Sunday, May 23, 2021

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, May 23rd, 2021

Sunday... Victoria Day "long weekend"  here in central Canada, and time again for my weekend rant.

Yes, it is a 'long weekend' here in central Canada, and traditionally with tomorrow being a holiday, this was usually the weekend that kicked off the summer season here, with everyone getting together for outdoor events and especially barbecues... But thanks to that heinous lying sack of shit prick that is the dictator aka 'Premier' of Manitoba, the tall goof named 'Brian Pallister' and his frog faced troll henchman, Brent Roussin that has the audacity to call himself a 'doctor' and Manitoba's "Chief Health Officer", the citizens of this province are once again going through a living hell with further 'lockdowns' and 'restrictions' thanks to a 'deadly virus' that DOES NOT EXIST... 

The real sad part about living here in central Canada is how easily fooled, manipulated, and made to look like idiots the citizens are.... We all remember how back in mid-March of last year (seems like a century ago now..) these fucking assholes in charge here in Manitoba announced that due to the 'pandemic' that NEVER WAS, they were going to lockdown the people of this province and place restrictions just to 'flatten the curve' for a TWO WEEK time frame... They claimed at that time that after 'two weeks' the restrictions should be able to be lifted as the non-existent 'deadly virus' was going to 'run its course'... 

Well, how do you like your 'two weeks' now, you gullible morons and dumb ass sheep?  It has now been nearly 62 weeks since that first ' state of emergency' declaration and these fuckers in charge just keep 'extending' and 'extending' their lockdowns and restrictions and using the false claim that we still have not beaten this 'virus'... But honestly, what is there  to 'beat' in the first  place as this 'virus' DOES NOT EXIST?

To me, this has never been about any 'virus' at all, but is intended to DESTROY all small businesses in this province and permanently... That and to put all citizens hopelessly dependent on the 'government' for their very survival, and have that same crooked government dole out money in the form of "universal basic income' which the fuckers running this entire scam-demic world wide WANT in their bullshit 'Great Reset' project... 

Basically all this means is that they want everyone under the firm control of government only, where everyones' lives will be constantly monitored and controlled under a fraud 'social credit score' system... Anyone that 'defies' the government's edicts and control mechanism will have their  'social credit score' go down and many of their privileges, including their ability to even purchase basic necessities will be curtailed.... And if you are a 'good citizen' with proper 'thought' and do as you are told, you get a 'good credit score' and can survive just a bit longer... This entire program is nothing but a control system that even makes COMMUNISM pale in comparison...

And yes, our crooked governments all the way from the federal level down to localized civic governments are all on board with this horrendous system and control structure.... To me, this alone means that to break this entire system of control, the people must rise up and overthrow EVERY government down to the local level to stop this type of horrendous future where basic freedoms and liberties will become history...

I was waiting to see how these fuckers were going to implement this 'social credit' system, and the video that I entrenched in that article yesterday, where a person that took the 'AstraZeneca' KILL SHOT and has suddenly turned into a 'bluetooth ready' control mechanism is EXACTLY what they are doing to humanity right now with these KILL SHOTS being injected into everyone... Many out there have called guys like myself 'conspiracy nutters' when we claim that the KILL SHOTS are not only to maim, cripple, and KILL a lot of people but are also intended to insert microchip technology into the idiots takin these shots, BUT that video yesterday shows proof positive that we have been right all along..

I have continued to watch the 'magnet testing' being done on the retards that were stupid enough to take these KILL SHOTS into their bodies, and the thing that has shocked me the most has been the stupid reactions by those who find out that they are suddenly 'magnetic'... Honestly how stupid can you be to allow yourselves to be human 'lab rats'  and allowing yourselves to take LETHAL INJECTIONS into your bodies without even considering the consequences?  This is why I have no sympathy or pity for the retards out there that are blindly accepting these experimental gene therapy KILL SHOTS into their bodies any more... We cannot have pity for those who do not even bother to think first and do their own research before going out and arrogantly line up like sheep for the slaughter....

