Friday, May 14, 2021

Northerntruthseeker Now Falsely Listed By Criminals At 'Google' As A "DECEPTIVE SITE", And Made Harder To Access! A True Badge Of Honour Indeed!

 I have been alerted by so many readers over the last while that 'access' to getting to this blogspot site has been purposely hindered by the criminals behind 'Google" and several other search engines, by labeling this site as a 'Deceptive Site'!

To me, this is indeed a 'badge of honour' and means that I am 'OVER THE TARGET' so to speak and that these criminals are indeed pulling out all stops to try to stop myself and my important messages to all humanity...

And to me, when I finally found via another search engine and on an auxiliary device, the RED WARNING label of being a 'deceptive site', I had to howl!    Honestly, is this the best that these lying sacks of shit can come up with to try to stop me!

I do hope that 'label' causes more and more traffic to this site, and that it draws in even MORE readers.... i do hope that others that come here do let me know via my comment section about my new 'label' here.. I for one am just laughing my ass off right now thinking about it...

Welcome to Northerntruthseeker, everyone... A 'deceptive site' that according to these  liars is nothing but mis-information and dis-information... Once again I am so honoured!

I just hope their attempts to silence me blows up in their faces....That would be true justice against these pricks indeed.

More to come



greencrow said...

Apparently I have also been given the war medal of honour in this existential war on humanity. I cannot see where this warning is but was told about it by regular commenter FreakedOut.

The Heat is On!


Stock said...

My site also became "Decptive Site", all red scary screen, no clear instructions, only option to hit details and then you can select to go the scary stuff.

I immediately thought the same thing "A Badge of Honour"

Maybe copy your site to another Blogger site for safety, and use HTrack to arvhice the whole site onto your computer.

Occurred after this article

BuelahMan said...

I don't use Google search engines. Duck Duck Go has no warnings and I have not seen anything that tries to limit my access. No problems here, nor even a warning.

Thinking....... said...

Back in January I got fact checked. I sure got a lot of hits from the so called fact checker site. In one week I had over 135,000 hits and while they were there they check out other stories. So grand total was over 202,000 views. As a result of that I got about 100 new followers that week as well. So I laughed and laughed and laughed. I am still getting hits from the fact checkers site to this day. Who knew they would come in so handy. I get more hits from the fact checkers then any search engine. So you see not necessarily a bad thing. Every day I get about 10 hits or more due to the fact checkers. I might get 2 a week or less from the search engines.
Seems to me their fact checking really blew up in their faces. It backfired in my favour. You might get more traffic due to all of this.

greencrow said...

Hi Thinking, NTS and all:

When I tried to access this site I got booted off the Internet entirely. I had to keep trying to get reconnected. Then after about a minute I was reconnected. That's how it's going to come down. Anyone who tries to access our blogs will immediately get booted off the Internet.

Thinking... I have been fact-checked too, with many extra hits from time to time.

They're in quite a quandary. How do they completely control the Internet and make it so that we're all dependent on it for HELLth monitoring, banking, ordering food from "Skip the Dishes" etc., etc. all while still keeping us totally under their control with no free speech or access to alternative news, opinions and communication with our fellow sentients???

If they come down too hard...many of us will just go off grid entirely--and then be out of their mind control.

What to do. What to dooooooooooooooo.

Unknown said...

No question about it NTS. Look for MORE traffic.
The morons don't realize this "don't look" mystique
around ANYTHING, it piques the human curiosity
to look at the "forbidden fruit," no matter what
form it may take. As a young person of the time,
I saw my first X-rated motion picture (quite tame
by contemporary standards) all because the bellowing
sanctimonious Christians told me NOT to!

Northerntruthseeker said...

I honestly do not use 'Google' as my main search engine, for I either use DUCK-DUCK GO or even MAC Safari instead...

It was an astute follower of this blog that alerted me to how 'Google' has stupidly decided I was a 'disinformation' agent, and I had to laugh so hard at that idiocy on the part of "google'..

So what I did was to turn on an old laptop that I still have and try to access this site via 'google' and that was when I got that blaring red page of warnings, which I had to go through 2 more steps just to reach my own site... It was so unnerving and yet so hilarious..

Heck, all I can ever hope for is to have this show that I and so many others just like yourselves, are over the target and drive more readership here.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I do wonder what the hell is next, for just like what Greencrow states, they may be pulling out all stops and using every trick in the book to stop people from seeing so much truth out there.....

I am still waiting for "Blogger" to even attempt to knock me out again... The last time they did that,and upon my return, my readership here actually went up by an astounding 100% at least until they turned to other methods of blocking me.

Yes you guys are right ... People are NOT stupid, and all it will do is definitely blow up in their faces..

No longer a Trump supporter said...

It happened to my Blog too and I made a post about it here: