Sunday, May 9, 2021

Newest Video By Doctor Vernon Coleman: Why And How They Plan To KILL 7 Billion!

 I just continue to be so shocked at the sheer ignorance of the general public... It is so unnerving to watch and see so many of these dumb ass sheep continue to clamour and DEMAND that they all get their KILL SHOTS of certain death as quickly as possible and totally oblivious to the horrors that these lethal injections will do to them... Most are just too stupid to live and are 'in the dark' in regards to the fact that taking these lethal injections will indeed see most of them DEAD within the next year...

But I persevere and I am still out there trying to reach those with 2 brain cells to rub together and are aware about the truth behind these KILL SHOTS  and the disaster that they are doing to humanity.. And this brings me to the latest video by none other than Doctor Vernon Coleman out of the United Kingdom.. Vernon Coleman's latest video is entitled; "Why And How They Plan To Kill 7 Billion" and I have the BRANDNEWTUBE video link right here for everyone to see it for themselves... I do have, as always, my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Vernon Coleman describes in this video the horrendous condition of the elderly in the UK, BUT the same type of treatment is happening right here in Canada and the United States as well..

And yes, the plans by these freaks that want world dominion is  absolutely to reduce the world's population from where it stands right now at around 7.5 BILLION to what they want after their KILL SHOTS have taken their toll to a 'controllable' 500 Million... Heck besides the facts that Vernon Coleman presents in this video, it has been written for the last few decades right on the infamous 'Georgia Guidestones' as well...

So we are indeed watching a world wide cull of all humanity taking place right before our eyes.... These monsters are indeed  using a wide variety of methods to get those deaths, but the key always has been the KILL SHOTS to do the majority of the killing.... And of course we have the criminals out there gladly administering those KILL SHOTS of certain death because as I said above, the fools and retarded in our societies are demanding them!

I will continue to promote Doctor Vernon Coleman's videos at this site, for as I have said many times he is indeed a voice of logic and reason that so many should listen to and adhere to his logic and reasoning...  Please take this video and send it around to others as well every chance that you all can..

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