I honestly have had it with even bothering to try to reach out to anyone any more to try to convince them to not take the KILL SHOT into their bodies.... I had a long talk with John Kaminski last night, and during that discussion I told John how just the day before I was getting a few food items and I happened across two people talking openly about how 'wonderful they were' now that they have taken their first doses of certain death... I walked by, and as I was moving away from the two I shook my head a bit and one of them noticed that and said to me "You have a problem with the 'vaccines'?' .... I just turned and said "Sorry, no problem at all, as I am absolutely not taking that stuff into my body".. To which the other gentleman spoke up and said "You must be one of those conspiracy nutters.  I just cannot believe that there are people like you that  are this stupid".... I decided it was best to just walk away and keep my mouth shut and leave that 'conversation' with that comment..... And as I walked down the next aisle, all I could do was think about how these two morons are going to be either crippled permanently or even DEAD within the next year....  Yes, it only reinforced my long standing statement that you simply cannot fix stupid no matter how you try!

The problem that I see happening now is how the people that now are loaded with these shots of certain death are now falsely being propagandized and brainwashed into the belief that we, the 'unvaccinated', are now the THREAT to them and to everyone else.... Yes, I have been watching and listening to the lying sacks of shit in the lying whore media now coming out and claiming that WE, the ones that are not stupid enough to take the KILL SHOTS, could be 'spreading the disease' now to others!  And can you believe this horse shit?  We the ones that are NOT pouring out dangerous 'spike proteins' and 'prions' that can inflict damage on others are now considered the 'threat'???   Meanwhile we have the proof positive from so many reports that it is the 'vaccinated' ones that are the danger to all humanity with THEM pouring out the dangerous RNA material that is definitely causing horrendous damaged to everyone else!  This to me is blatant 'reverse psychology' and is  being ramped up to try to FORCE the KILL SHOTS into everyone.

The worse effect that this entire scam-demic has had on someone like myself has been the 'mental damage' where I have found myself so disheartened and feeling so deflated, that it has indeed taken a bit of a toll on my very physical well being.... I have given up entirely now on trying to reach  the retards out there directly to NOT take the shots, and when I do go out into COVID-land, I just avoid contact with these retards, both out of not even bothering to try to reach them with logic, but now primary to avoid any chances of possibly getting their 'spike proteins' getting into my own body... Yes, there are still conflicting reports about whether or not the retards that have taken the KILL SHOTS are now turned into biological weapons of mass destruction or not, as 'virus theory' and the idea that people can be generators of destruction to others is still that, a theory only... But WHY take the chances?

I have also seen the mental strain of this entire scam-demic on so many others as well... Just in talking with John Kaminski last night, I could tell that he has had it with this entire scam-demic himself, for the fact that his efforts to reach people has hit the same roadblocks as myself.... In fact, John has said to me that he is considering just giving up on doing articles and possibly permanently as hits to his site have diminished to the point that fewer and fewer readers are bothering to look at his material... I have of course asked John to hang in there and keep up the fight as he is indeed a wealth of knowledge and it would be a shame for him to give in to these evil bastards... .This is why I do hope that  people do take the time and go over to John's site and send a comment or two for support...

So, where to go from here?  I for one am NOT going to give up this fight against this scam-demic, as it is THE most important fight in all human history.... I have been pounding away at this entire fraud for the last 20 months at least and have put up nearly 1300 articles alone at this blog concerning that HOAX, with the hope that I am at least reaching SOME people out there to get them motivated to both fight back and to get them to try to reach others to NOT take these lethal injections into their bodies.... Even the 'smallest victories' to me are so important, and being able to save a few lives from certain death makes my efforts feel vindicated and does indeed give me a further sense of purpose here...

I want to turn away from the scam-demic, and look at the situation in the Middle East and of course GAZA, where of course the Israeli criminals are absolutely guilty as all hell in fomenting that 'conflict' in the first place... And now after a week of slaughtering thousands (not the several hundred portrayed by the lying whore media outlets) and crippling Gaza's infrastructure permanently, we can now see that the entire plan was to possibly eliminate Gaza from the face of the Earth and see every Palestinian living in that open air concentration camp murdered... 

