Sunday, May 9, 2021

The Real Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Sunday, May 9th 2021: Once More, Seriously? 529 New FALSE POSITIVE Cases, 3 New Deaths NOT From This Contagion - Cases With NO Deaths Does Not Make Sense!

 Well... It was very strange going out a short while ago into this weird world called 'COVID-land', especially now with the horrid new 'restrictions' on the good citizens of this province imposed by the ASSHOLES in charge of this entire fraud starting today.... And once again all I saw was even more fear and anxiety on the faces (you can tell even with the face diapers on just by the look in their eyes..) of those who I ran into today.. Most people are now at the breaking point here in Manitoba, but rather than do the RIGHT thing and actually resist, most are surrendering to these criminals by going out and getting 'tested' and lining up for their KILL SHOTS in record numbers.. 

I just read over today's 'Official' Manitoba BULLSHIT 'COVID-19 report' that was just issued by these lying sacks of shit a short while back, and once again we have a lot more FALSE POSITIVE cases, and yet still NOBODY actually dying from this supposedly 'deadly virus' at all.... If someone can somehow claim this to be a 'third wave' of this entire scam just by looking at those two issues alone, then they really do need to get their heads examined...

OK, Lets take a look at their 'numbers' and as I always do I have them broken down in alphabetic order for everyone to analyze for themselves right here:

(a) Now they are claiming '529' new FALSE POSITIVE cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' over the last 24 hours for all of Manitoba... This raises their ludicrous overall 'cases count' for the now 59+ weeks of this sheer stupidity to a grand total of '41954'.... BUT, and this is always the case, ALL of these 'cases' came as a result of using the PCR 'test' that is no 'test' at all but simply an amplification tool.  The PCR 'test is NOT a 'diagnostic tool' for verification of any contagion, and therefore ALL of these 'cases' are indeed 'false positives' and 100% meaningless..

(b) Now they are claiming '149' active hospital cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba as of today... This is an increase of '10' active hospital cases from yesterday's total of '139'... And there are now '42' active ICU cases out of that '149' for all of Manitoba as of today, which is a DECREASE of '2' ICU cases from yesterday's total of '44'.....

(c) Now they are claiming '3' more 'deaths' that they are trying to attribute to this phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba over the last 24 hours... This raises the overall 'death toll' for the last 59+ weeks since mid March of last year to a grand total of '993'... BUT as is always the case here, ALL three latest 'deaths' ALL had severe underlying health issues and/or were seniors with severe problems already as well... 

(d) Now they are claiming '37461' recovered cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba over the last 59+ weeks time frame.. This is an increase of '263' active cases from yesterday's total of '37198' which is pretty accurate for the last 24 hours, BUT the '37461' still remains approximately '1000' short of what it should be even if there actually was a real contagion out there.  Those '1000' continue to be falsely counted as 'active cases' instead just to pump up that figure for its propaganda value.

(e) Now they are claiming '3499' active cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba as of today.. This is an increase of '262' active cases from yesterday's total of '3237'... But besides the '1000' that do not belong here as noted in (d), we still have the fact that all of these 'active cases' came ONLY through the fraud PCR amplification tool and therefore NONE of these active cases can properly be called 'active' at all... Therefore the best that these criminals can state here is that all of these active cases are suspect at most.

(f) Once again, these supposedly 'deadly new variants' take Sundays and Mondays off for 'good behaviour'.. Yes, what a polite 'virus' indeed... But just wait until this Tuesday as these criminals fudge this number as this entire 'third wave' is now totally dependent on how high they can push the 'new variant' fraud numbers..

Yes, here we go with a LOT of new and very fraudulent 'cases'... This is to be expected as they just crank up the cycle count in the Polymerase Chain Reaction 'test' to 40-45 cycles, and at that level ANYTHING will test 'positive' for this phantom contagion.... And yes, I have noticed them now cranking up the 'hospital cases' number, and this is expected.. They have been caught too many times already in generating a lot of fraud cases, but failing to throw a lot of those false positives into the hospitals to make this latest 'wave' look legitimate, and obviously they do not want to make that mistake again...

Well, time to do my utmost in further destroying this entire 'daily report' by ripping their 'numbers' game to smithereens.... And in the same alphabetic order as shown above, right here:

(a) Wow, will you look at that! '529' new 'cases' that the lying whore media is now screaming to high heaven about... But since these are ALL 'false positives' of course, then this entire '529' number is nothing but a random number that these pricks basically pulled out of their asses.....But is this always the case?  The 'test' is a total fraud for this contagion, and the contagion still has NEVER been isolated and proven to exist... Therefore every one of these '41954' cases for the last 59 weeks and counting are 100% invalid and 100% meaningless.... But it does make for great propaganda by the lying whore media, definitely.

