Tuesday, May 18, 2021

COVID-19 KILL SHOT (Remember, These Are NOT 'Vaccines' At All) And Genetic Thunder Nobody Is Listening To!

 I had a most interesting conversation with a person whom I have known for a very long time late last night... He approached me and I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was scared and needed some help... He told me flat out that he had 'taken BOTH 'vaccine' shots, and was only now realizing the horrible damage he had potentially done to himself, and wanted my advice on what he should do.... I told him that it was TOO LATE to undo the damage that he had done to his body, and that the only advice I could give was for him to do some research into how to strengthen his already damaged immune system and just hope for the best....  I could tell that was not what he hoped to hear, but all I could tell him was that he made the choice himself and as human beings we all (at least for the moment) have 'freedom of choice and freedom of will... All I could say in closing was 'good luck' and I went on my way..

Yes, these horrific KILL SHOTS are deadly, and once they get into you it is too late and impossible to get them out of you.. They will turn your body into a massive manufacturing plant that has your cells pouring out 'spike proteins' and other RNA mechanisms that will not only destroy your own life, but potentially everyone around you as well...

Well, I do want to present the newest article from Jon Rappoport, through his blog at 'No More Fake News' at www.nomorefakenews.com... This latest  one is entitled; 'COVID Vaccine And Genetic Thunder Nobody Is Listening To" and I do have it right here in its entirety for everyone to read for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

COVID vaccine and genetic thunder nobody is listening to

by Jon Rappoport

May 18, 2021

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I’ve written about this before, and I’m sure I’ll write about it again.

We’re told that the RNA COVID vaccines force the cells of the body to produce a foreign “spike” protein.

There is a little thing you may have heard of called EVIDENCE.

In other words, show me a well-done study, using a few thousand people who have been vaccinated, which proves that all these people’s cells ARE producing that foreign protein and ONLY that foreign protein.

There isn’t such a study.

But if there were—

“Look, a few hundred people didn’t produce the spike protein at all. Wonder what they DID produce.”

“I see a hundred people out of two thousand who produced a huge excess of the spike protein. Wonder what effect THAT is having.”

“I see two hundred people who produced the spike protein plus a bunch of other foreign proteins. A few of those foreign compounds I’ve never seen before. That’s not good at all.”

In fact, show me a large-scale study in which an injection is designed to force the human body to produce ANY specific protein. Let’s see the results.

Can’t find that study, either?

Believing what genetic researchers tell you is like believing what a grifter tells you about how to win at roulette.

For example, are you aware that, after decades of genetic research and tens of thousands of studies linking genes to diseases, there isn’t a single gene-treatment that can cure a disease across the board?

What there is, is a great deal of money that hustlers have raised for bio-tech firms. And there are many sky-blue promises.

And oh yes, there are many examples of errors, in which experimental gene insertions yield unexpected results. Unintended and dangerous results. Unpredicted alterations in genomes.

So the huge numbers of reported injuries and deaths from the COVID RNA vaccines are surely the result of more than just the production of the spike protein.

Why is nobody talking about this?

Because people assume the problem must be the spike protein and only that protein.

The people of planet Earth are part of a guinea-pig vaccine experiment that is much wider than that. We are being subjected to an open-ended genetic spin of the roulette wheel.

And there are no safeguards and no comprehensive follow-ups.

For this reason alone, the entire effort to develop the RNA injections should have been banned from the beginning—until researchers demonstrated convincingly that the risks would be minimal. Of course, they couldn’t make that guarantee.

But the fatuously named Warp Speed program rocketed ahead. Based on pretentious and speculative “science.”

People tend to think—because they watch sci-fi movies—that scientific evil doers are firing a perfectly destructive single arrow at the heart of humanity. But evil-doers are quite capable of launching a thunderstorm of multiple pyrotechnics beyond their control.

As I pointed out in prior articles on this subject, the analogous area of GMO plant genetics is replete with uncontrolled effects—including gene drift, in which injected Monsanto genes move from plants into soil bacteria and human gut bacteria.

Genetic ripple-effects throughout an organism can force the unnatural production of a number of different proteins while modifying others.

This is NOT good; and some of the ways in which it is not good are unknown.

Based on the current level of knowledge in the field of gene-research, the entire program of manufacturing and injecting RNA into the body is an insane criminal enterprise.

As time passes, I expect investigators to discover new ways in which these RNA shots are harming people. And some of those investigators will say, “THIS turns out to be what the vaccine is doing. THIS one thing.” And they’ll be wrong.

It’s five, ten, 20 different things. Caused by ripple effects throughout the genome.

NTS Notes: The more I do my own research into these KILL SHOTS, the more I want to vomit..

The long list of 'adverse' effects from these shots of certain death does indeed increase every day... And the genetic damage that these horrors are inflicting on humanity will be just as horrific over the next few months as we see horrendous 'mutations' and other terrible problems arising in those stupid enough to take these KILL SHOTS into their bodies...

The most frightening thought that I have had over the last while is that we may be witnessing the END of all humanity itself, as these horrors and their foreign 'spike proteins' and the 'magnetic nano-bots' start rewriting the stupid out there that have taken these 'shots' of certain death into something that is no longer even human....  This thought has haunted me now over the last while, definitely..

The bottom line is this... NEVER EVER take these kill shots into your bodies, period.. .Resist, and stand up to anyone who is trying to force these lethal injections into your bodies by ALL MEANS NECESSARY... Your very life is now dependent on making the only right decision to say NO to these 'jabs' of certain death.

More to come



Unknown said...

NTS, you have said many times that "you cannot fix stupid."
In view of this latest disclosure you have posted today,
I submit that must differ with you. The cure for stupid
is just tell them to take the "vaccine." By this time
next year, stupid will be cured. Stupid will be pushing
up daises.

greencrow said...


I had a bombshell DotZ connection this morningm as I wrote about in my post. This is very scary. Have a read.


Freeborn said...

One of the deadly ingredients in the COVID shots is squalene. Even a few molecules of injected squalene, causes the body to attack itself on a rampage of auto immune destruction like an army gone mad and turned on its country. Squalene dosages were increased way back in the anthrax shots given to US servicemen in 2003 that went on to cause horrendous damage in the form of Gulf War Syndrome. Squalene was used again during the swine flu SCAMDEMIC in 2009.


The current COVID SCAMDEMIC vaccines contain not only squalene but the same deadly heart-stopping poison found in lethal injections used for US executions.

This interview with Michael O'Bernicia includes reference to key involvement of the Rothschild cartel (aka the City of London) in promoting the euthanasia programme being conducted via the current crop of kill-shots sponsored by GAVI/WHO et al:


Happily, notwithstanding an attempt at perverting the course of justice via legal sabotage, Michael's civil case against Hancock, Valance, Ferguson and Whitty for PANDEMIC FRAUD is still ongoing.

Northerntruthseeker said...

"Unknown"... Have you not noticed my recent statements about how I have a much quicker and more efficient means of putting these stupid ignoramuses out of their misery by simply lining them up and putting bullets to their brains to end their lives more swiftly than what these kill shots will eventually do??

With that type of straight forward logic by yours truly, I hope you still see that we are basically on the same page here.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Freeborn.. Squaleen has been in so many 'vaccines' now for decades in what they claim is an 'adjuvant'...But I have posted before how that chemical has a more nefarious purpose, and you have just added to that data..

And yes, using not only anti-freeze but heart stopping Potassium Chloride in these kill shots is just yet another in the long list of reasons to never allow anyone to stick that shit in our bodies.