Sunday, May 16, 2021

The Real Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Sunday, May 16th 2021: 532 New FALSE POSITIVE "Cases" And 4 New Deaths NOT From This Contagion - Nothing But Lies To Get More People To Take Their Kill Shots!

 I am not shocked at all that there was not any real participation for the world wide protest rallies here in Manitoba yesterday.   Most of the people that can see this scam-demic for what it truly is in this province have become fearful of protesting now as the criminal Pallister regime has 'cracked down' on legal protests with hefty and ever increasing fines... And the compliant lying media whores in this province are also in on the sick and twisted game by helping the government to 'identify' protestors to make their lives a living hell...  It is indeed illegal and criminal tyranny at its worse here in this formerly free province of mine!

Well... I just got today's bullshit 'Official' Manitoba COVID-19 bogus 'report' , and once again the FALSE POSITIVE cases numbers are on the rise as they are  cranking up the PCR amplification tool's cycle counts just to generate a lot more 'cases'... And they are now fraudulently increasing the hospital cases numbers, that are also dependent on the fraud PCR testing BTW, to further drive fear into the gullible of this province as well.... It is apparent now that these criminal bastards running this scam in Manitoba are hell bent on making our lives even more miserable than what they are already thanks to this entire fraud.

OK... Onto their  'numbers', and for a change I will simply put them out in each category in bullet points and leave my personal assessment of each for my usual comments later on in this article...  Here are their 'numbers' here for everyone to analyze for themselves:

(a) Cases numbers based on over-cycling the Polymerase Chain Reaction amplification tool that is not a valid diagnostic test for ANY disease at all:

- '534' new 'cases' minus '2' due to 'data correction' giving 24 hour total of '532' for all of Manitoba..

- '45,169' overall 'cases' for entire 60+ weeks since state of emergency declaration back in mid March 2020.

(b) Hospital cases numbers, also based upon over-cycling of PCR test as noted in (a) above:

- '201' active hospital cases.  

- Increase of '20' active hospital cases of phantom 'deadly virus' from yesterday's  report of '181' active cases.

- '53' active hospital cases as of today in ICU wards.  

- Decrease of '7' (!) ICU cases from yesterday's report of '60'.

(c) Death toll numbers, entirely fictional due to 'co-morbidities' as well as fraud PCR testing:

- "4" new deaths in last 24 hours.  All '4' had other serious health concerns as is always the case here.

- '1010' total death toll for 60+ weeks since mid-March of last year.  None having died directly FROM this phantom  'deadly virus' at all..

(d) Recovered Cases category, usually highly distorted as many recovered cases of phantom 'deadly virus'  are still listed as 'active':

-"39699" recovered cases of this fictional 'deadly virus' for entire 60+ weeks time frame.

- Increase of '307' recovered cases from yesterday's total of '39692'.

- Shortfall in recovered cases count is now above '1250+' and rising as many remain counted as 'active cases'.

(e) Active cases file for phantom 'deadly virus'. Once again falsified numbers as ALL are derived from FRAUD PCR amplification tool that is NOT a valid 'test' for diseases:

- '4440' active cases for all of Manitoba as of today.

- Increase of '221' active cases from yesterday's tally of '4219'

- ALL active cases continue to be derived ONLY through fraud PCR 'test' and are only speculative at best.

(f) No updated reports on so called 'deadly' new 'variants' of non-existent 'deadly virus' for today, as reporting system takes 'day off' once again for 'good behaviour'.    Updated reports will be filed into these daily reports starting up once again this Tuesday,  May 18th, 2021.

Yes, once again their 'data' simply does not make any sense at all... Granted they are back at it with over-cycling the PCR amplification tool once more to generate a lot of proven FALSE POSITIVE test results that they list as 'cases', but the hospital numbers are indeed once again an enigma as they are throwing more SUCKERS that were stupid enough to be 'tested' in the first place into the hospitals, to make that overall number rise... BUT they have failed to once more make the ICU numbers rise as well?  Someone is either that stupid, OR I am beginning to see the possibility that someone making up these numbers is purposely distorting the 'data' to be a 'whistle blower' and alert those who follow their fraud statistics that it is indeed all a massive lie... But this is only speculation, and honestly I had hoped that by this time people living in this province would have 'wised up' and looked at this fraudulent data and gone after these pricks for lying their asses off..

Well, I will once again delve deep into their 'numbers game' as shown above to tear each to smithereens.. And in the same alphabetic order as shown above, right here:

(a) Yes, I do believe that many are now proven right when they have stated that this entire scam-demic is now nothing more than a massive game of ' crank up the cases numbers'.... But since the PCR test is NOT even a valid diagnostic test for ANY diseases, then basically they can throw ANY number they want here and apparently their want is to have this number just rise and rise to keep the overall scam going as long as their evil hearts desire..... Therefore, and seriously, this '45169' total number of 'cases' may indeed look ominous, but upon further review we find that it is all a phantom as nobody here in Manitoba has ever contracted this  'deadly virus' that simply does not even exist at all..

