Friday, May 7, 2021

Status Of Northerntruthseeker

I was not feeling too well yesterday... I got home after a grueling day and was planning to do a few articles at this blog last night but instead I was fighting one heck of a migraine headache that just got worse over the course of the evening... I therefore just lay down, fell asleep earlier than usual, and slept through the night...

I will come out and say it... This scam-demic has indeed taken a massive mental strain on myself... I have grown tremendously frustrated with the entire hoax and how no matter how hard I try to reach people with the reality that they are out to KILL themselves by stupidly going out and taking the KILL SHOTS into their bodies, most are simply either ignoring me now or others have grown increasingly belligerent and have either sworn at me to 'mind my own business' or have become flat out belligerent... In those worse case scenarios, I have realized that I have to back off and just let them go out and take their lethal injections, and just let them die.... 

The problem is of course that I ACTUALLY CARE about humanity and people as a whole (yes, I am this stupid..) and because of my nature I cannot just stand idly by and watch people stupidly kill themselves....  Thus it has become a mental strain on myself as the frustration just grows exponentially these days..

I have always said many times that I do need to take a break from all this... BUT with time now of the essence, I feel that instead of stepping back for a while I actually have to intensify my attacks on this scam-demic in the hope that I am reaching at least a few brave souls out there that will also spread the message and so on.... Thus many times before I said that I was going to take some time off, but instead have found myself right back at this blog again and again..

But I will probably have to lower the number of articles that I am posting here at this blog over the next while, just to get away from this madness once in a while to save my own sanity... I do plan to get outside to exercise and get some fresh air and much needed sunshine more often, and let others take up the fight in the meantime...  

This has always been a challenge, and I am not a quitter by a long shot.... I am like most out there though that have become increasingly disheartened as we watch the criminals in charge continue to hammer down their own people, strip them of their freedoms and liberties, and unleash more horrid 'restrictions' and 'lockdowns' under the guise of this entire HOAX..... And sadly watching those around me actually accept their enslavement is possibly the most frustrating aspect of this massive fraud of all!

I do of course appreciate everyone that has taken the time and continued to support me... I only ask them to also take up the challenge and get out there in their own ways and try to reach those around them with the truth and reality about this horrible hoax that remains the greatest hoax in all human history....  

Thanks everyone for your continuing support, and I will persevere.... Do your parts and hopefully we can, just as Doctor Coleman and others continue to state, still win this war..

More to come



Barney said...

Take it easy NTS. You've done an immense amount of extremely valuable work since the start of this scamdemic. The cat is out of the bag now, and it's not going back.

Take as long as you need, a week, two weeks. It doesn't matter. We'll still be here when you get back.

We all experience "burn out" in different ways. You need your health if you're to continue, and you'll need it even more when 5G is switched on, so get your mental and physical health back to 100%. You can't help anyone if you aren't "firing on all cylinders".

I continue to find awake people in all kinds of surprising places, and I "planted a seed" with a potential new convert only this week. Don't try to "push" people too hard too soon. Try to judge how much they're ready to take, and build on that.

Reb said...

I say let the stupid die off as that is what
they want explicitly or implicitly. Six months
or a year from now the problem will be solved.
Cannot fix stupid. Let the stupid fix themselves.

Sean said...

I hear you. I deleted my Facebook and Instagram because it was taking time and energy away from all the things I'm studying (which is the most important use of my time and energy) and you simply cannot have a conversation with most people. Many are the worst combination of stupid and arrogant. In response to one asshole high school classmate (and doctor who belongs to an FB group that's called "We Love GMOs and Vaccines!" so he's a real piece of work) on FB, I posted a clip of Dr. Andrew Kaufman explaining how the imaginary SARS-CoV2 virus has never been isolated, saying "Please tell me where he went wrong?" His response? "I'm not going to waste time watching a conspiracy theory video." I was foolish and wasted time and energy continuing to respond to the dipshit's comments. I should have reigned myself in at that point and realized that this is not someone willing to even entertain the possibility that he's being lied to. I should also add I went to Regis High School AND College of the Holy Cross...same schools that criminal Fauci went to so I have tons of idiot classmates who worship the crook.

Just take care of yourself, loved ones, and those who are actually capable of having an honest, civil conversation about this. I don't want people to simply agree with me, I just want them to be capable of discussing an issue intelligently whether we agree or disagree. These woke covid cultists don't want that. They just want to throw fact-free bombs at you. Screw them. Let them line up to get this venom injected into them.

No longer a Trump supporter said...

I feel your frustration and I've said much the same thing on my own blog but you cannot save the world just as I cannot save the world. All you can do is speak the truth as you see it and hope others listen but mostly you are just preaching to the choir. Only God can save this world if God truly cares about saving it. It's out of our hands.