Saturday, May 15, 2021

Important Question: WHY Did They Stage The COVID-19 Psy-Op?

First... I will indeed FINALLY be taking more time 'off' from this blog starting this coming week... I spent today actually relaxing, getting some much needed exercise, and getting OUTSIDE to enjoy the warmer temperatures here in central Canada... And you know what? It was fucking great!  And I did notice what many have said to be very true in that if you turn off your TALMUDVISION of lies and deception and IGNORE what the lying whore media screams on a daily basis 24/7 about this entire scam, you would not  even notice that there is a scam-demic out there other than seeing all the dumb ass retarded sheep wearing their stupid face diapers, even OUTSIDE!!

Meanwhile, I have the chance this evening to do a bit of 'catching up'... And I ran across a great new essay that was just released by a constant  commentator to this blog 'No Longer A Trump Supporter' who writes his articles over at his blog site at "Stranger In A Jewish World" at His article is entitled: " Why Did They Stage The COVID-19 Psy-Op?"  and I do have  it right here for all of my own readers to view for themselves.. .I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Why did they stage the Covid 19 PSYOP?

 This is a post that I think really needs to be made here, which is to ask the question why did they stage the Covid 19 PSYOP?

First, it is the very strong opinion of this Blog that Covid 19 is NOT a naturally occurring disease/virus that suddenly came out of nowhere that the world was totally unprepared for and that caused the mass vaccination push that you see happening today.  Although the Government and the MSM want us to believe that, that is not the truth and if you want proof of that you need to look no further than Event 201. If you do not know what Event 201 is by now then you are going to have educate yourself because I am not going to do it here except to say that Event 201 was a simulation of a global Covid 19 like pandemic that took place approximately six months prior to the "real" Covid 19 "pandemic" that first started in  2019.  If you are so naïve to believe that an outbreak of a global pandemic happens six months after a simulation for the first time in human history then please make your way to because you clearly don't belong here. This Blog is for people who actually think.  It is the very strong opinion of this Blog that Covid 19 is a man-made PSYOP and not a naturally occurring thing.  If you notice, the very same people who were the architects of the Event 201 simulation, especially John Hopkins University and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation were also by no coincidence very heavily involved in the "real" Covid 19 pandemic, which is just another big reveal that it is nothing more than a PSYOP and that they made this happen (whatever "this" is) and it is entirely man made.  But I do not want to get too far into that.  If you still believe Covid 19 happened the way the MSM says then please close this Blog and never come back.

I speak about the Covid 19 PSYOP in the past tense as if it was over with but I know its not over with despite the recent CDC announcement that its safe not to wear masks as long as you have been vaccinated.  Wait until fall or winter of 2021 when the next new more deadly round of Covid 19 suddenly appears to see how long that lasts.  I predict that masks will come back and a whole new round of fear driven hysteria at a whole new level to what is being seen now will appear later this year.  And the reason I predict that is because there are still many people who refuse to take the Covid 19 vaccine.  So the response by the Snakes of society is to ramp of the fear and if necessary release a more deadly virus into the wild that causes more deaths.  The people behind this plandemic are going to milk it for everything its worth.  You can bet on that.  So don't throw away your face mask just yet, because the "danger" is only just beginning.  

But the purpose of this post is to ask the very relevant question:  Why have they done this?  If you read a lot of the other Blogs and web sites talking about Covid 19 being a man made thing that has an evil agenda (and I do read what other people say about it) they are saying that the purpose of the mass vaccination program is massive depopulation of the earth, mostly because this is the long stated goal of the Elite, to reduce the population of the earth from Billions to around 500 million.  The belief among these people is that the vaccine program will either cause massive deaths sometime in the future or that it will cause massive infertility.  Either way could be used for depopulation.  Bill Gates who is so involved in the plandemic has expressed his very strong opinion that Carbon dioxide emissions must be reduced to near zero to stop global warming.  In order for carbon dioxide emissions to go to near zero would require the planet going back to the stone age basically.  It would mean rolling back the Industrial Revolution and bringing the entire planet to a much more primitive state.  It would require a mass reduction of people also so all those useless breathers wouldn't be adding their carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. So there is good reason to believe that a mass culling of the world's population is the goal of the people who run the world and that the Covid 19 vaccination program is the way that (((they))) plan to make that a reality.

There is another, more sinister explanation that came to me today that also involves massive depopulation of the earth. I said that the Covid 19 pandemic of 2019 to present is basically a PSYOP to convince the public that there was indeed a "very deadly" airborne virus that quickly spread all over the world.  That the deadliness of Covid 19 has been hugely overblown is obvious but what is important is that most people believe it.  You can tell that most people believe it by the number of people wearing masks everywhere (at least until the CDC announcement).  The vast majority of people believe what they see on the MSM as Gospel truth and this is the lesson of how easy it is to manipulate and deceive the people of the world about anything.  If the MSM says its real it is real according to most people.  What the actual truth is about it is meaningless.  

More to Come

NTS Notes: This is in fact a pretty good article... And most of his points I have also covered here in great detail at my own blog as well and are absolutely spot on....

I have long said that this COVID-19 psy-op is indeed a de-population agenda that has been laid out by the criminal bastards in charge for DECADES... They were indeed working on the precise moment to unleash their agenda on all of us, and after the 'Event 201' exercises of October 2019 which was the final stage preparation and 'test' to see if they could pull it off, they did unleash it on the entire world...

I will continue to pay attention to this website, and as I had promised the author, I have the link to his site in my own 'rogue's gallery' listed on the right hand side of my blog, for everyone to take a look at for themselves...

More to come



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