Saturday, May 8, 2021

The Real Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Saturday, May 8th 2021: Again, Seriously? 485 New FALSE POSITIVE Cases, 3 New Deaths NOT From This Contagion - And Bring In A Fraud "India Variant" To Boot!

Yes, I said yesterday that I was contemplating taking a short break from blogging.. But as is always the case, this fraud SCAM-DEMIC continues to draw me back as I do feel it is necessary to continue to blast away at that massive hoax to try to wake people the fuck up!   And considering how the bastards that are running this swindle here in my home province of Manitoba are bound and determined to destroy the lives of the people of this province permanently, I cannot rest without at least trying to reach the morons and idiots out there, as this truly is a war for humanity and our very future.

Well, I just finished looking over today's 'Official' Manitoba report on the state of this SCAM-DEMIC for this province, and once again here they go with more FALSE POSITIVE cases derived from a 'test' that is NOT a valid test for ANY contagion but is simply an amplification tool... That and they also found '3' more deaths that they are falsely labeling as 'death by COVID-19' on their death certificates... But the real newest scare tactic is how they are now claiming a new 'India variant' to raise the fear in the gullible even higher... And people continue to swallow their horse shit and put up with this stupidity?

OK, Onto their 'numbers game' once again, and I have them broken down right here in alphabetic order for everyone to analyze for themselves:

(a) Now they are claiming '485' new FALSE POSITIVE cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba over the last 24 hours.. This raises their overall false positive cases count for the entire 59+ weeks since mid-March of last year to a grand total of '41425'.... BUT always remember that the PCR amplification tool is NOT a valid test at all for any contagion, period.. And therefore all we have here are phantom 'cases' of a phantom disease.... But the propaganda value is indeed enormous, especially as a fear tactic..

(b) Now they are claiming '139' active hospital cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba as of today.. .This is a pitiful increase of '2' active hospital cases since yesterday's report of '137'... And they still have '44' of those '139' active cases sitting in the ICU wards, which is no increase from yesterday's report... Really deadly 'third wave' indeed..

(c) Now they are claiming '3' more 'deaths' over the last 24 hours that they are trying to attribute to this phantom 'deadly virus'... This raises their overall death toll for the 59+ weeks since mid March of last year to a grand total of '990'... BUT again and always the case here, ALL of these '3' new deaths had other underlying health issues that were the real cause of all of their demise....

(d) Now they are claiming '37198' recovered cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba over the last 59+ weeks time frame... This is an increase of '228' recovered cases since yesterday's report of "36964", which indicates that these liars are right back at it in keeping 'recovered cases' listed as 'active' instead.. This recovered cases file is now at least '1000' short of what it actually should be, considering the fact that after 14 days of being classified as 'active', all cases must be either registered as 'dead' or be placed into this category automatically.

(e) Now they are claiming '3237' active cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba as of today.. .This is an increase of '248' active cases since yesterday's report of '2989' active cases... Other than the falsified inflation of this number as shown in (d),  every one of these 'active cases' comes only through the fraud PCR test that is 100% inaccurate and therefore invalid.  Thus none of these 'active cases' have this 'deadly virus' at all, and must be listed as suspect only.

(f) Now they are claiming '272' of these '498' new false positive cases are being claimed as phantom 'new variants' including this latest hoax coming out of India.   This raises their overall 'variant' count for the 4+ months since they have fraudulently listed this data to  '3665', and they are claiming, falsely of course, that some '42%' of all 'active cases' are of these new fraud variants as well... Cranking up the fraud fear porn once again, it seems..

I look at today's 'numbers game' as just further evidence that they basically do not even have the foggiest idea how to make this entire scam-demic in Manitoba even come close to looking plausible... FIRST, how in the hell can they continue to crank up the amplification cycles in the PCR 'test' to generate more 'cases' but fail to have the proportional hospital cases and even deaths increase, or even try to show validity, to make that look legitimate?  And they are trying so desperately now to have the 'active cases' so high by playing the numbers game with the recovered cases once more... Honestly, what else is there to say here in showing that their numbers alone fully expose this entire fraud?

But, I will continue here to show more evidence of this fraud by ripping their 'numbers' apart even further.. And in the same alphabetic order as shown above, right here:

(a) Yes once again lets just crank up that already over-cycled PCR amplification tool to generate a shit load of more false positive results... And the other factor that is helping them along here to generate this fraud 'cases' number is the report today that a RECORD '4462'  of the most stupidest RETARDS out there imaginable went out and got 'tested' in the last 24 hours for a 'deadly virus' that simply does not even exist! It is therefore no wonder they are able to get their '485' new cases and their fraud '41425' overall 'cases count' when the morons out there that are too stupid to live go out and give them the fuel for their lies...