And please, do not give me this horse crap about 'Hamas rockets' were the cause of this act of genocide by the psychos in Israel, for the fact remains that the Gaza Strip is COMPLETELY controlled and monitored by the Israeli IDF, and ALL materials being sent into Gaza, all the way from building materials down to basic food stuff, is checked and rechecked by these criminals before handed over to the Palestinians living there... Thus there is NO WAY IN HELL that the materials to make rockets, and especially the fuel needed to propel those rockets would ever get into that concentration camp...   Therefore, as I have proven again and again in previous articles about Gaza, these 'rockets' were as always nothing more than MOSSAD agent launched 'bottle rockets' from Gaza back into Israel.... This has been the Israeli method for decades now of creating the illusion that their destruction of Gaza is due to being under 'rocket attack' from Gaza itself, and basically this recent operation was exactly the same...

So once again Gaza will attempt to 'rebuild', and the people there will continue to live under the sheer terror of the IDF and the psychos in Israel themselves that still want to see the day that they will wipe the entire strip off the face of the Earth and slaughter every single one of the estimated 3.5 million Palestinians stuck trying to live their lives in the strip itself.....  And the world will continue to turn a blind eye to the horrendous atrocities and outright murders being conducted by the psychos in Israel due to the nearly 100% Jewish control of the media itself...

One last thing of course before I finish this rant with my closing 'last minute tidbits' and it once again concerns the liars at NASA and their impossible and most fraudulent probes on Mars...  I have seen recent reports that claim that the newest investigation of the 'red planet' will be about finding either evidence of life or evidence that there once was life on Mars, and it centers around examination of 'salt' formations or crystals in the Martian surface for evidence of 'organic matter'.... Considering the fact that these probes are NO WHERE near Mars at all, as their landings were impossible (conventional parachutes in a 0.004 BAR surface pressure atmosphere?) and they are most probably trudging away in one of the US government facilities in the northern Arizona or Nevada deserts or even on Devon Island in the Canadian arctic, I wonder what NASA is really up to with this 'renewed' search for life on "Mars"?  To me, I can see these liars claim  'eureka! we have found evidence for life!" which of course will lead to more 'funding' for more 'probes on Mars', which is exactly what NASA needs for its very survival... Basically this only reinforces my statement that NASA is continuing to fake their space exploits, because 'NASA needs money!'

