Monday, May 31, 2021

The COVID Scam-demic: Do You Really Think China Did It? Really, They Started This Scam-Demic At The Wuhan Laboratory?

I am just sick and tired of the bullshit that is now infiltrating not only the lying whore media, but the alternative media outlets these days stating that there is now 'evidence' that this non-existent 'deadly virus' started at a bio-weapons laborator in Wuhan China..... I said it before and I will say it again that you definitely know that this 'China did it' is complete and utter BULLSHIT when the lying sacks of shit over at that crud known as 'CNN' are now screaming on a daily basis that all this hoax of a scam-demic started in China.....  That alone should have raised HUGE red flags for everyone and should have turned this nonsense that 'China did it' into the laughing stock it truly is... But instead we find more and more of the most stupidest people out there falling for this "China did it" trap instead...

Well, I am not alone in stating the obvious that this blaming China is for very nefarious reasons, for I want to present the following important report that comes from the 'State Of The Nation' website at This article is entitled: "Do You Really Think China Did It? Really, They Started This Pandemic At The Wuhan Lab?" and I have it right here in its entirety for everyone to view for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Do you really think China did it? Really, they started this pandemic at the Wuhan Lab?

The Armchair Covid Sleuth
State of the Nation

Perhaps the stupidest thing on the Internet today is that “China did it!”

Really, China deliberately released SARS-COV-2 (it doesn’t even exist) from their Wuhan lab to start a worldwide pandemic?!?!

Why, to guarantee a Trump loss (even though he really won the 2020 POTUS election).

So, we’re expected to believe that China would trigger the worst pandemic (It’s really a hoax) since the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 to do what?

To be blamed for the most destructive (not deadly or disease-causing) pandemic in world history?

How stupid is that!  Utterly STUPID!!!

And, “NO!”, the Chinese are not that stupid.

Why would the Chinese Communist Party ever sanction such an absurd bioterrorist operation carried out the world over; and then be vilified for eternity for such a reckless and heinous crime against humanity?!?!?! 

From all the available evidence, it’s now clear that OPERATION COVID-19, is a fundamentally Zio-Anglo-American bioterrorist black operation and global psyop conducted primarily, but not exclusively, by Operation Gladio—the notorious terrorist arm of NATO (sometimes known as the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization).

GLADIO BIOTERROR: ‘Biological Attack’ Against China Planned by NATO Decades Ago — UK Military Officer & Whistleblower

As for that little data point which points directly to a joint NATO-UK-US-Israel conspiracy to trigger a fake global pandemic as a means to implement the New World Order agenda via the GREAT RESET and COVID-1984 execution plan, the following link exposes that inconvenient truth and much more.

Coronavirus Biological Attack Against China Exposed by UK Military Officer & Whistleblower in 2010

No matter how anyone looks at this unparalleled society-collapsing event which continues to this very day, the Western powers have their fingerprints all over THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC.

Yes, China was used by Fauci, Gates and other frontmen for this Plandemic to conduct highly dangerous “gain of function” research and coronavirus experimentation, but that was only to set them up as the scapegoat.

And, yes, the entire city of Wuhan was used to transparently stage this CORONAhoax in a highly dramatic way; but that was because the boys in Beijing direly needed a cover story for the military deployment of 5G throughout that greater metro area.  (Wuhan was selected as the premier 5G Demonstration Zone which saw 10,000 base stations built during 2019.)  After all, when so many obvious cases of 5G Syndrome and 5G Flu broke out all over Wuhan, they needed a serious cover story to give to the Chinese people.

What else needs to be said?  The Zio-Anglo-American perps planned on blaming China all along … … … and because of China’s own need for a major distraction, they fell right into the trap.

State of the Nation
May 31, 2021

NTS Notes: This great article from State Of The Nation should be spread around to everyone that is falling or has fallen for this 'China did it' trap...

I for one did look at this 'blame China' from another perspective, and that was my thoughts that the criminals were indeed in a rush to wage a war on China itself..... But even that has a lot of 'holes' in it, for the fact that China is so much 'in bed' with the criminal COMMUNIST Biden administration and basically controls so many aspects of the US government itself... And we cannot forget about the massive multi-TRILLION dollar debt certificate that the CHINESE hold over the US which as collateral involved the criminal US government handing over large swaths of western US territory over to China.... Therefore something else is going on here..

To me, the other obvious reason for 'blaming China' is to basically keep the fraud of this pandemic alive, and to further push the illusion that there is this 'big bad deadly virus' out there by using the fluff that it came from a 'Chinese laboratory'....

But the facts remain that there is NO 'COVID-19' out there at all.. .It is an illusion as there has been ZERO isolation of the contagion and all we have are 'computer generated simulations' as the basis for the pricks to sell to the gullible public....

Yes, to me it is so obvious that this is all a sick game being played on people, and yes when it comes to this 'COVID-19 came from a laboratory in Wuhan China' there is indeed a SUCKER BORN EVERY MINUTE!

