Friday, May 7, 2021

Manitoba Is Being Screwed Again By The Criminals In Charge - Horrible New 'Restrictions' Imposed As Of Sunday, May 9th, Due To Over-Cycling The PCR Amplification Tool For MORE False Positive Cases!

 Honestly, I knew this was coming... I had warned everyone mid week (If readers would only have noticed by reading my daily reports..) that the criminals running this horrendous scam-demic here in my home province of Manitoba had already received their 'marching orders' from the maniacs running this massive HOAX in Canada, and were instructed to INCREASE the fraud cycle counts in the PCR amplification tool (Not a valid diagnostic 'test' at all for any contagion, of course..) to generate a shit load of new 'cases' that are 100% fraudulent and absolutely nothing more than 'false positive 'results.... 

OK, after the assholes running this scam-demic did as they were commanded, over the last few days we suddenly and very 'magically' have an 'explosion' of new 'cases'.... Will wonders ever cease?.... And of course right on cue, the horror head bald monkey freak that has the nerve to call himself a 'doctor' and is called Manitoba's 'Chief Health Officer' for this province (at a reported salary of $400000 plus Canadian dollars, higher than even what that asshole Premier of this province, Brian Pallister, 'officially' makes) came up to the podium right on cue almost 6.5 hours before I have issued this article, to try to give the 'sad news' that Manitobans have all been 'bad boys and girls' and have NOT 'adhered' to the FRAUD "Manitoba Health rules" and therefore more pain and suffering was coming as a result.... 

At that time, and in my daily report on this stupidity here in Manitoba, I stated that I would send an update in the form of an article just to alert everyone what that 'pain' was going to be all about.. And therefore, I want to present the following article that comes from the lying whores over at the 'CBC' online at, that lays it all out as to what these new 'restrictions' coming starting THIS Sunday, were all about... Here is that article for everyone to see right here for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Salons, gyms among many businesses closing Sunday for Manitoba's strict 3-week lockdown

Restaurants, bars must shut down in-person dining under new public health orders

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister said earlier Friday that stricter rules are needed to stem the rising tide of COVID-19 cases. Gyms, museums and day camps in Manitoba are among those that will have to shut down under the new health orders, announced by Chief Provincial Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin. (John Woods/The Canadian Press)

Restaurants, bars and patios will once again have to close to in-person dining as of Sunday, and many other businesses will have to shut down entirely for three weeks, as the province works to slow its rising third wave of COVID-19.

Chief Provincial Public Health Officer Dr. Brent Roussin made the announcement at a Friday evening news conference.

Gyms, museums and day camps in Manitoba are among those that will have to shut down under the new health orders, which come into effect as of 12:01 a.m. Sunday. So will fitness centres, galleries, libraries and casinos.

Indoor religious, cultural and community gatherings will also no longer be allowed starting Sunday. Outdoor gatherings involving people from more than one household will be limited to a maximum of five people, down from the current limit of 10. Self-help gatherings will be allowed to continue, but with a maximum of 10 participants.

Restaurants and bars can remain open, but only takeout and delivery service will be allowed.

Indoor sports and recreation, including after-school activities, will also be shut down. Outdoor sports will be limited to a maximum of five participants, while organized team games will be banned. Dance, theatre and music schools will also be forced to close.

Personal services including estheticians, barbers, and hair and tanning salons will also have to shut down under the new rules.

Retail stores, markets and garden centres will only be allowed to open at 10 per cent capacity, up to a maximum of 100 people, while malls will be allowed to open at 10 per cent of their capacities.

The latest changes to Manitoba's public health orders will stay in place until May 30.

NTS Notes: Honestly.. I KNEW this was all coming.. These assholes running this scam-demic have indeed received their latest marching orders, and those orders are to basically DESTROY what is left of ANY small businesses here in this province as laid out by the long list of orders that the Federal Criminals as well as the COMMUNISTS running this nation now, have ordered for the destruction of ALL small businesses across this nation as to impose FEDERAL control over the citizens to force them to have to depend on government handouts for basic survival.. But that basic survival will be of course dependent on everyone receiving their DEADLY KILL SHOTS in them first and foremost before receiving their 'handouts'!

And this all makes sense, as strangely these 'new rules' now coming into effect here in Manitoba look almost IDENTICAL in every shape to the recent 'rules' put into place over in Alberta... And they also follow much of the same guidelines elsewhere in Ontario and even Quebec as well... Therefore the lying sacks of shit running this scamdemic here in Manitoba have indeed received their 'instructions' from elsewhere in Canada and are  doing as they have been ordered!

And of course a reality check here... ALL this is based on A MASSIVE LIE, as there is NO 'third wave' at all as the ' deadly virus' simply does NOT even exist as it still to this day has never been proven in any laboratory around the planet... That and the PCR amplification tool is 100% NOT even a valid 'test' for ANY contagion at all and this point was even stated by the inventor of the PCR amplification tool, Kary Mullis, years ago (Look it up, and it will shock those who are not aware of this fact.)... Thus we have a total 100% fraud on our hands  and now people are being punished for a fraud??

But what can be done to stop this madness?  Very little at this point as right here in Manitoba, few are still even aware of this massive lie and have not shown resistance to these pricks in charge.... But if there ever is an awakening, and eventually there must, I do not want to see LIARS like this criminal Brent Roussin, and especially the Pallister criminal government escape the justice that they rightfully deserve, especially with their massive push for having everyone here receive the KILL SHOTS of certain death... Putting them all in jail is way too good as a true justice, and harsher penalties have to be involved for all of them.. I am still leaning on seeing many of them receive the death penalty for the damage they have done, and continue to do to this province and its citizens.

More to come



Stock said...

Yep, you been saying that all along, the lies along the way made it obvious.

Y'all need to revolt by civil disobedience. All stores stay open. Throw a keg party with lawyers and lots of high resolution cameras, many hidden to capture all interactions.

And then sue the ff out of the effers that be. Little hitler brained effing cops drunk on power "just following orders"

Stock said...

Meanwhile, in USA those with the Jab die at double the rate when they get COVID.


greencrow said...

Sorry to hear this NTS. Just like Canada is a petri dish for what they're going to try in the USA...Manitoba is a petri dish for what they're gonna try in Canada. They are really trying to destroy as much as possible before their HOAX collapses!

Reb said...

Yes, Greencrow. You are spot on. The Jew scum realize
that there are just as many dumbed-down Goyim below
the 49th parallel as there are above it.