Sunday, May 23, 2021

The Real Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Sunday, May 23rd 2021: 459 New FALSE POSITIVE Cases, 1 New Death NOT From This Contagion - Idiot Premier Wants Discarded US Vaccines To Be Injected Into Manitobans!

 I just happened to read today's main 'headline' in that rag that still tries to somehow classify itself as a 'newspaper', and I was absolutely pissed off... That 'headline' had the screaming title of 'Let's Go Joe' and the article was about how supposedly we here in Manitoba should demand that the discarded and unused KILL SHOTS that are piling up in the United States due to people down there smart enough to NOT take these lethal injections, should instead be brought up over the border and shoved into the braindead here in this province!  I just cannot believe the audacity and sheer ignorance of the morons pushing this propaganda as they definitely want to see more Manitobans DEAD from those shots of certain death.

Well, what else is new though?  The people of this province just continue to be so heavily brainwashed by the propaganda and the bastards here pushing so much FEAR and PANIC into them by claiming that this province is now the 'hotbed' of bullshit 'COVID-19 cases' in all of Canada, that they are now too stupid to live as they are just SCREAMING out there to get these KILL SHOTS shot into their bodies as quickly as the criminals can....

OK, Onto the business at hand, and I have today's vomiting 'Official Manitoba COVID-19 report' that was just issued by the lying sacks of shit over at 'Manitoba Health', and once again we have a lot more 'cases' thanks to their blatant ABUSE of the POLYMERASE CHAIN REACTION or 'PCR' amplification tool that generates ONLY false results...That and there is only ONE new death of an 80+ year old senior citizen with severe underlying health issues for today.... It just proves once again that these criminals are lying their asses off when they claim that there is this 'third wave' of this non-existent 'deadly virus'..

Onto the 'numbers' from today's ludicrous 'report', and once again I have them broken down here in alphabetic order for everyone to analyze for themselves:

(a) Now they are claiming '459' new FALSE POSITIVE 'cases' of this phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba over the last 24 hours... This raises their overall fraudulent 'cases count' for the 61+ weeks of this madness to a grand total of '48436' .... Just remember that ALL of these cases came ONLY through the abused PCR 'test' and therefore are 100% a fraud.

(b) Now they are claiming '259' active hospital 'cases' of this phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba as of today.. This is an increase of '18' active hospital cases from yesterday's total of '241'... And there are now '53' of those '259' active hospital cases sitting in the ICU wards across Manitoba as of today, which is the same number of 'ICU cases' as reported yesterday... Just like in (a), ALL of these hospital 'cases' come courtesy of the PCR amplification tool as well.

(c) Now and ludicrously they are reporting '1' new 'death' that they are trying to attribute to this phantom ' deadly virus' over the last 24 hours.. This raises their 'death toll' for the 61+ weeks of this clear insanity to a grand total of '1029' overall... But as is always the case here, this latest death was yet another senior citizen in his 80's (Nope, senior citizens never die from old age, right?) who obviously had underlying health issues as well as a weakened immune system due to his age!

(d) Now they are claiming '42335' recovered cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' for the entire 61+ weeks since mid-March of last year... This is an increase of '370' recovered cases from yesterday's total of '41965' which is pretty close to what it should be for the last 24 hours only.. But there is still that 'shortfall' of some '1500' recovered cases here that continue to be falsely classified as 'active' instead.

(e) Now they are claiming '5072' active cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba as of today... This is an increase of '88' active cases from yesterday's report of '4984'... BUT since ALL of these 'active cases' come only through the abused PCR amplification tool, then the best that these criminals can ever classify any of these 'active cases' is suspect at best...

(f) Once again, NO report today on the fraudulent and phantom 'new variant' cases, as the variants constantly take weekends off for good behaviour.... Next fraud report will be this Tuesday and we can expect a LOT of these fraud variants as the entire 'third wave' bullshit depends on it.

Today's report simply destroys the entire fraud scam-demic here in Manitoba entirely... Basically they are indeed continuing to blatantly abuse an amplification tool and continuing to falsely claim it to be a diagnostic tool for diseases, which in itself is a criminal act.. That and they are having 'cases' but once again ZERO real deaths from this supposedly 'deadly virus' and its fraudulent 'deadly variants'.... How can they even show their ugly faces to the public by pushing such garbage such as this and claiming it to be valid?  But of course the stupid sheep in this province are just swallowing it all and are not even bothering to see that they all are being played as suckers..