More to come



The Real Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Monday, May 31st 2021: 303 New False Positive 'Cases', AND 1(?) New Death NOT From This Contagion - The Impossible Data Continues

 Honestly, I am sick and tired of this entire scam-demic here in Manitoba... I have reported now for well over 13 months on the wildly inaccurate 'data' that these pricks that are running this fraud in this province and pointing out the contradictions, enigmas, and clearly impossible data that these pricks continue to throw out in their daily 'reports' of pure garbage, and yet there are still nearly ZERO people in this province that are taking notice!  At times I have wanted to not even bother with these daily reports, if not for the fact that my daily analysis has clearly shown proof positive that they are lying their asses off... Hopefully if and when the citizens of this province actually wake the fuck up, they will look back at my evidence of fraud in these daily reports and use that evidence against these bastards to see them all get jail time...

Well, I persevere and I have today's ludicrous 'Official Manitoba COVID-19 report' that I want their 'numbers' right here in alphabetic order for everyone to analyze for themselves... For a change, I will give ONLY their ludicrous 'numbers' first and then rip them apart in my own analysis afterwards:


(a) 303 New 'cases' over the last 24 hours... This gives us a grand total of 51090 cases that they are claiming for the 62.5 weeks since mid-March of last year.

(b) 236 active hospital cases right now in Manitoba as of today.  Increase of  3 active hospital cases from yesterday's total of  233.   And 48 of those 236 active cases are listed as ICU active viral cases in all of Manitoba which is a decline of 5 ICU cases from yesterday's report of 53.

(c) 1 new death that they are attributing to this virus over the last 24 hours, a male in his 70's from a nursing home . This raises overall death count for 62.5 weeks and counting to a grand total of 1053 overall.

(d) 45533 recovered cases for all of Manitoba for 62.5 weeks since mid March of last year.  This is an increase of 364 recovered cases from yesterday's report of 45169.

(e) 4504 active cases for all of Manitoba as of today.  Decline of 65 active cases from yesterday's report of  4569.

(f) No data once again on NEW VARIANTS.  Data is once again available with tomorrow's report.

OK, The real glaring inconsistency remains the ever fluctuating 'death toll' that continues to be a contradiction from day to day.   That and the fact remains that the 'active' and 'recovered' cases numbers continue to be horribly inaccurate as some '1500+' cases continue to be claimed as 'active' when they are rightfully 'recovered' cases.

Now to give my in depth analysis of today's 'numbers' from these lying sacks of shit... And of course in the same alphabetic order as shown above, right here:


(a) Every one of these 'cases' comes of course ONLY through the fraudulent 'mis-use' or what should actually be stated to be BLATANT ABUSE of the PCR amplification tool that is 100% NOT a valid 'test' at all for any contagions, period.  Thus they can continue to throw what ever 'cases' numbers they want for they are all meaningless and nothing but phantoms.... Therefore the fact remains that there has never been one valid case of this phantom 'deadly virus' at all here in Manitoba, period.

(b) Every one of these 'hospital cases' are also solely and 100% derived from the abused PCR amplification tool that generates nothing more than false data.... Therefore they can throw any number of hospital cases that they want here when the reality is that they are 100% fraudulent..   There are indeed some sick people in the hospitals as there always is, but none of them have this fraud called 'COVID-19' at all.... The fact also remains that ALL of the hospitals across Manitoba continue to be basically empty of any patients at all, and has been proven by my own observations and analysis of their own data as well as just venturing out to some facilities and seeing these facilities as nothing more than ghost towns.... Therefore the continuing claims of overwhelmed hospitals and overworked hospital staff is pure nonsense and a flat out lie.

(c) Once again we have one new 'death' that most definitely was NOT from this non-existent 'deadly virus' at all, and obviously died from other real health issues or as they term it 'underlying health issues'.  This also shows a serious inconsistency as yesterday we supposedly had '7' new deaths over 24 hours with 'less cases' and then suddenly today we have '1' case that obviously died from other causes.... And the fact remains that analyzing ALL '1053' deaths that they are claiming all 'died' from this phantom illness over the last 62.5 weeks shows that every single one of them had severe underlying health conditions that were the real cause of ALL of their deaths.

(d) This 'recovered cases' number continues to be heavily distorted as some '1500+' recovered cases are still missing from this tally and are instead listed as 'active cases'.   And yes, I have constantly reminded readers and especially the citizens of this province of mine that this is a criminal offence that can see the perpetrators receive jail time... But good luck to that, for it is the government doing this crime and they of course believe that they are 'above the law'.

(e) As shown in (d) this number is distorted, and the REAL number of 'active cases' if this actually was a 'deadly virus' is right now sitting at around '2950' and falling... But of course ALL of these 'active cases' came only through the abuse of the PCR amplification tool, and therefore every one of them are false 'active cases'.... It therefore can be stated here that in spite of these liars having to claim all of these 'active cases' as 'suspect' only, the reality is that none of them have this phantom 'deadly virus' at all... And yes, of course there are people sick here in Manitoba, which is only natural.. But these sick people actually have other REAL diseases and illnesses and absolutely NOT this 'COVID-19' bullshit...

