Saturday, May 22, 2021

More On These Deadly KILL SHOTS: Using Placebos (Saline Solution?) In Some Shots, And People Taking These KILL SHOTS Suddenly Turning Into Bluetooth Connectivity Devices!

 Just earlier this week, I went into a long discussion in an article talking about how these monsters are indeed injecting human beings with nano-technology through their KILL SHOTS.... For those who are not aware of that report, here is the link to that article here:

In that report, I laid it out from my own scientific perspective what I saw happening with these KILL SHOTS, and how they used the combined metal components in these lethal injections themselves, combined with the trace metals and other components in our own bodies for the manufacturing of 'nano-bots' in and around the area of the arm where these jabs of certain death are injected into the victim's bodies.... 

Well, many out there have indeed conducted their own 'magnet tests' and some have come back to me with the message that they tried it themselves, and not in all cases it worked.... I thought 'How could that be?' and the answer may be in the FACT that we have seen reports all across the planet that some of the people across the planet were getting a 'placebo', primarily 'saline solutions' rather than the deadly KILL SHOTS...

There are many examples of people receiving 'saline solutions' instead of these KILL SHOTS all over the internet... Here is the link to a recent report of one example right up here near Toronto Ontario:

Honestly, when I was informed of this 'issue' I thought that those 'saline solutions' were 'accidentally' sent out to many pharmacies and doctors 'by mistake' and were intended to be injected into the 'elite' to protect them from getting the real KILL SHOTS... That of course at the time was plausible... 

But now, thanks to Jim Stone once again, there may indeed be another real reason for the 'saline solution placebos' and I do want to present one of his most recent articles on this issue right here.. And pay attention to the BRANDNEWTUBE video that I enclosed in his article from 'The Highwire' as they conducted their own 'magnet test' on those who have received their KILL SHOTS:


and that's approximately the ratio of "I am fine" to maimed they need to keep their plausible deniability afloat.

Here is what happened: A youtuber set up a "magnet challenge" site on a public street, telling people to test to see if the magnet sticks to their arm after the shot. 15 people were tested and 6 had the magnet stick. Since they probably go by rounded numbers (that's the most logical way to do it) 4 out of 10 jabs is the actual shot. That's why they need endless repeat vaccinations, to make sure they get everyone. And my guess is that if the first shot is the real one, records are kept to make sure the second shot is the real one.

Wow, the first two covid shots did nothing to me, but that third one kicked my butt." Reply: It did not. You are a paranoid anti science hick!!!

If Youtube decides to ban the embed, copy and paste this text into your browser, do not click the link.

*NTS Note: Here is the BRANDNEWTUBE link, since the pricks running Youtube of course 'censored' that video to prevent the real truth from being seen by everyone:

The above was done in a confirmed and organized way. There's no way to debunk this now.

I'll also add that the way people reacted when they discovered the magnet sticks is typical of rock stupid leftists.

NTS Note: OK,  I am now seeing what Jim is stating.. And it makes sense, as they are indeed running a lot of placebos out there rather than the jabs of certain death, and that is to absolutely assure that they force endless 'vaccinations' into everyone to make sure that everyone gets the killer concoction in either the second or even the third shot...

And yes, I too was just shocked as all heck by the absolutely STUPID and MORONIC reaction shown by these retards that took the shots when the magnets stuck to them!  It only showed once more that you cannot fix stupid no matter how hard you try..

And just before I was going to post this article, I was sent the link by email of a MOST disturbing aspect of these entire KILL SHOTS, and how the horrible AstraZeneca garbage has actually turned a person into a  'bluetooth device' with an actual stamp of an AstraZeneca device!  Here is the link to that video here:

After watching that short video, it all makes sense now.. These criminals need their nano-technology inserted into their victims for tracking and for their eventual 'paperless societies' where everyone will be nothing but a tracked and fully controlled zombie.... 

I do hope that the message is clear to everyone... Please do NOT ever take this garbage into your bodies, and resist with all of your might against those who try to FORCE you to take it....  Your life and your very future depends on it..

More to come


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Now we all understand why the Jew controlled govts demanded everyone download the covid aps on their phones last year.....