OK, Time to once again take today's report and tear it apart as I always do... And in the same alphabetic order as shown above, right here:

(a) Yes, I am no longer going to hold back on this one, as their blatant misusage of the PCR amplification tool is ABUSE... How they have been able to get away with this CRIME now for over a year and two months is beyond reproach, and people everywhere should be up in arms now over this lie and these criminals simply abusing authority and destroying peoples' lives by putting out constant falsified 'cases' data alone... Thus today's '459' and '48436' numbers are 100% total garbage and nothing but a  pack of lies...   Wake the fuck up, Manitoba!

(b) Yes, just like in (a) their ABUSE of the PCR amplification tool has generated every single fraud hospital case... Just like in (a) these numbers here are 100% meaningless and 100% lies.... The fact as I have said for the last year now is that there are ZERO real 'cases'  of this phantom 'deadly virus' in any hospital across Manitoba, and there never has been one at all... The people that are presently sick in our still nearly empty hospitals have OTHER real illnesses and not this bullshit called 'COVID-19' at all.

(c) And yes, this ludicrous '1' single death of an elderly senior citizen with obvious underlying issues again shows the sheer arrogance of these pricks running this scam-demic here in Manitoba...This alone should have people logically questioning this entire report and especially these pricks putting out this ludicrous data.... And in ALL of the so called '1029' reported 'deaths' from this phantom 'deadly virus', I have yet to find even one that can properly be associated with this 'disease' at all... Every death here in Manitoba over the last 14+ months now of this fiasco actually died from OTHER causes....

(d) Nothing is ever going to change here in terms of their abuse of the victims that should properly be listed as 'recovered' and moved from the 'active cases' category to this category.... It is so blatantly obvious now that they must keep the 'active cases' number going as high as they can, for the fact that the higher that goes, the more fear and panic in the stupid living in this province... And honestly, since the 'deadly virus' is a phantom, and the 'cases' are a scam, then there are NO 'active' or 'recovered' cases at all, and every 'case' should be dismissed immediately as false..

(e) As of today, the REAL 'active cases' number if this actually was a 'deadly virus' is about '3550' at most... But since every 'active case' comes from the abuse of the PCR amplification tool, then none of these 'active cases' have this contagion at all.. Yes, I have to keep reminding everyone that of course people get 'sick' all the time, but what they are sick from here in Manitoba is the wide range of other REAL ailments and diseases out there but not this crap called 'COVID-19'...

(f) I have only one thing to say here today:  Since the 'deadly virus' is a phantom, then any reports that they put out about 'variants' of this phantom 'deadly virus' are phantoms as well... This is both rational and logical, and therefore when they report on these 'new variants' take it for the massive propaganda of fear lie it really is.

Yes, another fine day in a province of 1.4 million people that have had their lives wrecked by this horrible scam-demic... This continuing scam being run by the Pallister criminal government and propagandized via the lying whore media outlets is 100% abuse beyond any shadow of a doubt any more... But the reality remains that thanks to the incessant lies and brainwashing by those lying whore media outlets in this province, the  citizens continue to be brain dead scared mindless and spineless jelly fish refusing to take their province back from these criminals..

And thus this seemingly never ending destruction of the good people of this province continues.. And the push to have everyone here in this province shot up with the deadly KILL SHOTS is actually increasing, as I am beginning to see hints that the criminals in charge may actually try to push for MANDATORY 'vaccinations' for every citizen living here, for as they claim is for the 'benefit of all Manitobans'... I say good luck to that, for the lawsuits and  court cases will be horrendous  as those lethal injections are still EXPERIMENTAL genetic therapy and not even 'vaccines' at all..

And we must always remember that this entire sickening scam-demic is now fully revealed as a mass operation of world wide GENOCIDE via their deadly KILL SHOTS.... We here in Manitoba are barely starting to see the devastating results of the first 'round' of these (not) vaccines taking its toll on the citizens of this province, but I can guarantee that is indeed coming and thousands will become deathly ill very shortly ...

I cannot stress enough in my closing of every 'daily report' the need to make sure that the criminals responsible for this act of cold blooded murder via lethal injections get what they deserve when we put them all on trial.... There should not be any jail time for any of these bastards responsible, as throwing them into jail would be too good for all of them... My suggestion of having them all receive the death penalty as being the ONLY valid sentence for this mass murder of humanity still stands, therefore.

More to come


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Anonymous said...

Hi Northerntruther
i have admired your work,research and knowledge is mindblowing ive always felt something was not right in the world,and when the v came along it confirmed it,there are lots of us awake in this crazy upside world unfortunately not enough.Thank you for your hard work and i will be following your work daily.Living in Europe its been a tough 15 months here and its not over yet,they will try anything to get us to take that poison,unfortuntely lots friends family have taken it against my warnings research etc sadly we will not know yet the damage that will be done i dont want to think about it right now.
Thank you