(f) Yes, I can hardly wait until tomorrow to see what bullshit they throw out in terms of these ludicrous 'new variants' that they falsely claim to be 'more deadly' than the original phantom contagion.   It is the false illusion that these 'new variants' are somehow more 'deadly' than the original non-existent 'deadly virus' that continues to drive this fraud along and is used to strike fear into gullible and stupid people.

Well, yes, I decided to start trying to shorten these reports a bit, just to give their lying side and then my own analysis and facts.... I do hope that this makes it more clear about how their 'data' is nothing but heavy distortions of reality.....

But honestly, it does not seem to make a difference, for all I see every day here in Manitoba are suckers just so petrified of a non-existent 'deadly virus' that they are just begging these criminals to please help them out of this fraud 'pandemic'... And of course the criminal Pallister regime continues to try to 'help them' by pushing even harder for every one of these brain dead sheep to roll up their sleeves and take the KILL SHOTS into their bodies that will kill them all..

People living here in Manitoba must understand that these KILL SHOTS are absolutely NOT 'vaccines' and they are only a one way ticket to certain death... There is NO cure or antidote once these lethal injections are inserted into your bodies, and therefore the only real choice here is life or death, where life is saying NO to these KILL SHOTS, while death is allowing these criminals to shoot this garbage into your bodies and having you DIE within the next year..

Well, now 62.5 weeks into this program of mass genocide with no end in sight.  I am not going to give up on the people of this province just yet, as I continue to hope that the citizens rise up and take this province back and make sure that these pricks all get arrested for this crime against humanity... If we ever get these monsters into a court of law and put on trial for this crime of genocide, I want to make sure they all get the punishment that they all deserve, which is the DEATH PENALTY for every one of them.  We must give these pricks the same level of mercy that they have shown us for the destruction that they have done.

More to come


Wuhan Lab, Bio-Weapon, Gain Of Function, But... The Sars-COV-2 "Virus" Does NOT Exist In The First Place!

 Again, all I see over the last few days are the false reports being spewed out by the lying whore media outlets about the need to 'suddenly now' investigate the 'Wuhan Laboratory origin' of this phantom 'deadly virus'.... I again must state that the instant red flag should be up for everyone when you see scoundrels and blatant liars in lying whore media outlets such as 'CNN' being the ones pushing for this 'investigation'...To me, all this signals is that these criminals running this entire scam-demic are now aware that they are LOSING this war for the gullible out there to be nothing more than lethal injection poisoned sheep, and they are now trying yet another tactic to cover for their massive hoax...

Well, once again I want to blast away at this entire scam-demic and focus in on this 'Wuhan bioweapon' garbage and the lies that the 'deadly virus' exists.... And therefore, I want to present the latest article from writer Jon Rappoport, through his blog at "No More Fake News" ( that absolutely destroys this Wuhan garbage and definitely shows that we are getting 'disinformation' on the entire subject... Here is Jon's article right here for everyone to read for themselves, and I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Wuhan Lab, bioweapon, gain of function, but…the SARS-CoV-2 virus doesn’t exist in the first place

Putting the paradox together

by Jon Rappoport

May 31, 2021

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What I’m about to lay out might seem “too staggering to believe.”

Fortunately, what people do or don’t believe isn’t the issue.

And with that, here we go. Buckle up.

For the past year, I’ve been presenting evidence that the SARS-CoV-2 virus doesn’t exist. It’s never been proven to exist. [1]

Those who claim it does exist have two legs to try to stand on. One: the virus has been isolated (discovered). [2] And two: its genetic sequence has been found. [3] [3a]

However, the mainstream scientific definition of “isolated” turns out to mean: “We have the virus in a soup in a dish in a lab. The soup contains all sorts of material. We never extracted the virus from the soup.” In other words, “isolated” means its opposite.

In the soup, in addition to the purported virus, there are human and monkey cells, toxic drugs, chemicals, and other genetic material. When the cells begin to die, researchers assert (with no proof) that the cause of cell-death must be the virus.

Therefore, the virus IS in the soup, and it is deadly.

However, the drugs and chemicals could be killing the cells, and the cells are being starved of nutrients, so that could certainly account for their death.

Bottom line: There is no proof of isolation. It isn’t even close. There is no evidence that the purported virus is in the soup.

I’ve published a typical account of virus-isolation from a study, and Dr. Andrew Kaufman did a step-by step analysis of this process and tore it to pieces. I published his analysis. Dr. Kaufman showed there was no merit to the claim that SARS-CoV-2 had been isolated. [2]

What about the genetic sequencing of the virus? You can’t sequence something you haven’t isolated (discovered). To claim you have sequenced it would be like saying, “We have a generic fragment of iron dust, and we know it comes from a 1932 Ford Moon Rover fender.” There was never a 1932 Ford Moon Rover.

