Monday, May 31, 2021

The COVID Scam-demic: Do You Really Think China Did It? Really, They Started This Scam-Demic At The Wuhan Laboratory?

I am just sick and tired of the bullshit that is now infiltrating not only the lying whore media, but the alternative media outlets these days stating that there is now 'evidence' that this non-existent 'deadly virus' started at a bio-weapons laborator in Wuhan China..... I said it before and I will say it again that you definitely know that this 'China did it' is complete and utter BULLSHIT when the lying sacks of shit over at that crud known as 'CNN' are now screaming on a daily basis that all this hoax of a scam-demic started in China.....  That alone should have raised HUGE red flags for everyone and should have turned this nonsense that 'China did it' into the laughing stock it truly is... But instead we find more and more of the most stupidest people out there falling for this "China did it" trap instead...

Well, I am not alone in stating the obvious that this blaming China is for very nefarious reasons, for I want to present the following important report that comes from the 'State Of The Nation' website at This article is entitled: "Do You Really Think China Did It? Really, They Started This Pandemic At The Wuhan Lab?" and I have it right here in its entirety for everyone to view for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Do you really think China did it? Really, they started this pandemic at the Wuhan Lab?

The Armchair Covid Sleuth
State of the Nation

Perhaps the stupidest thing on the Internet today is that “China did it!”

Really, China deliberately released SARS-COV-2 (it doesn’t even exist) from their Wuhan lab to start a worldwide pandemic?!?!

Why, to guarantee a Trump loss (even though he really won the 2020 POTUS election).

So, we’re expected to believe that China would trigger the worst pandemic (It’s really a hoax) since the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 to do what?

To be blamed for the most destructive (not deadly or disease-causing) pandemic in world history?

How stupid is that!  Utterly STUPID!!!

And, “NO!”, the Chinese are not that stupid.

Why would the Chinese Communist Party ever sanction such an absurd bioterrorist operation carried out the world over; and then be vilified for eternity for such a reckless and heinous crime against humanity?!?!?! 

From all the available evidence, it’s now clear that OPERATION COVID-19, is a fundamentally Zio-Anglo-American bioterrorist black operation and global psyop conducted primarily, but not exclusively, by Operation Gladio—the notorious terrorist arm of NATO (sometimes known as the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization).

GLADIO BIOTERROR: ‘Biological Attack’ Against China Planned by NATO Decades Ago — UK Military Officer & Whistleblower

As for that little data point which points directly to a joint NATO-UK-US-Israel conspiracy to trigger a fake global pandemic as a means to implement the New World Order agenda via the GREAT RESET and COVID-1984 execution plan, the following link exposes that inconvenient truth and much more.

Coronavirus Biological Attack Against China Exposed by UK Military Officer & Whistleblower in 2010

No matter how anyone looks at this unparalleled society-collapsing event which continues to this very day, the Western powers have their fingerprints all over THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC.

Yes, China was used by Fauci, Gates and other frontmen for this Plandemic to conduct highly dangerous “gain of function” research and coronavirus experimentation, but that was only to set them up as the scapegoat.

And, yes, the entire city of Wuhan was used to transparently stage this CORONAhoax in a highly dramatic way; but that was because the boys in Beijing direly needed a cover story for the military deployment of 5G throughout that greater metro area.  (Wuhan was selected as the premier 5G Demonstration Zone which saw 10,000 base stations built during 2019.)  After all, when so many obvious cases of 5G Syndrome and 5G Flu broke out all over Wuhan, they needed a serious cover story to give to the Chinese people.

What else needs to be said?  The Zio-Anglo-American perps planned on blaming China all along … … … and because of China’s own need for a major distraction, they fell right into the trap.

State of the Nation
May 31, 2021

NTS Notes: This great article from State Of The Nation should be spread around to everyone that is falling or has fallen for this 'China did it' trap...

I for one did look at this 'blame China' from another perspective, and that was my thoughts that the criminals were indeed in a rush to wage a war on China itself..... But even that has a lot of 'holes' in it, for the fact that China is so much 'in bed' with the criminal COMMUNIST Biden administration and basically controls so many aspects of the US government itself... And we cannot forget about the massive multi-TRILLION dollar debt certificate that the CHINESE hold over the US which as collateral involved the criminal US government handing over large swaths of western US territory over to China.... Therefore something else is going on here..

To me, the other obvious reason for 'blaming China' is to basically keep the fraud of this pandemic alive, and to further push the illusion that there is this 'big bad deadly virus' out there by using the fluff that it came from a 'Chinese laboratory'....

But the facts remain that there is NO 'COVID-19' out there at all.. .It is an illusion as there has been ZERO isolation of the contagion and all we have are 'computer generated simulations' as the basis for the pricks to sell to the gullible public....

Yes, to me it is so obvious that this is all a sick game being played on people, and yes when it comes to this 'COVID-19 came from a laboratory in Wuhan China' there is indeed a SUCKER BORN EVERY MINUTE!

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Unknown said...

Whoa! Have NOT heard this theory anywhere before. But you've really got me thinking now. So, are you saying this was just a particularly robust variant of the flu? And they lassoed that pony and road it into the ground with fear tactics, the media-hype-hysteria and by taking away viable options (like Ivermectin, Hydroxy, etc?). Then locking everyone down to put them in submission to take the jab? Is eugenics part of the picture? Or is it simply the NWO? Fascinating hypothesis. Still chewing on it. But, wow, what a twist that I had never thought of. As if things couldn't get any creepier!