Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Real Canadian Leadership: Peoples Party Of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier Fined $2800 Canadian For Attending Freedom Rally In Saskatchewan! This Man Gets My Vote!

 I was just reading a most important article that was posted earlier today by my great Canadian colleague, Greencrow, who hails from southern British Columbia that suffers from the same medical tyranny under the guise of a fraud 'pandemic' aka SCAMDEMIC that I suffer here in Manitoba, and writes the excellent blog 'Greencrow As The Crow Flies' at Here in fact is the link to that article here, where apparently the IDIOT that calls himself the 'Prime Minister' of this once proud nation called 'Canada' has once again come across as a blithering moron:

I am of course as a Canadian DEEPLY ashamed by the continuing stupidity and moronic behaviour of this fool that strangely continues to be 'elected' to the office of Prime Minister thanks to the morons living east of here continuing to choose him over any other valid leader of this once proud nation..

But periodically people do ask me WHO is fit to run this country?  The 'Conservative opposition' is run by retards under the ludicrous leadership of a fool named "O'Toole", and the 'NDP' left wing misfit party continues to be just as bad as the Liberals and has turned criminal in propping up the minority Liberals every chance they get.....The 'Green Party' is run by some psycho who firmly believes in the 'Climate Change' fraud and is therefore living in some alternative universe of insanity... Then we have the so called 'BLOC  Quebecois, that is nothing more than a purely separatist party that is based ONLY in Quebec and would shatter this nation the first chance they would get... So who is left?

Well.. The answer lies in the following important report, from MSN news online, at, where People's Party Of Canada leader, Maxime Bernier, and several other TRUE Canadian patriots, were recently FINED for attending a peaceful rally in Saskatchewan just west of here, and trying to fight for the freedom of the Canadian people from the tyranny of this entire scam-demic...Here is that article, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

‘Freedom Rally’ But Got Slapped With Hefty Fines
Helena Hanson 3 days ago

People's Party of Canada (PPC) leader Maxime Bernier was slapped with a penalty of $2,800 on Saturday, after he went ahead with a "Freedom Rally" in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Maxime Bernier et al. posing for the camera© Provided by Narcity

Several events, which Bernier describes as "Freedom Rallies," took place across southern and central Saskatchewan this weekend, with those involved speaking out against the province's latest public health measures.

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According to CTV News, the Saskatchewan government and its official opposition, as well as the region's minister of health, urged Bernier to cancel the protests due to COVID-19 concerns.

However, many of the demonstrations went ahead as planned, with Bernier apparently receiving fines of $2,800 for "speaking at the Freedom Rally" in Victoria Park on Saturday, May 7. He later posed with his ticket and smiled, while describing it as "unjust, unjustified and unconstitutional."

Police suggest that around 200 people were present at this particular event. A total of 16 penalties were issued for violations of the Saskatchewan Public Health Order.

The PPC leader, who planned the events and was a speaker at the protests, held a similar demonstration in Barrie, Ontario, back in April.

NTS Notes: And what has also not been noted in this 'report' is the fact that ONLY the People's Party Of Canada was there front and centre two weekends ago in that MASSIVE rally in Montreal Quebec where some 250000 people marched the streets to protest against this medical tyranny as well..

And yes, you will NEVER find any of the other so called  'parties' bothering with attending these rallies for the true freedom of Canadians, EVER!   And what this means is that these other sickening 'parties' are in full agreement with the tyranny that is right now being hammered down so horribly on ALL Canadians..

As a Canadian, I have always believed that true leadership of this nation rests on the want to fulfil the needs and wishes of the electorate... Therefore since the People's Party of Canada is once again the ONLY political party with the GUTS to come out against this entire scam-demic, I will be voting for them come the time that the little psycho that calls himself 'Prime Minister' decides to call his upcoming 'snap election' .... It is time to throw ALL of these fuckers that have bowed down to this tyranny that is destroying this nation OUT of office, and bring in true leadership... 

Thank you, Maxime Bernier, for standing up for all Canadians.... I usually stay away from 'politics' in this blog, as I have always seen the majority of politicians as poodles for the real power brokers... But in this case, Damn right, you will get my vote!

More to come


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Anonymous said...

I just tried to post and it disappeared.

I'll make the shorter, please check out Unify the People articles.

Only politicians that are on their team wins, it's rigged. Its good using the info they provide to wake up the brainwashed.

I found your blog searching for more info on rabbi Finkleson interview. Very good posts.

Hope this page on PPC copies ok. Will keep reading your blog!