Monday, May 24, 2021

Stupid Manitoba Premier Now Wanting To Give "Incentives" To Manitobans To Get Their Shots Of Certain Death!

Update: I originally was led to believe that there was NO 'Official' Manitoba COVID-19 "report" for today, thinking that today is a holiday and the pricks running this scam-demic, and the 'deadly virus' itself,  were taking the day off to 'enjoy' this long weekend.....But apparently, they issued it through the Manitoba Health website and not through the normal Manitoba government website... I will be presenting that data shortly...

Yes, apparently these bastards can all be so proud of themselves, that they have destroyed the lives of so many Manitobans, and can rest assured that they have put so man Manitobans into perpetual fear and anxiety over a 'deadly virus' that simply does not even exist...

I for one am not surprised by this, as every day all I see are more and more of the simple minded morons and retards out there wearing their face diapers so tightly on their faces and now walking around looking like mesmerized zombies.. Some also have that near permanent look of sheer terror in their eyes and will not even come ANYWHERE near their fellow human beings at all... 

Well, instead of my own daily report where I would have ripped their fraud 'numbers game' to smithereens as I always do, I found something that is so laughingly ludicrous and shows the level of depravity that the Manitoba government criminals are now stooping so low, and I definitely want to share this information with everyone.... 

I therefore want to  present the following article, that comes from the "North Shore News" website, at, where apparently the criminal Premier of this province of mine, Manitoba, is now asking Manitobans to 'weigh in" on COVID-19 KILL SHOTS (vaccines) "Incentives" in an online 'survey' just to find out what it will take to get even MORE idiotic and brain dead Manitobans to line up and take these lethal injections of certain death.... Here is that article for everyone to see right here for themselves, and of course I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Manitobans asked to weigh in on COVID-19 vaccine incentives in online survey

WINNIPEG — The Manitoba government is floating the idea of offering prizes, free meals or payments of up to $100 to encourage people to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

WINNIPEG — The Manitoba government is floating the idea of offering prizes, free meals or payments of up to $100 to encourage people to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

An online survey issued by the government Monday asks respondents for their views on a variety of pandemic issues. 

One question asks people whether they would be concerned if incentives were offered to people who have been hesitant to get vaccinated.

The possible incentives also include free admission to sporting events or museums.

Premier Brian Pallister said last week he will soon outline new ways to encourage people to get vaccinated.

The survey on COVID-19 vaccines also asks whether the respondent has received a vaccine, where they were vaccinated and their level of satisfaction with the experience.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published May 24, 2021.

The Canadian Press

NTS Notes: Honestly... Is THIS not one of the sickest things that anyone has seen in some time now?

But we are seeing this type of criminal action happening everywhere across the planet, and especially down in the US where horrible criminal governments are offering everything from  'French fries', to 'Gift Cards' to even "winning a lot of money in a lottery" just to stupidly go out and get these KILL SHOTS injected into them..

And this begs the question for myself as a Manitoban... How can these pricks even consider stooping this low when the LYING WHORE MEDIA has been proclaiming all this time that the number of Manitobans getting these KILL SHOTS has been not only a success, but now applauding that 1/2 of all Manitobans have received at least the first doses of these KILL SHOTS?  And of course the answer is that these reports by these lying whores are complete and utter bullshit, as the large majority of Manitobans are now turning away from these lethal injections!

Honestly, I would have expected more from that lying sack of shit that continues to call himself  'Premier' of this province... But all this does show is the true level of depravity and criminality that he and his cohorts are in running this horrible crime of GENOCIDE against the citizens of this province..

What the heck, right?  Yes, what a great idea to take a lethal injection of pure poison into your body that will surely KILL YOU within the next year or so,  just to get a 'prize' for being that stupid.... All this means is that these criminals are indeed treating all Manitobans as total morons and retards, and the first chance we all can get we should throw these bastards out of office immediately!

I sure would love to see this actual 'survey' for myself, and I asking that if anyone here in this province gets this survey to please forward it to me via my  comment section and I will surely post it up as a follow up to this article...

More to come



Freeborn said...

Hey, NTS - hate to say it but.....



A kid's life for a strawberry fucking mivvi - the entire world has gone bat-shit crazy.

If we let them get away with this genocide - we don't deserve to survive.

CookingUpANewLife said...

Here's the survey link.

Basically asking what you'll sell your soul for.