(b) Honestly, will wonders ever cease?  I stated for MONTHS now that if you are going to push a 'third wave' and drive this entire scam-demic along, then you MUST crank up the 'hospital cases' numbers to create the illusion that this fraud is real..... BUT since these 'cases' come from the fraud PCR 'test', then all of these 'hospital cases' are also as  invalid as the over all cases count.....And seriously?  Having the ICU 'number' fall by '7' when cases numbers  continue to rise is indeed an enigma and violates every standard in terms of statistics.... But as I said above, this could be done purposely.... And about these 'overwhelmed hospitals just full of COVID-19 patients', sorry but I still do not see it at all as my own observations from simply going to the local hospital to verify this statement shows empty parking lots, an empty emergency ward, and overall an empty hospital...

(c) Yes, once again trolling hospitals and senior care facilities to find ANYONE that they can falsely claim as died from 'COVID-19'..... And honestly as I have stated so many times already I have yet to find even ONE death in this province in the last 60+ weeks that can truly be attributed to having died directly from this phantom 'deadly virus'.... In fact it can only lead to the simple conclusion that nobody has ever died from this 'deadly virus' at all here in Manitoba, period.

(d) Well, there is NO change in terms of how these criminals continue to juggle this recovered cases number as well as the active cases number....  The shortfall in terms of the actual 'recovered cases' number continues to grow, as these lying pricks are hell bent on keeping the 'active cases' file as artificially high as they can for the illusion of this 'third wave' of nonsense.... And yes this falsification of medical data is a very serious criminal offence, and I do hope that readers do remember this when this scam-demic finally ends..

(e) As shown in (d) this number is being heavily inflated, and the REAL 'active cases' number if this was a real 'deadly virus' out there is actually at around "3150".... But since all 'active cases' come from the over-cycled PCR fraud, then none of these 'active cases' have this 'deadly virus' at all, and those who are truly sick are suffering from OTHER real diseases....  Therefore, the question of whether anyone here in Manitoba is actually 'active' with this phantom 'deadly virus' is simple to answer; NONE!

(f) I have to howl when the weekends come and these pricks decide to forego their fraud 'new variants' data for two days.... What? Having 'deadly variants' out there that are supposedly 'killing Manitobans' warrants not providing important data here?  But since the 'deadly virus' is indeed nothing but an illusion and a total fraud, then these  'variants' of those frauds are frauds as well... I can hardly wait until this coming Tuesday though as they will throw some more 'new variants' at the suckers living  here in Manitoba...

Yes, as PT Barnum said over a century ago how.. "There is a sucker born every minute"... And in regards to the gullible sheep living in this province being played by this entire con, they are ALL suckers....  I can only keep thinking of the same statement over and over again where "You cannot fix stupid, no matter how hard you try" and that statement is so true in how the stupid here in this province continue to swallow their numbers game nonsense without any rational thinking at all.

I have done my diligence in following these reports for well over a year now, and ALL I continue to see is distortions of truth and data that simply does not make ANY sense at all....There are indeed always key patterns in any statistical analysis of any data, and these reports VIOLATE those patterns constantly... Basically, just by watching and keeping tabs on their 'data', I have proven that these liars are just TERRIBLE in filing these daily 'reports' and that they are pulling their numbers basically out of their asses..

But obviously these lying sacks of shit do not care as they know that by cranking out their false data, they are  scaring the gullible in this province into so much fear that more and more of them are blindly and stupidly going out to DEMAND that they be shot up with the deadly KILL SHOTS... And their efforts are indeed working as I read in today's propaganda rag that calls itself a 'newspaper' that now over 600000 Manitobans have received at least their first lethal injections, with a record '45000+' getting shot up with that pure poison in the last 24 hours alone...

I want to be realistic here.. I have NO sympathy for anyone taking these KILL SHOTS any more...  I have tried for the last year, like so many others, to persuade as many people to NOT go out and have those shots of certain death injected into their  bodies, but nearly all of them have ignored my plea for logic and common sense... Therefore it may be time to just say good riddance to those who do not know what they have done to themselves, for the majority of them will be either dead or dying in the next 6 months...

And I am absolutely not  going to change my statement that every single foul creature responsible or accessories to this crime of GENOCIDE against humanity have to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and receive a truly just punishment for this crime... To me, the only proper sentence for all of these monsters is the death penalty.....We all must give these monsters the same level of human dignity and mercy that they have shown us in wanting to see all of us dead from their KILL SHOTS.

More to come



Anonymous said...

The authorities know they are boxed in by their lying and conduct. They are desperate for a way out. Because the ongoing economic damage is unsustainable and also that the population will only get ever more unruly. There is also a growing danger that coalition of racketeers will fragment with some turning on their former comrades. Seeing the tide ebbing some rats want off first.

The recent CDC statement saying that the vaxxed don't need masks or distancing is a desperate way to run ahead of utter discredit. As more jurisdictions abandon a mask mandate, the CDC et al crowd begin to look ridiculous. Only under severe pressure would such a stance be taken considering it is at the cost of inflaming derision for constant position reversals. The specific fear is that past a certain point some government is going to call out the PCR fraud and the certification of death scam. And that will mean criminal investigations, public inquiries. And the whole house of cards disintegrates.

John Thurloe

Unknown said...

You are quite correct in having no sympathy for the
brain-dead muttonheads clamoring all over themselves
for their kill shots. The gene pool has long needed
a good weeding out, and these kill shots just might
be what is needed. Personally, I wish the very worst
for these simpletons. You cannot fix stupid. I hope
they all die very slowly and suffer immensely before
they die. That goes for BOTH SIDES of the 49th

Thinking....... said...

This is about kids in Manitoba. Check this out.
They're Coming For Your Children
with the vaccines.