Well, onto my last minute tidbits and there is a lot to cover here..... It is so predictable that now that the 'war in Gaza' is over for the time being, the lying whore media and the US government is now back to bashing North Korea once more, especially with its 'nuclear weapons program'. This will always be expected, and I for one am saying that Premier Kim Jung-un should never give up on his nukes as they are a deterrent against US aggression against his country.... And about North Korea itself?  Yes, that nation has endured the hardship of recent food shortages that almost became a total famine, but North Korea just wants to be left alone and have no interference from outside sources, especially the US.  So why not just leave them alone?......... I see the US is back to 'stirring up trouble' by once again running its naval forces down the Taiwan Strait that separates Taiwan from mainland China.  The lying whore media is in on this game as well as they have been 'reporting' again about China  not liking this instigation by the US.  To me, this is all fluff and for show, as the US government continues to be firmly in bed with the COMMUNIST Chinese leadership...... And yes, I have been tracking the lunacy happening south of here in the formerly free nation called the United States, and especially the increasing lunacy of COMMIE Joe Biden who more and more appears to be a 'basket case' that should not be President.  It only means that the affirmation of psychotic Kamala Harris as the REAL US President may be coming sooner than any expected......A huge military exercise is taking place with the US and the Rothschild private NATO forces, getting together to run war games for 'possible' conflict with both Russia and China.  To me, this only proves me right when I have said that the US and the criminal group called NATO are the ones trying to provoke and start a war against BOTH of those nuclear armed nations, which is pure insanity......Up here in Canada, we find the idiot savant 'Prime Minister', Justin Trudeau, back in the news as he pushes for the 'Great Reset' agenda for all Canadians.  To me, this is the push for slavery and the end of freedoms in this once free nation, and I sure as hell hope Canadians wake the fuck up and very soon... And we find that the criminal LIBERAL regime here in Canada may be able to push their 'Bill C-10' into 'law' sooner than anyone had expected as they now have the backing of the fraud 'Bloc Quebecois' to have the majority in Parliament to have that Bill approved!  This 'Bill C-10' in nothing short of tyranny as it will basically kill freedom of speech especially via the Internet.  I do hope enough Canadians are up to speed on this horror and that this Bill still can be 'defeated'......And of course we have rumblings here in Canada about the criminal Liberals under that heinous Trudeau wanting to call a 'snap election' very shortly to try to get back to being a majority government that will be able to do as they please for the next 5 years.   Sadly, as I have said before, the retards east of here will probably once again vote for this prick as there is really NO opposition to his criminal actions, except for outspoken Maxime Bernier........The situation in the 'civil war' in Syria continues to remain at a stalemate, as the only action is the continuing SAA/Russian efforts to wipe out the US run 'ISIS terrorists' in the eastern and southern Syrian deserts.   This effort always appears fruitless at times as when the good guys wipe out a few hundred of these US run 'terrorists', a few hundred more 'magically' appear 'out of no where'.  But the reality is that until the Syrians can kick the US invaders out of their territory, the US will continue to send their 'terrorists' operatives to stir up trouble..... No real changes in the ongoing war in Yemen, other than reports about the Houthi forces continuing to regain their territory rapidly now from the Saudi invaders.   Saudi Arabia has indeed lost this war, and it is time for them to admit their defeat and get the fuck out of that country and permanently.....More reports coming out of Africa, as the US run 'ISIS' forces continue to reign havoc across the entire continent.  But this is to be expected, as African nations want to break away from  US control over their resources and want to make fair trade deals with other nations rather than the US itself.  This only proves me right all the time that the US cannot make fair 'trade deals' with these nations, so instead they send in their operatives to stir up trouble and halt any trade deals from happening........I have seen increasing and alarming reports about 'transgenders' now being allowed to compete with REAL women, especially in the US, and I find that disgusting.  Biological women should ONLY be allowed to compete with OTHER REAL biological women.  Keep the freak shows out of women's sports, period.......And yes, I saw a report about a US well educated college professor possibly losing her job for stating the OBVIOUS that women have vaginas. To me this is beyond ludicrous and shows how far and how stupid this bullshit "politically correct' LBGTQ EI-EI-O crap has gotten to and how these stupid 'woke' idiots and morons need to get a life or just shut the fuck up and stop fucking up our societies.....Someone recently asked me about the garbage called 'fact checkers' who have now infiltrated the internet with their garbage and lies, and all I have to say is look at who FUNDS these 'fact check' groups and their garbage.  This is why I abhor these liars and swindlers who are out there just to try to suppress the real truths.......Yes, I saw the troubling reports that the sickos in the 'woke' garbage have now fully infiltrated the military in a lot of nations including the United States, and I can guarantee the Russians and Chinese are just laughing their asses off as the US military is being turned into a bunch of pussified freak shows.  Hopefully the US is not stupid enough to start a war anywhere, for their forces are in absolutely NO condition to fight if it is led by this 'woke 'stupidity.......Yes, there has indeed been snow here in western Canada over this last week, and this once again flies in the faces of the 'Climate Change' freaks that continue to falsely claim that the world is somehow 'overheating'.  Even with the strong evidence now coming out that we are heading towards a grand solar minimum with colder temperatures, we still find that freak show of Climate Change nutters out there trying to make themselves look relevant, when what they are doing is making themselves look like retards!.......The EPL season has now come to an end, and my team Arsenal ended up in 9th place in the table.  It will now be about 4 months of soccer 'withdrawal' for me until the start of next season, definitely!  In the meantime, I have indeed taken an interest in Aussie Rules Football, as I find it quite entertaining and fast paced.  The 'rules' to me are still a bit 'quirky' though........And yes, I have seen how that useless eater and air breather, former "prince' Harry has been back in the news recently as he sticks his foot in his mouth once again like the blithering moron he truly is.  I still say it is time for American to kick out both him and Meaghan as they are nothing but parasites that should both get real jobs and real lives......And once again, no 'earth shattering' nonsense coming out from the Kardashian skanks, trollops, and sluts, this last week.  Thank goodness, for I have a headache enough from the scam-demic and I do not need to have the sickening machinations and uselessness of these foul creatures muck things up even further.  

More to come



Eddy said...

Your blog is pure gold. Please continue the excellent work!!!

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Grins. You are too easy on the skankardians! They contribute so much to society in the way of comic relief.

So, other than disagreeing with you on that important issue, your wrap up is, as always on point. I am at that Kaminski point of disappointment in our fellow humans. Long ago. Pearls before swine... as I stated to you before. He has a Cassandra complex,something I well understand. Nobody cares, nobody listens. At our advanced ages, it does get very depressing at times to have our work almost ignored by those we wish to enlighten.

