Friday, May 14, 2021

The Real Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Friday, May 14th 2021: 489 New FALSE POSITIVE Cases, But ZERO New Deaths? This Once Again Shows They Are LYING Here!

 I simply do NOT get it at all in regards to the gullibility of the stupid morons in this province of mine, Manitoba... I have shown proof positive over the last while that the pricks running this scam-demic here in Manitoba are doing nothing more than lying their asses off as they spew lies and distortions in ALL of their 'daily reports' and yet I am getting very little 'traction' here at all... It is disheartening and definitely shows that I continue to be such a small voice of reason and logic right where I live in the face of the overwhelming power of the lying whore media and the crooked government running this province.

But again, I persevere, as I am not going to stop exposing this entire fraud scam-demic by using the fraud 'data' for my province as the PROOF that this whole scam-demic is indeed nothing but a horrible hoax..

And I do have today's 'Official' Manitoba COVID-19 'report' that was issued just a short while ago by the fuckers running this hoax here in Manitoba, and once again I see a lot of new FALSE POSITIVE 'cases' and yet once again we have ZERO new deaths?  How can that data alone for today even be possible?  The only answer is that these fuckers are indeed promoting a massive swindle and again the greatest lie in human history..

OK, Onto their 'numbers game' from today's vomiting 'report' ... And once again I have that data broken down right here in alphabetic order for everyone to analyze for themselves:

(a) Now they are claiming '489' new FALSE POSITIVE 'cases' of this non-existent  'deadly virus'  for all of Manitoba over the last 24 hours... This raises their overall 'cases count' for the full 60 weeks now of this massive con game to a grand total of '44189'.... But of course these 'cases' all come courtesy of the 100% fraudulent PCR 'test' that is not even a valid ' test' at all for ANY contagion, and therefore are indeed nothing more than phantoms...

(b) Now they are claiming '179' 'active' hospital cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba as of today.. This is a DECLINE (!) of '4' active hospital cases from yesterday's total of '183'.... And they are now claiming '50' of those '179' active hospital cases are in the ICU wards in all of Manitoba's hospitals as of today, which is an increase of '1' ICU case from yesterday's total of '49'...

(c) Yes, once again today they are claiming ZERO 'new deaths' from this supposedly and purely phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba over the last 24 hours.. This leaves their overall 'death toll' for the full 60 weeks of this sheer stupidity at a grand total of '1002'..... 

(d) Now they are claiming '39024' recovered cases of this phantom 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba for the full 60 weeks of this stupidity... This is an increase of '372' recovered cases from yesterday's total of "38652" which means that they are right back to their criminal ways and are now keeping over '1200' cases falsely labeled as 'active' when they belong in this category instead...

(e) Now they are claiming '4163' active cases of this non-existent 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba as of today.. And  besides what is shown in (d), all of these 'active cases' come ONLY through the fraud PCR  'test' which means that NONE of them have this contagion at all, and therefore must continue  to be claimed as 'suspect' at best...

(f) Now they are claiming '401' new fraud 'cases' of these non-existent 'new variants' for all of Manitoba over the last 24 hours.. This raises the overall fraud 'variant cases' count for the last 4.5 months to a grand total of '5611' with the lie that there are now '2144' active cases of these phantom 'variants'....

Once again, the most glaring inconsistency raises its ugly head in regards to their consummate lying in these daily 'reports', which is the fact that NOBODY IS DYING FROM THIS 'VIRUS' AT ALL!   It is also so remarkable that they continue to crank up the fraud PCR 'test' to nearly 45 cycles once more to generate a lot more 'FALSE POSITIVE' cases that are 100% meaningless and phantoms.... But again, where is the outcry from the citizens?  All I ever see these days are a bunch of pussified spineless jelly fish that have been so easily brainwashed by this crud!

Well, once again I do want to rip and tear into their 'numbers' as I always do just to further expose them all for the lies they are... And of course right here in the same alphabetic order as shown above:

(a) Seriously?  The 'PCR test' has now been 100% been proven a total fraud, and yet these lying sacks of shit just spew out these fraud 'cases' number that are nothing more than the results of that fraud... But since this scam-demic turned into a falsified 'case-demic' a long time ago, these lying sacks of shit have to keep 'pumping out' this number and to keep it as HIGH as they can for the fear mongering.... And as I have always said before, their '44189 cases' number is such a con, especially when it comes from the PCR 'test' alone and is accumulated now over 60 weeks which also is so ludicrous...