(b) Well, will wonders never cease?  I keep on saying that they have to throw a lot more false positive cases into the hospitals to make this 'third wave' even come close to legitimacy, but they should have thrown may 20-25 just for today alone to strike fear into the gullible.... And honestly, this ' 149' total remains a joke, for if there actually was a REAL 'deadly virus' out there then the hospitals would indeed by this point have hundreds if not at least a thousand in all of them..... And OK, they are claiming that the hospitals now are once again being 'overwhelmed with COVID patients', and I have to ask WHERE?  I continue to trek by the local general hospital where I live and I continue to see a ghost town with nearly zero activity of any type at all..... But the gullible fools in this province will soak up this lie like they do with all the other lies about this scam-demic all the time..

(c) The pattern here remains the same, and as always this fraud 'death toll' continues to show that the entire scam-demic here in Manitoba is a huge lie......I have yet to find even ONE actual death that can be DIRECTLY attributed solely to this phantom 'deadly virus', and I doubt if I ever will.. These lying sacks of shit just continue to label ALL deaths as  co-morbidities meaning that ALL deaths so far died 'with' this bullshit 'COVID-19'.... AND since the 'test' generates   ONLY 'false positive' results, then NONE of these deaths are or ever were from this phantom 'deadly virus' at all.... I therefore will state the obvious that nobody here in Manitoba has actually ever died from this contagion, period.

(d) No shock that that they are 'trying' to make this number look a bit legitimate.. So why not tell the real truth and put those other '1000' that they continue to hold back and claim as 'active cases' into this file as well and just chalk it up to one of their patented 'data corrections'?   But obviously they are now past the point of 'no return' and have to try to create fear in the gullible by keeping that active cases number as high as they can and very artificially.... And yes, this is a crime for falsifying medical data and recored is indeed a felony that can get people jail time.  But since it is the 'government' doing this crime, they will just continue to get away with it and very blatantly.

(e) Yes, the actual 'active cases' number, if this was even close to being a legitimate 'deadly virus' is actually around '2500' at most.... But all this is a moot point, as every 'active case' came only through the fraud PCR 'test' that is 100% illegitimate and a total fraud.... Thus nobody here in Manitoba is actually 'active' at all with this phantom contagion..... Yes, I have to repeat it here over and over again that many are indeed sick at the moment, but they are sick from REAL diseases that are out there all the time but not from this fraud called 'COVID-19'..

(f) I just wish people would get it?   Here we go again with no fraud 'new variant cases' numbers for today as the 'new variants' are out there celebrating the weekend and Mothers Day.... This to me is such a travesty and shows that these pricks are such bastards and liars as they put the fear mongering of these fraud 'new variants' into the gullible and  STUPID of this province and yet keep everyone waiting until next Tuesday for follow up reports?  IF anyone wants to see a sucker born every minute, all they have to do is look at the gullible citizens of this province... Get the message here, people: The 'deadly virus' is a total phantom and a lie, and therefore any 'new variants' of that phantom are lies as well..

Yes, lets just crank up the fear mongering here in Manitoba.... The Pallister criminal regime running this fraud for Manitoba is hell bent on following their orders from the head perpetrators of this entire scam-demic by now doing what is necessary to finally destroy what little bit of small independent businesses are left that have survived the fraud 'first' and 'second' waves of this horse shit.....Sadly, the majority of this province are truly this stupid to not see that they are and have always been conned by the greatest hoax in all human history..

And in today's report, we find yet another '4234' of the most stupidest people imaginable here in this province going out to get the fraud PCR 'test' and enabling these  criminal assholes to take some of these 'test' results and register them fraudulently as 'false positives'... I keep saying that if the idiots here in this province would only STOP going out and stupidly going to get 'tested' then the entire scam would collapse in no time flat.. There would be zero 'false positive' cases, and therefore the criminals in charge would be fully exposed for this massive lie.... But stupid is what stupid does and these morons that continue to be 'tested' are going to continue to give these lying pricks the ammunition they need to wreck their lives with more 'lockdowns' and 'restrictions'..

And the lying whore media was also quick to state that somehow now well over 1/2 million Manitobans have received at least their first lethal injections of the KILL SHOTS into their bodies.... THIS is to me the most aggravating aspect of this entire scam-demic, as it shows that my efforts have been so minute and unable to stop people from taking these KILL SHOTS at all.... All this means of course is that  within the next year, we here in Manitoba will be seeing one heck of a LOT of deaths as the mRNA damage to these fools takes its deadly toll on their bodies...

Thus here we are.. 59+ weeks of this scam-demic with no end in sight... And the main goal now is to put so much more fear into the gullible that they all will rush out to take these KILL SHOTS into their systems in the greatest act of GENOCIDE in human history... I for one am still wanting to see the day when people finally do wake the fuck up and have these monsters doing this act of mass murder on all humanity put in the dock in court rooms around the world and receive the only proper judgment for this crime, which is the death penalty for all of them...That day cannot come soon enough IMHO..

More to come


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