(b) This number continues to be such an enigma and simply from a statistical point of view shows that this entire report is a complete sham... They have now cranked up the 'cases' of course via the fraud PCR 'test' but continue to reflect that high 'cases' number by having a proportion of that higher count being thrown into the hospitals at all.... Thus this  '139' active hospital cases should be HUNDREDS higher at least if you are going to give some legitimacy to this 'third wave' nonsense... BUT of course they have been trying to cover for this shortfall by claiming a further '61' hospital cases that no longer 'active' but require 'extra treatment' that simply does not make sense at all... Those '61' extra should NOT even be in the hospitals and should be properly listed as recovered or allowed to recover at home in fact as they are NOT 'active'!.. But obviously these liars are keeping them there so that they can scream 'hey look, we have '200' in the hospitals right now' for the propaganda value alone....This is why I no longer put up with their nonsense and do not even add their fraud 'non-active extra hospital cases' into my own reports...

(c)  Once again we have '3' new deaths that were absolutely NOT from this phantom illness at all... Thus once again we have a lot of new false positive 'cases' but zero real deaths.... And they call this a 'third wave'???   And as I have shown many times before, but it is worth repeating here, they are claiming '990' deaths over a 59+ week time frame for Manitoba.. BUT people must remember that during ANY '59+' week period for this province, some 13500 deaths occur from all causes... Thus even though their entire '990' death toll is a total fraud as all of the deaths were from OTHER causes, even this '990' continues to be just a small fraction of how many people do actually die in this province during the last 59 weeks alone.. But the propaganda is what is driving this scam, and the lying whore media is quick to scream 'we have 990 deaths from this 'disease', run for your lives!"...

(d) Yes, this 'recovered cases' number is once again at a shortfall of some '1000' and counting... And of course this continues to happen as these lying pricks are hell bent on keeping the 'active cases' artificially high for the propaganda effect.... I do hope that these liars have this blow up in their faces when the citizens of this province do finally wake up and realize that they have been conned for nearly 60 weeks now...

(e) And yes, this 'active cases' number is actually around '2200' by my own estimates, as the difference being the recovered cases that no longer belong in this category.... But it really does not matter, as ALL of these 'active cases' are an illusion as the 'test' that they were obtained from is a total fraud.. Therefore once again it must be stated that nobody here in Manitoba is actually 'active' with this fraud COVID-19 at all, and those that are 'sick' have other REAL illnesses or ailments.... 

(f) Well, lets crank up the fear porn here by throwing this new 'India variant' into the mix... Why not just throw in a "Philippine variant"?  Or even a "African variant"? Or any fraud 'variant' they want just to scare the gullible here in this province even further?  Heck, they could even come up with a  "Jenny-8675309" new 'variant' if they want, for they ARE ALL ILLUSIONS... Honestly, how can people ignore reality here as the fact remains that since the ' deadly virus' is an illusion as it has NEVER been isolated or proven to even exist, then the 'new variants' are nothing but illusions as well... Just remember that it is the FEAR FACTOR alone that drives this entire scam-demic, and too many fools out there have fallen for it hard..

Yes, just another day in paradise here in super-locked down Manitoba... Sadly, most of the morons and idiots that I encounter just simply do not get it at all... I have tried even the psychology of asking them how they continue to put up with this after nearly 60 weeks of having their lives destroyed over a 'virus' that simply does not exist, and all I get are continuing blank stares and total ignorance... 

Thus we have a new 'lockdown'  here in this province with threats of even more if the citizens of this province do not 'comply' like the good little automatons they have become and follow the criminal government's health orders, or else..... And yes, this newest one will surely spell the death knell of what is left of small businesses in this already economic ailing province, and in the long run will be a complete disaster to the citizens as well..

But remember.. The government is 'looking out for our best interests', right?  And they are out there being drug pushers as well as they  are constantly telling everyone to line up like lemmings and take their KILL SHOTS of certain death into their bodies, claiming that we must 'all do our parts' to 'protect others'... I for one am not impressed by their tactics of beating down people to the point that they are so easily brainwashed into taking lethal injections into their bodies willingly..

But of course this is a program of mass slaughter of humanity through genocide via lethal injections.... As far as I am concerned EVERY ONE of these criminals involved is fully responsible for this genocide of humanity, all the way from the top levels of government, down to the lying whore media that continues to propagate this massive fraud and push for everyone to die... There should be no other justice for all of these murderers than to see them all be put on trial and then summarily given the death sentence to all of them.... This is the only fitting justice for their involvement in the mass genocide of humanity, period.

More to come



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