Researchers presume, assume, guess, pretend that “SARS-CoV-2” WOULD HAVE certain pieces of genetic material, and referring to libraries which contain data about such material, they use a computer program to cobble together pieces of data and present a genetic portrait of “SARS-CoV-2.” [3] [3a]

If we were discussing a science fiction novel about a virus, we might say, “That’s an interesting genetic sequence. An interesting castle in the air.”

Now—to bridge over from this part of the article to the Wuhan lab, gain of function research, tweaking a coronavirus to produce a dangerous entity, we need to know one thing:

Mainstream researchers—virologists, molecular biologists—BELIEVE they are working with a real virus. Most of them certainly believe this. They are married to their fallacious and fantastical processes of proving a given virus exists.

And because they believe, so do politicians and public health officials and military leaders.

Therefore, we could certainly say, if the evidence is convincing, that there has been an effort to ramp up the function of a coronavirus in Wuhan.

But EFFORT and TRYING have nothing to do with the truth.

Based on unproven and untenable beliefs, people have TRIED TO DO all sorts of things. And some of those people have CLAIMED that they SUCCEEDED.

Therefore, it’s really quite easy to see how a) the virus has never been proven to exist and b) some researchers have been trying to ramp up the function of a fantasy they call a virus.

“But…but if the virus doesn’t exist, what are these researchers in their lab in Wuhan doing? What are they working with? What’s going on?”

Yes, I like that question. But you see, in the Church of the Virus, the inner sanctum, the holy of holies—THE HIGH-SECURITY LAB—is not open to you or me or anyone from the outside.

We (and dissenting scientists) can’t look over researchers’ shoulders. We can’t film every step they take. We can’t stop them at any point and make them explain what they’re actually doing. We can’t say, “You just fabricated a conclusion out of thin air, so justify it.” We can’t challenge their ironclad beliefs about the truth and validity of their procedures as they’re actually carrying out those procedural steps.

“What? You call that isolation? You didn’t isolate anything. You just stirred the soup in the dish. Explain yourself. And the gene you say you just tweaked? What gene? Let’s go back over that again. You just fiddled with DATA about a gene in a so-called virus. Makes no sense. Let’s review that move. Let’s break it down.”

No, we can’t do any of this.

Instead, we’re supposed to have faith in what these researchers have faith in.

If this amounts to science, Kool-Aid is the nectar of the gods.

“Excuse me, Doctor Towering-Arrogant, but you just plugged your latest ‘finding’ into a computer program, which is supposed to spit out the genetic sequence of the ‘new tweaked virus you just created’.”

“Yes? So?”

“First of all, you’re working with DATA here, not actual physical material. But we’ll put that aside for the moment. I want to know exactly what’s in this computer program. These five people standing with me here in the lab? They’re software pros. They have no allegiance to any government or funding entity. I want them to take the computer program apart and analyze it.”

“I’m not responsible for the program.”

“Who is?”

“Colleagues. I don’t know them personally.”

“Well, get them in here now. All research stops until we have them here in the lab. They’ll open the whole computer program to the light of day, explain it, and then I’ll have my people go through it with a fine-tooth comb.”

“That’s outrageous. Why?”

“To see if the program is credible, or just another fantasy constructed to give the false appearance that you’re actually sequencing something.”

We’re not permitted to do that, either.

We’re in Church. We must accept all the prescribed articles of faith.

For those people who not only claim SARS-CoV-2 was tweaked or invented in a Wuhan lab, but was made deadly there…they should consider the extraordinary lengths to which public health officials have gone to FALSELY pump up COVID case and death numbers.

None of that pumping would be necessary if an actual PANDEMIC virus existed and were loose in the world.

During the past year, I’ve covered all the criminal schemes to inflate case numbers. To cite just one scheme: Running the PCR test at an unconscionably high sensitivity has automatically created millions and millions of “positive COVID cases.” In concert with this fraud, the CDC has changed its definition of “a case,” so people who test positive but remain healthy with no symptoms can be counted as “COVID cases.” [4] [4a] [4b]

Now, I’m going to present a Part Two to this article. It isn’t necessary, but some people are thinking: “If it isn’t the virus, why are so many people dying?” I’ve written perhaps a dozen pieces that answer this question. Here is a shortened version:

—The disease switcheroo; they don’t teach this in medical school.

I’ve mentioned this shell game hundreds of times in articles and lectures over the years. Here I want to boil it down to a protocol that has earned the medical cartel trillions of dollars.

We begin the story with an “outbreak.” Somewhere on Earth, we are told there is a cluster of unusual cases of illness.

The key word is “unusual.” Otherwise, who would care? People would instead say, “Forty people in Wuhan have lung congestion.” And that would spark no interest.

