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Scam-Demic: Follow The Real Money - The Unthinkable Amount Of Money!

Ever since this entire scam-demic started some 17+ months ago, I have always wondered about how much MONEY the horrendous criminals running this scam through what I usually call 'BIG PHARMA' are out to make from this entire deadly endeavour.... I have read some reports that 'Pfizer' alone is already going to get nearly 10 BILLION DOLLARS just for their first and second round of KILL SHOTS, and I will assume that same amount is slated for the bastards running 'Moderna' and even  'Johnson and Johnson' for their own concoctions...AND heck, even 'AstraZeneca' will still make out like 'bandits' in spite of their horror show that has been linked to blood clots and other crippling side effects, as well.... It does appear that every one of these monsters will indeed be rich beyond their wildest dreams from destroying the lives of everyone on this planet indeed...

Well, to help further understand the financial aspects of this entire SCAM-DEMIC, I once again want to turn to a new article that came out earlier today from Jon Rappoport, over at his blog at "No More Fake News" ( that is entitled: "Pandemic: Follow The Real Money, The Unthinkable Amount Of Money"... Here in fact is that article for everyone to read and ponder for themselves in its entirety, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Pandemic: follow the real money, the unthinkable amount of money

Financial shock and awe

by Jon Rappoport

May 12, 2021

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For the past year, I’ve been demonstrating that every major scientific assertion about the so-called pandemic is a lie. This article is about something else.

The money.

Money that makes the bailout/stimulus sums look like chump change. Money that makes Bill Gates look like a guy on welfare scraping by.

To understand my line of approach here, you have to understand that people are conditioned, in many ways, to accept modern medical care.

One successful method of conditioning: a whole nation is invaded by medical propaganda and medical treatment, during a purported crisis. The bottom line: “only doctors can save the population.”

Think about that chunk of mind control. Think about the long-term implications.

And as you read on, picture very populous countries that, to a significant degree, still rely on non-modern traditional medicine—herbs, natural remedies, etc.

Do you really believe that when the authorities declare the medical/pandemic crisis is over, the populations of such invaded countries will just go back to their former beliefs and practices?

“Thank you for saving our lives with drugs and vaccines, but now we’ll return to our ancient Ayurveda and acupuncture…”

The invasion of the doctors and the public health authorities, during the crisis, is the point of the spear. The way in. The first planned stage of PERMANENTLY CONVERTING THE WHOLE COUNTRY TO MODERN PHARMACEUTICAL MEDICINE.

We’re talking about MARKETS.

New markets as targets of the invasion.

Where are these new markets?

China, India, Indonesia, for example.

Each of these countries still maintains, to a significant degree, traditional non-modern healing practices.

What will happen in the long term, beyond the current “pandemic,” if Big Pharma is able to gain a total monopolistic position in these nations?

What if the invasion of the COVID drugs and vaccines is successfully followed by new waves of modern medical/pharmaceutical ground troops, and a complete takeover of these nations is achieved?

How much money would we be talking about?

Here, from (12/25/20) is a startling assessment:

“During one’s lifetime, over $400K will be spent on the average American’s healthcare in today’s dollars. And that is if medical costs rise [at] the same rate as inflation. If medical costs rise at 3% more than inflation, your healthcare will cost over $2MM, the vast majority of which will take place after the age of 45.”

Yes, healthcare costs in America are very high. So let’s cut that $400K in half. Let’s say the lifetime healthcare cost for the average person is $200K.

How many people, combined, live in China, India, and Indonesia?

Let’s peg that figure at 3 billion.

Now, imagine that 30 years from now, each one of those people is being subjected to modern medicine, at the rate of $200K for a lifetime.

What is 3 billion people multiplied by $200K?


That’s a market.

Is that a permanent market pharmaceutical companies and hospitals and public-health doctors think is worth fighting for?

A market to control and own?

And if the opening salvo in that fight needed some tremendous IMPACT, some serious conditioning and mind control, would the declaration of a global pandemic do the trick?

Would the masks and distancing and lockdowns and business closures and bankruptcies and travel bans; the wall-to-wall media fear-porn day after day; the contact tracing and antiviral drugs and vaccines; the heavy police presence to enforce all the restrictions; the inflated false case and deaths numbers—would that declared pandemic be the way to go…if the ultimate goal is a 600 TRILLION DOLLAR MARKET?

You bet it would.

And that’s the way corporations view the planet.

As markets.

Territories to capture.

And now you can see the financial reason why the powers-that-be are forcing this false pandemic on the whole world in every possible way:

THE MONEY that’s at stake.

CODA: A person could say a 600-trillion-dollar market is impossible; there isn’t enough fake money you can invent to cover it. And maybe that’s true. But however you need to cut that awesome figure to accommodate what banks can achieve, the final number is still going to be an overwhelming percentage of the global economy.

Which is why I’ve been saying for some years that we live in a medical civilization.

“But…but wait…you’re never going to get all three billion people into lifetime care in the modern medical system…”

“True. The three billion people and the 600 trillion-dollar market is the striven-for ideal, the far shore of the pot of gold.”

“And those three countries you mentioned—China, India, and Indonesia—they already have a significant amount of modern medicine.”

“Yes they do. But they also have a significant amount of non-modern traditional healing. And notice that I only mentioned those three nations, in arriving at the 600 trillion-dollar figure. I said nothing about about South America or Africa, for example.”




NTS Notes: I am not in the least bit shocked by any of this.. 

From the very beginning of this entire fraud, I have had so many come forward and state that the whole purpose of this entire world wide  scam was to make the RICH that much RICHER, and at the expense of the suckers and morons out there that are still blindly lining up like brain dead lemmings to get these KILL SHOTS of certain death into their bodies as quickly as possible...

And even though Jon does not mention that most evil SOB, Bill Gates, in this article, do not worry.. He has invested heavily into nearly ALL of these criminal Pharmaceutical giants, and even though he is getting his 'divorce' from that freak Melinda, both he and Melinda along with their most criminal 'GATES FOUNDATION' will also make off like bandits...And there was some talk at the beginning of this scam that Gates may indeed become the world's first 'Trillionaire' (sorry, but the Rothschilds are already there.).. But instead he may have to settle on only being a 1/2 Trillionaire instead...

It is sickening when you think about it.... People dying all over the world now thanks to these KILL SHOTS, and the makers of those deadly potions are not only fully insulated from lawsuits due to the harm they have done to millions, but they are SUPER RICH as a result...

More to come


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