Saturday, May 29, 2021

The Real Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Saturday, May 29th 2021: 355 New FALSE POSITIVE Cases, 3 New Deaths - Having A Hard Time Fudging Their Numbers, I See!

 After yesterday's clearly falsified 'official report' for Manitoba that I hammered away at asking the huge question as to how exactly could they suddenly double the number of cases for this province but have the 'death toll' from this phantom 'deadly virus' go from 8 'deaths' two days ago to ZERO yesterday, I had hoped that people here would indeed take notice and fully go after these pricks to show them the REAL 'data' and/or exactly how they have been obtaining their 'data'... Doing so, could blow the blatant PCR amplification tool fraud wide open alone....But nope, not a chance as the cowering spineless jellyfish in this province just accept that falsified data and thus allowing these pricks running this 'numbers game' to continue with their lies...

One nice thing is how those living outside of Manitoba have indeed noticed the blatant lies and have sent me comments, emails, etc supporting my efforts to expose this massive fraudulent 'numbers game'.... It is just so sad that the people of this province instead are just swallowing these lies though..

And now, surprise, surprise, for today these consummate liars and swindlers are claiming 'technical issues' and that they have been able to only release 'partial data' in terms of their numbers game.... WHY am I not in the least bit shocked by this?  To me all this means is that they are once again having a hard time with the real data and also having a hard time presenting even their 'fudged' numbers.....

Well.... I will present the data that I have from these lying sacks of shit for the moment... And I have that 'data' broken down right here in my usual alphabetic order for everyone to analyze for themselves:

(a) Now they are claiming '355' new FALSE POSITIVE cases of this STILL non-existent 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba over the last 24  hours... This raises their overall fraud 'cases count' for the 62+ weeks of this horrible swindle on the citizens of this province to a grand total of '50499' overall.. But as is always the case here, EVERY 'case' came ONLY through the blatant abuse of the PCR amplification tool that is NOT A TEST FOR CONTAGIONS AT ALL!  

(b) They are claiming that due to a 'technical issue' the fraud Hospital Cases numbers are unavailable for today... I am not surprised, as they have had difficulty in coming up with 'accurate' data here and even their distorted numbers made NO sense at all..... If there is an update later, I will update this category then.

(c) Now they are claiming '3' new 'deaths' that they are trying to attribute to this phantom 'deadly virus' over the last 24 hours for all of Manitoba... This raises their ludicrously ridiculous 'death toll' from this non-existent 'deadly virus' for the entire 62+ weeks of this fraud to a grand total of '1045'... BUT as is always the case here, all '3' new 'deaths' had serious underlying health issues that were most definitely the cause of all of their demises...

(d) Now they are claiming '44819' recovered cases of this non-existent 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba over the last 62+ weeks time frame.. This is an increase of '393' recovered cases from yesterday's reported total of '44426'..... This is again close to being 'accurate' for the last 24 hours alone, but there is STILL the shortfall here of '1500+' that these criminal liars are keeping in the 'active cases' category just to inflate that number for the illusion of a 'terrible third wave'..

(e) There was NO 'data' today for their actual number of 'active cases'... No problem, for all we need to do here is add '44819' recovered cases to the '1045' death toll, giving us '45864'... And taking that '45864' from their '50499', we get.... '4635' in total... But other than the '1500+' that are listed in this category that belong in the recovered cases file instead, ALL of these 'active cases' came ONLY via the blatant abuse of the PCR amplification tool that is not a valid 'test' at all for any diseases.. Thus the best that these liars can claim with the entire '4635' fraudulent 'active cases' is that they are all 'suspect' at most..

(f) And of course, and no surprise, they have NO 'data' today on their fraudulent 'variant cases' of this non-existent 'deadly virus'.... And no shock to me that the next 'report' on these phantom 'new variants' will not be available until next Tuesday as the 'new variants' do take weekends off for good behaviour as always....  I am indeed just waiting until the explosion of horrible adverse effects in those stupid enough to take the KILL SHOTS, and I can guarantee these liars will claim those 'effects' as 'new variants' as well..

Yes, I have to keep asking myself the question; Am I the ONLY person in this province of 1.45 million people that can see the blatant lies here by simply tracking and closely analyzing their own statistics now for the last 13+ months?  It is shocking that more people just do not take the time and simply sit down and follow the 'patterns' that these liars have been following for those months,  as it shows that they are indeed just pulling all of the data for these reports out of thin air! 

