Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Social Conscience And Crumbling Consciousness

I have been a supporter of my colleague, John Kaminski, who lives in the 'mostly' free state called 'Florida' in the formerly free republic known as the 'United States' for a very long time now... John used to publish a LOT of articles over at his website at www.johnkaminski.org at one time not so long ago, but now he does his best to do at least ONE article published every week... And that is as expected, for the man is 75 years of age and has spent most of his life writing about the tyranny in our society.... I for one am just glad that he is able to continue to write at all!

I do have John's latest work, entitled: "Social Conscience And Crumbling Consciousness" right here in its entirety for my own readers to view.... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Society falls apart when we lose
our connection with others

The puppetmasters say, “Why wait for tomorrow when we can have it all today?” As society crumbles, you begin to see what they have achieved.

Trouble is, ignoring the needs of tomorrow usually means tomorrow will never come. Or when it does — as it has today — you will not recognize it, even at this moment while most of the world remains locked away from each other in fear of a disease that has never been proven to exist.

Yet that is of no consequence to the preponderance of the malignant narcissists who dominate humanity, who make themselves rich at the cost of making others poor, mandating masks and lockdowns as holy relics of their fear.

As I have written before, the vaccine IS the disease! https://www.johnkaminski.org/index.php/john-kaminski-american-writer-and-critic-2/311-the-vaccine-is-the-disease


I once made a big deal about the situation that existed at my last mainstream newspaper job by expressing my shock at a fact nobody usually notices about human personalities.

What a small percentage of human beings actually have a social conscience! They may have lip service, but they sure don’t have action. Most people don’t even know what action is. It is effort in support of a cause.

In five years on the news desk (1996-01) I saw only one person on the staff with a social conscience, and she was a temporary college intern whose idealism had not yet been hammered out of her by the corporate system.


I don’t know, Sherlock. Maybe we could all get used to this ‘take a paycheck to stay at home’ program. Most people can get used to sloth. Just look at the world. The only reason people work is so they can spend a tiny fraction of their time wallowing in their preferred brand of sloth.

Society falls apart when we lose our connection with others. That’s why the cynical engineers of society try so hard to break apart the family system, making it easier for them to gain control over the consciousness of individuals. Organized religion, even with all its faults, became a glue that held families together with its structure and inflexible prohibition of promiscuous sex, which has shattered every society it has dominated.

The big question about government paychecks is can everybody — or anybody? — be trusted to work for the common good once the pressure of having to produce a paycheck is removed from their to-do lists?

Or will this lucrative indolence devolve into purposeless forays into nonsense that further complicate contemporary consciousness into ever more frivolous endeavors?

One thing is certain. Society’s engineers have already deployed thousands of cul de sac occupations guaranteed to occupy your time forever so that you will never notice that in all your life you have never really asked the proper questions that will give you a shot at justifying your existence, if that has ever been a concern of yours.

As it is for anyone with a social conscience.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

NTS Notes: I do agree with John that all of these lockdowns and 'restrictions' being imposed by the criminals running this scam-demic are indeed to collapse our families and to deprive us of connection to others...

And yes, the KILL SHOTS are the REAL 'disease'... The whole purpose of this entire scam-demic has been and continues to be the push for everyone to get that mRNA crap into their bodies, under the false notion that they are 'vaccines' and thus wipe out the majority of humanity in a mass culling.. The survivors of this massacre to become nothing but mindless drones that are no longer human, to serve the criminals running this scam, the worlds greatest hoax of all time..

And yes I have wondered too what will happen when most everyone is out of work and dependent on what our criminal governments give all of them a 'universal basic income' and cause them to lose their will to even work and be useful parts of our societies, and instead turn to nothing but 'sloth'.... Sadly, that day is coming rapidly upon us, and the powers that be will allow those who live in that environment to survive as long as they accept their slavery and of course the demands that they be 'vaccinated' on a regular basis... This to me is a future that I will fight against until my dying days...

More to come



Barney said...

One reason people in general are so lazy, so ready to take a day off, is that most people hate their jobs and can't wait to get away from the place.

Fixed hours, early starts, a tyrannical employer with the power to dismiss them at a moment's notice, leaving them struggling to survive on what the state provides, long hours for - at best - no more than 5% of their true earnings while "the boss" steals the rest.

The work itself can often be quite interesting, rewarding even, but it's the coercion people hate.

Now retired, I had a range of interesting jobs including butchery, spectacle manufacturing, cosmetics, mechanical engineering, pharmaceuticals, always learning, always acquiring new knowledge, new skills. I had good and bad employers, but always I hated having so much of my time stolen by "the system" that exists purely to enrich the already-wealthy at the expense of the people who create that wealth.

The sheeple will flock to UBI (Universal Basic Income), loving all the free time it gives them, but it won't take them long to get bored. Humans need to work, whether paid or not, and the pittance they get from the state won't be sufficient to fund any kind of meaningful existence. It will be like spending their entire lives on the dole, too poor to do the things they want, and bored out of their heads.

harryash said...

Mr kaminski is definitely my read...a fan..however not related to the above...i have found more confirmation of deliberate zoonotic info as Shimatsu on rense discusses...the use of ferrets....."The textbook on the bioweapons published by the CCP military in 2015 contains a great deal of information. For instance, the section on host-swapping diseases reveals the CCP has been researching and manufacturing invisible viruses that look like to have “naturally evolved”, and the book specially mentioned that “ferrets” are the perfect intermediate host. The man-made human virus will become a “natural virus” after it is transmitted back to the human body via ferrets, which indirectly proves the terror of the CCP’s bioweapons!"....https://gnews.org/1227264/.....it opens up the ethnic genocide idea...and argues aerosol sprays for distribution...rather like agent orange, but for humans......Not Good.

Thinking....... said...

John make some really good points.
For sure the death shot have something in them making people sick.
It is doing that in a number of countries if not all of them.
There is a graph from India and one down under Update May 8 2021 from Canada. The more so called vaccines the more sick people we are getting. Or should I say the move the PCR tests are helping that along. Great cover if anyone died from the so called vaccines latter on however.