In Wuhan, it was “unusual pneumonia.” How so? No convincing answer. Some people have cited a “ground glass” appearance in pictures of patients’ lungs. Meaning gray areas, or opacity. Another claim: patients had extreme shortness of breath.

But opacity and shortness of breath were mentioned and described in medical literature long before COVID.

Something else must be offered, to justify the term “unusual cases.” And we get it almost immediately, while we’re still trying to figure out what makes these patients’ illness new and different:

It’s a virus. A never-before-seen virus.

Already a switcheroo is in progress. There is actually nothing unusual in the Wuhan cluster of cases. And just as we’re about to realize that, we’re hit with “new virus.” And then we forget there was no reason to look for a new virus in the first place.

Deadly air pollution has been hanging over Wuhan for a long time. It explains all sorts of lung infections, including pneumonia, the cardinal COVID symptom. And by the way, roughly 300,000 people in China die every year from pneumonia. [5] [5a] [5b] [5c] [5d]

The “new virus” is trumpeted. But of course, as I’ve demonstrated many times, it hasn’t actually been found. No one isolated it. The so-called genetic sequencing of it was a fictional castle in the air based on supposition. How could it be otherwise? No one has an isolated and purified specimen of the virus that can be analyzed.

Accepting “new virus” as fact produces this situation: a list of very familiar clinical symptoms can now be called unique, because the cause is unique.

Suddenly, cough, chills, fever, fatigue, congestion, shortness of breath—which have been called flu, or just infection, or other names—are COVID. That’s the big switcheroo.

Next step: provide a diagnostic test for “the virus” that would automatically spit out false-positives like water from a firehouse. That’s the PCR. I’ve taken the PCR apart six ways from Sunday and exposed it as a fraud.

With the PCR in hand, the switcheroo is deepened. That list of familiar illness symptoms—taken together with the test—paints the picture of millions of cases of a “new plague.”

All this fabrication is on the order of—“Hey, Jim, sales of our widget number 6 are in the toilet. What can we do? Unless…let’s call it widget number 7, put it in a new box…”

People say, “But there ARE mysterious COVID cases that can’t be explained away as repackaged lung infections…”

Of course there are. When you make the net big enough, it will sweep in groups of cases that seem to defy explanation. But when you move in close enough, you discover a variety of factors that cause illness and death. New poisonous vaccination campaigns, toxic pesticides, lagoons of feces in giant pig factory-farms, opioid drugs; even various electromagnetic technologies.

I first caught on to the switcheroo in 1987, when I was doing research for my first book, AIDS INC. Scientists in Africa were investigating a “new” outbreak among people who, “incidentally,” were suffering from protein-calorie malnutrition, hunger, and starvation.

The scientists, cheap con artists that they were, called this “wasting syndrome,” then “Slim disease,” and finally “AIDS.” They announced the cause was HIV—a virus no one had isolated.

And lurking in the background, if you needed another cause of illness and death, there was the infamous World Health Organization mass smallpox-vaccination campaign in Africa, one of the most dangerous mass medical experiments ever carried out on a population. That campaign had wrapped up injecting millions of people several years before “the discovery of AIDS.”

The campaign was so dangerous that, at a secret WHO meeting in Geneva, a decision was made never to use that vaccine again, because it had caused smallpox (or something that looked like it).

In 1987, I combed through volumes of medical journals at the UCLA bio-med library, and discovered that the single most prevalent cause of T-cell depletion (“AIDS”) in the world is MALNUTRITION.

In Africa, malnutrition, hunger, starvation, contaminated water supplies, lack of basic sanitation, toxic vaccines, grinding poverty, war, fertile farm land stolen from the people by major agricultural corporations, toxic medical drugs…were all repackaged as a new disease caused by a new virus, HIV.

I then went on to study every so-called high-risk group for AIDS. I found that in each group, all the “AIDS symptoms” could be explained by non-viral causes.

At that point, I realized I was looking at a classic intelligence-agency-type covert operation, applied within the medical universe. The virus was the cover story. It was being use to hide ongoing government and corporate crimes. For example—forced starvation.

A con is a con.

Only the disease-names are changed, to protect the guilty.

With COVID, you must also consider the following: an extraordinarily high percentage of cases and deaths are occurring in people over the age of 65. The elderly. Many of these people are living in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities.

IB Times, 7/27/20: “New research from the Kaiser Family Foundation has indicated that while adults 65 and older only account for 16% of the U.S. population, they make up 80% of COVID-19 deaths.” [6]

CDC, May 14, 2021: “8 out 10 COVID-19 deaths reported in the US have been in adults 65 years old and older.” [7]

Why are these older people dying?

Because they have long-standing serious health problems. And for years, even decades, they’ve been treated with an array of toxic medical drugs.

Then, in 2020, they’re terrified they might be diagnosed with COVID. And then they ARE diagnosed. Which ramps up their terror.