Well, in spite of the limited 'data' that these lying sacks of shit have sent out for today, I will once again do my utmost to rip and tear their 'numbers' apart as I always do right here... And in the same alphabetic order as shown above:

(a) It was indeed atrocious to watch these pricks throw out impossible 'numbers' for the last few days, and now suddenly settle on an 'in-between' for their 'cases' number for today.... But all that is nothing but clear phantom number manipulation, as they are basing all of these cases solely on the blatant abuse of the PCR amplification tool that is 100% inaccurate, 100% invalid, and even the inventor of that tool, Kary Mullis himself, clearly stated so many times is NOT a test at all for diseases or contagions.... Once that sinks in, then clearly we can state that every 'case' that they throw out here are 100% phantoms and meaningless...

(b) I am not in the least bit shocked at all that they have no 'data' for today... I can make the assumption that they do not want that data shown for it would show that the 'hospital cases' numbers have clearly been artificially inflated and are now in full blown collapse.... And this makes sense, as the hospitals that I have observed in my travels, including the local one near my residence, are nothing more than ghost towns with ZERO patients of any kind.... This of course shows that the lying media whores are indeed putting out bullshit when they falsely claim that hospitals are 'overwhelmed' here in Manitoba when the evidence shows otherwise...

(c) Yes, once again it is obvious that after yesterday's fiasco where they showed ZERO deaths from this phantom 'deadly virus' they had to do something... Therefore they once again trolled as many senior complexes that they could and hospital cases with REAL illnesses, and claimed '3' of them having had died from this bullshit 'disease' over the last 24 hours..... And seriously?  That '1045' number is entirely an illusion as ALL of those 'deaths' had underlying health conditions that were seriously the cause of every one of their demises.....To this day, I have yet to find ONE single 'death' here in Manitoba that can be attributed to this 'deadly virus' alone, and I seriously doubt I ever will... And yes, I am still awaiting to see if this 'death toll' with explode over the next while as we start seeing REAL deaths happen from the effects of the KILL SHOTS starting to take effect in those who were stupid enough to have them injected into their bodies...

(d) Nothing changes here, as they are hell bent on keeping those '1500+' recovered cases in the 'active cases' file instead to keep that number artificially high for the fear factor in gullible people alone... And yes, I have to keep repeating here that falsification of medical data is indeed a criminal offence, and eventually I do want to see these criminals pay for this lie, on top of all of the other blatant lies as well..

(e) Yes, the 'active cases' number is going to 'slowly' decline, as these criminals will indeed use any dirty trick they can to keep it as high as possible to further the illusion of this 'third wave' garbage... The REAL number here is there was an actual 'deadly virus' would right now be sitting at around '3100' at most.. But it does not matter, as ALL of these 'active cases' came ONLY from the PCR amplification tool that is NOT a test at all... Therefore NONE of these 'active cases' have this 'deadly virus' at all... People get sick all the time, which is understandable. But those who are 'sick' in Manitoba have other REAL illnesses and not this garbage called 'COVID-19'..

(f) Yes, just wait until Tuesday...I am expecting much the same as they have done over the last while in throwing out what ever 'variant cases' numbers they want just to generate the fear in the gullible in this province... And yes, I am indeed expecting that when people that have taken their KILL SHOTS start getting really sick over the next while, these pricks will chock them up as fraud 'new variant' cases as well..

I again just simply do not get it at all??? How much more of this blatant abuse by these criminals running the provincial government here in Manitoba must the citizens take before they say 'ENOUGH!'?    

And yes, there continues to be limited 'protesting' going on in this province, and sadly the protesters that have gone out there and standing up for freedom and liberty for ALL Manitobans continue to be abused and brutalized by not only the provinces hit squads of thugs that are supposed to be 'police', but are also being abused by the lying whore media and their garbage propaganda as well....  This is indeed nothing more than a dictatorship at work, and people of this province are allowing their own enslavement to continue..

And the propaganda about the KILL SHOTS is only escalating, as the provincial criminals in charge are now running full page spreads in their propaganda crud that somehow calls themselves 'newspapers' asking ALL Manitobans to line up like the dumb ass sheep that they are to get these lethal injections into their bodies to somehow 'protect' all Manitobans?    This is such a travesty indeed, as those KILL SHOTS are again nothing more than a one-way ticket to certain death..

And once again in closing, I will NEVER EVER give either the Pallister criminals, the liars in Manitoba Health, and especially the Lying whore media outlets, a 'pass' for all this, and if any of them try to claim 'ignorance' with 'we did not know' crap if and when thousands of Manitobans start dying en-mass over the next few months, FOR they are ALL GUILTY AS SIN and absolutely are part of this massive  GENOCIDE program.... Each and every one of these monsters (and yes, they are all monsters) must be put on trial for this crime against humanity, and every one of them must get the only sentence that fits this crime which is the death penalty for all... Ignorance in this matter is therefore NO defence, as those that are and will be murdered by this crime deserve justice and many will be crying out for vengeance for their deaths..

More to come


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