a complete MORON to take any of these KILL SHOTS, period!



Unknown said...

what is the name of the liquid stated in the specification content?

Northerntruthseeker said...

If you mean the liquid used to cool large scale speakers... That is Ferro-fluid...

CanadianNotCommunist said...

When they switch on 5G the nanobots will take control of the body.
And if your social credit score falls too low, or if they consider you too old to be useful; the nanobots will be directed to kill you...

and you'll just fall over dead in the street like some of those people did in Wuhan when they switched on the 5G at the beginning of the covid pandemic.

Was Wuhan a real life test run for all the other governments to witness the effectiveness of control that joining the One World Government would bring ?

That would depend on the Chinese government giving the residents of Wuhan a shot containing nanobots at some point previously - like in a regular flu shot; and deciding ahead of time who would live and who would die.

I don't know; just an idea

Unknown said...


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Oral comments are limited to 3 minutes and are selected at random before the meeting. Written comments should be unique and individual. I imagine that there will be a lot of comments, both for and against the EUA, so keeping the comment short will better ensure it is read. Ideas for comments include:
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Reasons as to why you will not give these shots to your own children
References to deaths and adverse events as reported in VAERS or V-Safe
Quick links and questions stemming from articles written in science based journals, reputable newspapers, or publications from Pfizer themselves
General questions or concerns regarding all the unknowns
The low risk of sickness and almost non-existent risk of death in this age bracket versus the unknown long term risks of the shots themselves.

File your comment here:

Thank you for taking the time to do this. Our voices have to be heard.
12:09 AM
The following contains the BNT162b6 vaccine made by Pfizer / BioNTech, quoted from Business Insider:

1.Nucleoside-modified messenger RNA (modRNA) that encodes the glycoprotein virus spike from SARS-CoV-2 (this is what makes the vaccine work)

2. Lipids, or fatty substances, including:

(4-hydroxybutyl) azanediyl) bis (hexane-6,1-diyl) bis (2-hexyldecanoate),
2 - [(polyethylene glycol) -2000] -N, N-ditetradecylacetamide,
3. Potassium chloride

4. Monobasic potassium phosphate

5.Sodium chloride (salt)

6. Sodium phosphate dihydrate is basic

7.Sucrose (sugar)

Unknown said...

How about sinovac inactivatwd vaccine? Do they put inside maagneticnaboparticle in lipid ?

Anonymous said...


Northerntruthseeker said...

"Anonymous" I do believe you mean EMF and not 'Electro-Magnetic pulse' EMP....

And yes, we are still in the dark as to the effect of 5G electromagnetic fields and how those will interact with these nano-bots... I for one see these criminal monsters linking their nano-bots with the massive rollout and switching on of 5G fields everywhere.

Anonymous said...


You will be a fool to trust anything from China. The food and even milk powder for babies are contaminated in China, and you trust its vaccines?

Also, Covid-19 is a bioweapon developed by the Chinese military, with much assistance from Fauci and Bill Gates etc. One day the truth will be out.

Anonymous said...

My husband chose to get the Pfizer injection. Around two weeks after the 2nd injection he did develop a huge blood clot going up his thighs and into his groin area. He went to the hospital and DID get a MRI. So I just wanted what little I know to be put out there so we can actually find the truth. I don't know a lot about all the science or what is in these injections which is why I have chosen not to get one. I also wonder if there are different things in the injections depending on what area they are distributed. I do believe the blood clots were a result of getting the injection, but of course most of the doctors did not believe there is a correlation. Only one of the team of doctors thought there was a possibility of the clots being caused by the vaccine and did include that in his medical records.

Unknown said...

My mother tried this and the magnet sticks to her arm in the injection site. And no where else

Anonymous said...

My elderly relative got the pfizer covid vaccine about 2 months ago. Using a rare earth magnet it both sticks and when flipped over repels at and around the jab sight. Other arm and other non-vax people in the room the magnet doesn't stick.
I don't know what's in the vax and/or what aftereffect is taking place, but this is 100% real.

iain said...

The MRI thing could be related to this.

COVID-19 vaccine affects imaging results, researchers warn
By Kate Madden Yee, staff writer

Anonymous said...

I found this, it could very well explain it.