On top of all of this, they’re neglected by nursing home staffs, even handled brutally in some cases. They’re isolated “because of COVID,” imprisoned, cut off from family and friends. They’re alone.

So they give up and fold up and die.

No virus required as an explanation.

In a large study of New York state hospitals, it was discovered that people over the age of 65 who were diagnosed with COVID, and put on breathing ventilators, died at the rate of 97.2 percent. [8] [8a] [8b] [8c] [8d]

No matter what the prior condition of the patient, any treatment that has a death rate of 97.2 percent must be discontinued at once. But it wasn’t discontinued. It still goes on. This amounts to murder.

“People are dying, it must be the virus.” No. Wrong.

There is no “it.” People dying from various causes are fictionally brought under one umbrella, called COVID-19.

This is titanic fraud, tragedy, mass murder—murder compounded many times by the destructive vaccine, aka genetic treatment.

It didn’t originate in a lab in Wuhan.

But the story that it did originate there cements the premise, in many minds, that we are dealing with a virus.

Quite convenient.

The Wuhan lab, intentionally or unintentionally, becomes a cover story that obscures the truth.

For further reading, see “The China lockdown, Sun Tzu, and the Art of War” [9] and “Meet the Medical CIA” [10]






















NTS Notes: How many times over the last decade alone have we seen so much disinformation out there that is being put out there to 'cloud' the minds of the suckers and to lead them down the wrong path?  I have actually lost count now on how many times I have seen this happen over that decade myself...

Yes, it is so amazing to see the lying whore media out there suddenly show interest in the 'origin' of this non-existent 'deadly virus'... And again I for one want to warn everyone to not be 'led astray' for as I stated above, there is obviously a very nefarious reason as to why these lying whore bastards are suddenly trying to call for an 'investigation'.....

Get the facts and understand what is really happening here.... There is NO 'deadly virus' out there as it does not exist and has NEVER been proven to exist in any laboratory around the world.... Thus to me  this sudden rush to 'investigate Wuhan' is now a new method to keep the lie that there is this 'deadly virus' out there alive in the face of such growing evidence to the contrary....

Let us stay focused and resilient... We are obviously now winning this war, and the scoundrels will try anything possible now to keep this entire fraud alive just to get the sheep injected with their KILL SHOTS..

More to come


Doctors Of Death

 Once again, I decided to take the rest of yesterday 'off' to give my body and mind the chance to get some much needed rest and relaxation.... Yes, this entire scam-demic has indeed taken its toll on yours truly as I have felt so much anguish and yet a lot of anger at the STUPID people out there that continue to not get the message and are just so excited to line up and take their KILL SHOTS into their bodies.... I have tried my best to reach anyone I can to almost beg them to not take those lethal injections, and yet most just ignore my warnings... It has indeed got to the point now that I do not even bother any more in even trying to talk to them, which so much violates my very being someone that actually cares about humanity.

Well, onto the business at hand, and my great colleague and friend John Kaminski, who lives in the now totally free state called "Florida" in what used to be the free 'republic' called the 'United States' has just released his latest article at his website at, and is titled: "Doctors Of Death"... Here is that article right here for everyone to read for themselves, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

What punishment is due

murderous politicians

who betrayed everyone?


Deaths from the so-called disease

have been fraudulently maximized;

horrendous, agonizing fatalities from

the phony vaccines cynically minimized

So what do we do now that our doctors have lied to us and are killing millions of people with their poison jabs?

Not only our doctors but our leaders. Donald Trump’s Warp Speed vaccine program was meant to kill us, just as Bill Gates promised. We don’t how many people have yet to die from this diabolical program. The predictions of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier and renegade Pfizer vice president Michael Yeadon are dire.

The one thing we know for sure is that the so-called experimental vaccine that the public believed was meant to protect them has killed more people than the disease. Death from the so-called disease have been fraudulently maximized; horrendous, agonizing fatalities from the phony vaccines cynically minimized.

Everything we have heard from our government about this phony pandemic has been a lie. You don’t quarantine healthy people because they don’t spread disease. You don’t wear masks because they make you sick. You don’t lock down children or you destroy an entire generation or two.

Many people have died needlessly taking an experimental vaccine. How many more will perish from a tsunami of booster shots to come?

Don’t look to your insurance to help you. Experimental vaccines are not covered.

As a journalist I am most dismayed by the behavior of media which are just as corrupt and cynical as our politicians. Most have noticed that there is no investigative journalism anymore. Mainstream media and the government now say the same thing, and it’s a lie.

It has occurred to me that the people who refuse to take the government’s poison vaccine are most likely the people who know that 9/11 was carried out by our own government and our Israeli masters. They know that the Boston Marathon bombing, Sandy Hook and dozens of other atrocities were conducted by our own government during the twisted rule of the Obama administration, which now continues under the reign of the cognitively deficient and bribed-by-China Joe Biden.

Twenty years after the fact, everyone in Congress knows that 9/11 was an inside job and they all deserve the death penalty.