(b) Once again, ALL of these hospital 'cases' also come courtesy of the PCR 'test' and therefore are phantoms and meaningless as well... They can pitch any 'number' they want in this category, for NONE of these hospital 'cases' have this phantom 'deadly virus' at all... Yes, hospitals are full of sick people all the time, but those patients are suffering from OTHER real contagions and not this fraud called 'COVID-19' at all.... And so much for a third wave and overwhelmed hospitals, for those facilities remain relatively empty and verifiable ghost towns.... "Deadly virus"?  Sorry, no dice...

(c) WHY do the gullible and stupid in this province continue to miss this ZERO deaths?  This should have everyone in an uproar in this province, for the fact that they are pushing a lot more fraud 'cases' and even a lot of 'new variant' cases, but NOBODY is or ever has actually died FROM this phantom contagion at all.... Every one of the '1002 deaths' that they are claiming have in fact ALL died from OTHER causes, but have been falsely claimed as from this bullshit called 'COVID-19' instead..

(d) Yes, they are right back to their old tricks by manipulating and distorting this data by keeping even more cases listed as 'active' that rightfully belong in this category... And yes this 'recovered cases' number is now at a '1200+' shortfall of what it actually is..... I also keep repeating  here that this blatant distortion is indeed a criminal felony, and we must make sure that these liars do not get away with this falsification of medical data..

(e) As noted in (d), this 'active cases' number is, if there actually was a 'deadly virus' out there, realistically around '2900' at most... The extra '1200' is just there for the propaganda value, definitely... But no matter as all of these 'active cases' came from the fraud PCR 'test' and therefore are nothing but pure lies... And yes, of course people are sick out there, but what they have is the wide range of real diseases and ailments and NOT from this 'COVID-19' bullshit at all..

(f) Well, here we go with further pumping up and distorting this fraud 'new variant'  cases numbers... But the fact remains that since this 'deadly virus' has NEVER been isolated or even proven to even exist anywhere on EARTH in any laboratory, then these 'new variants' are nothing but lies and distortions as well... But it is the PROPAGANDA and fear mongering generated that drives these criminals to run hard with the lie that these 'new variants are out there to kill us all'..

Well, THERE it is in plain sight the fact that this scam-demic is a complete fraud... NO DEATHS when these pricks are screaming about increases in 'active cases' shows that this whole thing is indeed a massive scam..... So again, where the fuck is the  outcry? And why are people in this province simply turning a blind eye to this reality that their own 'numbers' proves that they are LIARS?

And here we are now, 60 fucking weeks into this fraud and no end in sight.... These lying sacks of shit have DESTROYED this province, its people, and this province's economy, now so thoroughly and the damage now can NEVER be undone.... People have lost their lives, their livelihoods, and any hope for the future, thanks to these criminals and they must never be forgiven for this unwarranted damage due to promoting a scam-demic of pure lies and falsehoods...

But honestly, what else is new?  Premier Brian Pallister and his cronies have received their marching orders and were commanded over the last nearly 14 full months of this madness to continue to hammer down the people of this province... I do wonder how these scumbags can even sleep at night knowing that they have ruined Manitoba and permanently..

AND we cannot ever forget the ultimate goal of this entire operation, which is to get everyone shot up with their deadly KILL SHOTS and therefore CULL at least 90% of the world's population through GENOCIDE... This absolutely is why I will never rest until I see ALL of these pricks running or being associated with this scam-demic be put into courts of law where they are all handed the death penalty as the only appropriate sentences.....There can be NO other justice for this horrendous crime, period.

More to come


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Unknown said...

"...bunch of pussified spineless jelly fish...!"
Excellent! That one ranks right up there with my
original "...mindless cattle without benefit of
even a thought of their own!" I say again...if
they want their kill shots as badly as they seem
to want them...then let them get their shots. I
hope they suffer before they die, because they
are not worth living. I do feel for their own
helpless children, who have no choice in the