Wednesday, May 12, 2021

THIS Is Absolutely Heartbreaking: Stupid Parents Almost Kill Their Child With The COVID KILL SHOT!

 I have become more and more increasingly alarmed these days, as the fucking pricks running our crooked governments and our fraud 'Health Care' systems are now pushing for EVERYONE to be injected with the deadly KILL SHOTS.... To me, this is maddening enough, but there is so much more at stake here now..

When I see reports stating that CHILDREN should receive these KILL SHOTS, just like adults, I just want to go absolutely ballistic... Children more than anyone else have NOT indicated any signs at all of even 'contracting' this phantom 'deadly virus' and every report that I have run across shows that deaths amongst children world-wide from this 'disease' has nearly amounted to zero.... But here we have the propaganda brainwashing out there in full force wanting STUPID parents to allow their own children to take these KILL SHOTS anyways!

Well, I was sent the link this morning to one of the most heartbreaking videos that anyone could ever see... This one is entitled: "Stupid Parents Almost Kill Their Child With A COVID Jab!!" and I have the link to that video right here for everyone to see for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Stupid Parents Almost Kill their Child with a Covid Jab!!!!! (

NTS Notes: Honestly, the stupid parents that have allowed this to happen to their son should be in jail for attempted murder...

Honestly, I almost cried myself when I watched this video... This young man's entire life is now destroyed and possibly permanently thanks to the sheer idiocy of his own RETARDED parents... 

And what can these parents do about the damage that they have done to their son?  Good luck in attempting to 'sue' the doctors and/or Pharmaceutical giants for this act of attempted murder, for these criminals are now unable to be put into court for the damage that they are doing and nobody can sue them at all for the damage that they are inflicting on humanity!

I do hope this one gets out to EVERYONE.... We should show ALL the dumb ass parents out there that are actually considering doing this to their own children what the consequences of their stupid action could be.... 

Children deserve to be children and should be allowed to grow up without being subjected to this horrendous damage, and we must do what is necessary to block any attempts in having them get these lethal injections into them by all means necessary.... 

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No longer a Trump supporter said...

I posted a link to this post from my own Blog here:

Northerntruthseeker said...

Thanks, "No Longer A Trump Supporter"...I just finished reading your article on this heartbreaking atrocity and you are spot on..

I will consider adding your blog to my 'rogue's gallery' shortly, as it will probably help to get a lot more traffic to your blog..

Thanks again