Knowing all these things, there was no way 9/11 skeptics were ever going to trust our so-called government to take an experimental vaccine that had never been properly tested. So the Trump administration forced us to take a vaccine that wasn’t a vaccine, and that they knew it would kill us, which is what Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci had obviously and blatantly promised.

For two years our doctors have refused to see their regular patients, killing untold numbers of people who could not get medical care because of the so-called pandemic despite most hospitals being empty. They forced us to wear masks that made us sick. They offered us “telehealth” appointments that were practically useless and only made money for these money grubbing medicos.

Ironically, now that situations are “opening up” and the liars’ lockdowns are dying an unnatural death (just like the people they locked up), these telehealth appointments are now needed for a different purpose — to keep us away from these duped medical professionals who have taken the shot themselves and victimize their patients through viral shedding.

What about those newspapers which day after day urged us to take the shot to protect you from this dreaded disease that was deliberately created in a lab in China funded by American doctors who sent them billions to infect their own patients?

When you gamble and lose a lot, you eventually lose permanently.

I’m talking about your life. If you took the jab, you are as good as gone, according to Tenpenny, Montagnier and Yeadon and the hundreds of doctors and nurses who have fought the lie all this time.

In case you haven’t noticed, the plague is here. Millions will die. The doctors not only have created this, they know they are killing you when they force you to take the shot.

With the help of Fauci, Gates, Trump and Biden, China has already won World War 3. 

The international bankers, who are almost exclusively Jewish, created Communism in China, funded the rise of the Soviet Union, and now are creating a population of robot zombies (already accomplished by TV alone) in the USA to complete the subjection of the entire world into one single Communist super prison.

The Great Reset is about killing most of the world’s population, and turning everyone into compliant robots controlled from a central source — an artificial intelligence algorithm.

The plague is what destroyed ancient Greece, the true cradle of Western Civilization in 423 BC. The great leader Pericles died in it, along with most of the population of Athens. Now we have a new plague, a final plague, created by the leaders we trusted to protect us.

Trying to save a world that cannot be saved

Call it the fake faith of frightened fools.

The real criminals of the world are America’s elected officials and their victims are the American people.

Doctors who pushed this deliberate disease deserve the same treatment Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton imposed on Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi, who was raped and murdered in the streets of his own capital, which was obviously a product of Obama’s sodomy practices and Hillary’s blood drinking

What I had noticed earlier is that the people who recognized that 9/11 was an inside job perpetrated by their own corrupt government with the help of their Israeli masters were more likely to conclude that the declared pandemic was a hoax than those flakes who still thought mainstream media were actual journalists rather than the propagandists for homicidal totalitarians that they actually are.

Not all doctors. It has been the valiant efforts of principled, most of whom have been fired or censured by their employers, who first alerted the public that they were being betrayed by the medical establishment, ruled by demonic Big Pharma and the World Health Organization (run by an Ethiopian terrorist).

But some stand tall. First and foremost is Simone Gold of America’s Frontline Doctors, followed by Andrew Kaufman, Thomas Cowan, Sherri Tenpenny, Carrie Madej, Rashid Buttar, Cameron Kyle Slidell, Joe Mercola, and many others I cannot now remember.

As long as the American and Israeli officials who participated in the planning and execution of the events of 9/11/2001 remain unindicted, there can be no realistic guarantee of U.S. election honesty in the foreseeable future.

You can no longer count on helpful treatment from your doctor.

One should no longer call the cops in an emergency because so many innocent people get shot that way, particularly the person who called the cops in the first place.

When the medical profession can no longer be trusted, you know that human civilization is coming to an end.

It isn’t the unvaccinated you have to worry about today; it’s the vaccinated. Those who have been vaccinated should be wearing masks forever; and be locked down forever to prevent them infecting the unvaccinated.

Viral shedding is real. Those who are reading this story are likely to die from it. How soon only God and the maniacs who invented this whole macabre soap opera really know.

Remember this on this Memorial Day, which is today.

You are celebrating your own death and the death of the ones you love in a country that has been devoted to death in the process of killing most of the people in the world so the homicidal maniacs known as Jewish bankers can more efficiently run their future plantation, in which no single person will ever again have the right to protect themselves from government lies aimed at no other thing but to kill them.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

NTS Notes: John and I continue to have our weekly discussions about a wide range of topics.. And we have indeed discussed the aspect of how the 'doctors' out there are basically nothing but quacks and promoters of the sicknesses pushed by the criminals behind Big Pharma... We both agree that these so called 'doctors' are nothing of the sort these days as they have violated their very Hippocratic Oath of 'DO NO HARM' to their very patients that depend on them for proper treatments..

And yes, the facts are that the idiots and morons out there are indeed 'shedding' RNA material and 'spike proteins' out of their bodies and are the REAL THREAT out there to all humanity.... It has gotten to the point in fact for myself that when I see others approach me and/or when people come into my office these days, the first question that I have to ask is 'Have you received your 'vaccine' shot?' and if the answer is 'Yes', I demand that they stay FAR away from me so that I do not pick up the crap that they are shedding.... As I said in many previous posts now, these morons are indeed 'bio-weapons' now that are the threat to all mankind..

