Thursday, May 13, 2021

Canada Is Now A Medical Tyranny State: Idiotic Canadian Judge Says Protesting Is Now Illegal In Canada! Violating Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms

I used to be such a proud Canadian, and one that used to think that at one time this nation of mine was indeed probably THE most 'free' nation on planet Earth... But notice how I say "Used to..." for the facts are now so blatantly clear that this county of mine has turned into a nation of pure TYRANNY, and the criminals that are responsible for this horrendous crime against all Canadians have criminally and ILLEGALLY used their false 'medical emergency' powers as their methods of enforcing that tyranny...

Yes, many are fully aware by now about the Pastor of that brave church out in Calgary Alberta, nearly 800 miles (1300km) west of here, defied the criminal Alberta tyrannical provincial government and opened for worshipers last Sunday... That pastor, Artur Pawlowski, ran that service in defiance of these criminal bastards, and then shortly after he left his church and his service was apprehended by some 20 Calgary police scumbags while travelling down a highway on the east side of Calgary... The 'arrest' itself was so horrendous, and I have the BRANDNEWTUBE video of that 'arrest' right here:

OK, Watching that video earlier this week, I could not believe that this could ever happen in Canada.. But believe it, for it will ONLY get much worse for all Canadians... 

Well, Pastor Artur Pawlowski is now out of the criminal Calgary jail... And just earlier today he made an appearance on the "INFOWARS" show with Alex Jones, where he told a most important BOMBSHELL to the general public and especially to ALL Canadians, that apparently some crooked and most moronic idiotic 'Judge' has not only ruled that he no longer run congregations at his church and that he remain 'silent' or else be put back into that 'jail' on falsified charges, but apparently that same idiotic "judge" has also ruled than ANY 'protests' that he attends or 'creates' are ILLEGAL!  Here is the link to that important video right here:

NTS Notes: The facts are that this moronic and most stupid 'judge' is a complete retard.. His 'order' that makes protests now 'illegal' is in direct violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms where section 2, subsection C states clearly that ALL Canadians have the RIGHT to 'peacefully assemble' and that this right cannot be taken away from Canadian citizens, period!

In fact, here is the link to the PDF file of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms right here:

This therefore is an attempt to usurp and overthrow the entire Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and thus IMPOSE full fledged tyranny on ALL Canadians.... 

I for one want to see EVERYONE in Calgary and across Albert see this and to get out there if they have the chance and absolutely defy these bastards and PROTEST... People must stand up for their basic human rights and uphold freedom and democracy which is in serious trouble across this once free nation..

Yes, I am so ashamed these days of even being called a "Canadian"....  I honestly would love to see every one of these assholes and pricks that are running our 'governments' here get thrown into jail for not only attempting to destroy the CHARTER of rights and freedoms, but trying to impose horrific PERMANENT 'medical tyranny' on this entire country.... It is time for Canadians to stop living in fear of a 'virus' that simply does not exist at all and get out there and take our nation back before it is too late!

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greencrow said...


I am gradually reaching the conclusion that one of the agenda items of the CovID Scam in Canada was to destroy the Charter of Rights and Freedoms...and it's just about accomplished!!!

When they shut down our blogs that will be it, finito!

harryash said...

absolutely agree with your post....I am in UK...we are subject to the same tyranny...there is now no "parliament" only a medical mafia rogue government...totally precariously perched on "emergency powers'...and so it appears similar in all of europe...but the boat is rocking and holes are appearing...Jimstone published the "magnet" jab..Infowars have picked up on it...The rights that you list above are supported by rogue police/judiciary/media...when the wind turns ...and it will...these people will be exposed...Anybody with half a brain must realise that the whole system is totally corrupted and fckd...kindly remember these people are murderers..dont pretend they dont understand...I for one will be happy to help them meet their is now the only "justice" available to the utter scum that will force mandatory injections on children...this includes in my view the "medical" staff physically involved.

No longer a Trump supporter said...

It sounds like Canada needs a Revolution as badly as the USA does and this Judge needs to be dragged through the streets by his heels. I know some Judges in the USA who deserve far worse.