Me? I am FED UP with people and their mask psychosis. The other day I was at the pool for a changeroom. Chatting with another not crazy about masks. We did not have ours on and time was running short for us to get out of the gym (Covid registration bull). Finally one woman opened the door and said, "I cannot come out because you are not wearing your masks." She would have had to walk past us in a 6 foot wide corridor! I call them eejits... Or the people who see you in a store as they round into an aisle and pull back to let your masked person pass... 15 feet away. Yes, Victoria is filled with these folks.

It is a disease. Daughter is still having a horrific time trying to arrange her return to Norway in a few weeks because travel regulations and schedules are constantly in a state of flux. You can no longer just book a flight and fly at that time: it is a constant negotiation. At least it is for those who do not own private jets.

BTW did I miss your response to Bonny Prince Harry's recent criticism of the freedoms of speech allowed by us colonials? What an embarrassment he is, no matter how you might feel about the "royal" fam. I swear his wife told Yoko to hold her beer while she destroyed that institution to the best of her abilities.

Keep well Mister NTS. We still need what you do. Actually, my readership has gone up somewhat over the past year. Not a lot but modest and steady. People seem to need humour. If only I had somewhere to push my work now that Twitter, Gab, FB have cast me out. Well Gab hasn't but I cannot post urls there. So it is all word of mouth or accident..

Blessings... Barbara

Unknown said...

I am still hanging in there and am not out
by a long shot. Hopefully my friends over at
National Vanguard will see the light. The
official NV stance is, "Get vacced if you want
to, or not vacced if that is what you want."
Kind of strutting around the issue, wouldn't
you say?

Anonymous said...

I believe for me that less hits on your sites is just indicative of the stress related depression we all feel as everyone around us has their head in the sand and point blank believes everything MSM puts out. It is so hard to reach anyone and I am giving up. I work in the industry and deliver these shots daily. About 1 in 500 has doubts and I have to state that I am talking off record and am careful with my choice of words as job security is an issue, hopefully i will retire in a year.

I go through periods of visiting all of your sites and try to increase frequency when i realize that I need to reconnect with like minded people as I do not get it in my personal or work situations.

I had lunch today with a friend I haven't seen since this started. She works in college counseling. She started about how people believe everything blindly that the media say yet when asked where she gets her info from she replied not the conspiracy internet like you. I told her that approximately six companies contol all media in the U.S. and wasn't that scary.
I was saddened when she went on about how all the blame for not "nipping this in the bud" goes to Trump for ignoring all the medical data, etc. I told her about the $13,000 and $39,000 rewards were given to hospitals for death certs and ventilator use. She said I never heard that, i told her 5 doctor friends could corroborate that with a phone call. Then she went on a rant about how great a humanitarian Bill Gates is, how spoiled and entitled the millennial are, how Biden and Governor Whitmer are saviors, BLM and how racist a country the U.S. is and on and on..... sigh. I did ask her how she likes Gates now: major #metoo offender, friends with Epstein... another Trump? I got the deer in the headlights look and she stated she didn't want t talk about the pandemic anymore.To cap it off I asked her why as she believes us Americans didn't take responsibility and created these 'millennials' and all these problems. She put on her coat and left.

Barney said...

Regarding NASA (Never A Straight Answer) and their supposed "search for Martian life", the signs (just a few blurred and obviously faked videos so far) suggest that (((they))) could finally be preparing to roll out "Project Blue Beam", whether as originally planned or an "updated" or otherwise modified version.


Speaking purely for myself, the reason I visit John Kaminski less often is that I find his excellent work mirrored here at NTS. I've been following John's work since my awakening around 2005.


Anyone who wants to know what's happening here in the jewnited queerdom (UK) should visit the UK Column. As well as enough truthful reports and videos to keep people occupied for hours (days?) at a time, they produce an hour-long videocast every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Click on the large image at the top of the page and it becomes a video. Click again to watch it. For those who want to download it, there's a symbol at the top left of the video with a range of resolutions to choose from.

One thing to be aware of. They do use sarcasm at times.


Another site I visit every day, UK-based, but with worldwide coverage, is "The Truth Seeker".