I will of course continue to promote John's works here at this blog, and I do recommend that readers take the time to go over to his own website and look at the fabulous archive of great articles there.. It is definitely worth your time..

More to come


Sunday, May 30, 2021

The Real Manitoba COVID-19 Report For Sunday, May 30th 2021: 291 New FALSE POSITIVE Cases, 7 New Deaths NOT From This Contagion - Even More Blatant Distortion Of Data

I had one comment sent my way from my weekend rant that asked me WHY I was not covering the 'breaking news' about how this phantom 'deadly virus' had its origins in Wuhan China, and I am looking at that 'news' as nothing but misinformation and disinformation... The facts remain that this 'deadly virus' has NEVER been isolated in any laboratory around the world, and therefore all of that disinformation is now being shoved out there now to distract everyone and to try to divide the real truth movement on this entire scam-demic.... Heck, all you need to know about this being a pure distraction game by these criminals involved is when you hear about the criminal lying whores at CNN now promoting this 'Wuhan investigation'!

Well, I refuse to be distracted by garbage as I have 'bigger fish to fry' and that is of course taking a look at today's bullshit and vomiting 'Official Manitoba COVID-19 report'... And just like several days ago, we suddenly have yet another 'drop off' in the number of false positive 'cases' through the abuse of the PCR amplification tool that is NOT a valid test for ANY contagions what so ever, and strangely with that drop off we now get yet another 'surge' in the number of 'deaths' that they are trying to attribute to this phantom 'deadly virus'.... That once again is an enigma, for you would expect that with a rise in cases, you would usually get a corresponding rise in deaths.  And when you get a fall in cases, you would get a corresponding fall in deaths as well.  But this is strangely not the case at all, which to me shows signs again of distortion and 'fudging' of their numbers game...

OK, Onto today's "numbers" from their ludicrous 'official report'.  And of course I have them broken down here in alphabetic order for everyone to analyze for themselves:

(a) Now they are reporting '291' new FALSE POSITIVE cases of this non-existent 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba over the last 24 hours... This raises their overall 'cases count' for the nearly 62.5 weeks of this stupidity to a grand total of '50790' overall ... BUT these figures are pure bunk as they came ONLY through the blatant abuse of the PCR amplification tool that was NEVER EVER invented or intended by its inventor to be used as a disease diagnostic tool, period.

(b) Finally, some 'hospital cases' data today... Now they are claiming '233' active hospital cases of this non-existent 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba as of today... This is a decline of '5' active hospital cases since the last 'data report' given last Friday..... And they are now claiming '53' out of those '233' active hospital cases are sitting in the ICU wards in all of Manitoba's hospitals as of today... This is an increase of '4' ICU cases from Friday's report of '49'..... But as in (a) all of these hospital cases as well are derived ONLY from the fraudulent use of the PCR amplification tool...

(c) Now they are claiming '7' new deaths that they are trying to attribute to this non-existent 'deadly virus' across all of Manitoba over the last 24 hours.... This raises their overall 'death toll' for the entire 62.5 weeks of this fraud to a grand total of '1052'.... BUT again and this is ALWAYS the case here, all '7' of their latest 'deaths' all had severe underlying health issues that almost guaranteed caused all of their deaths.

(d) Now they are claiming '45169' recovered cases of this non-existent 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba for the last 62.5 weeks and running... This is an increase of '305' recovered cases from yesterday's report of '44864' recovered cases.. And once again this is close to being accurate for the last 24 hours alone, but the shortfall of some '1500+' cases remains and they have yet budge on taking those from the 'active cases' file and properly placing them all into this category.

(e) Now they are claiming '4569' active cases of this non-existent 'deadly virus' for all of Manitoba as of today.. This is a decline of '66' active cases from yesterdays' report of '4635'... And besides the blatant distortion here as outlined in (d) above, ALL of these so called 'active cases' came ONLY via the fraudulent usage of the PCR amplification tool, and thus all of these 'active cases' are invalid.... The best that these criminals running this scam can ever do here is to claim these 'active cases' as 'suspect' only.

(f) Once again we have NO report today on the status of the 'new variants'.. And how convenient considering they failed to give any data here as well yesterday and we will have to wait until Tuesday, June 1st, for any 'update'..... I can hardly wait, for as I said before they will be pumping up this 'new variant' number tremendously from now on as the ill effects of the KILL SHOTS start taking hold and they will lie about those effects and call them 'variant strains'..

I am not in the least bit shocked at all, as all I see here is them playing around and 'juggling' their entire numbers game to try to keep their lies somehow looking valid.....And of course besides the blatant manipulation of the recovered cases numbers, they are working their damn worse at trying to keep the 'hospital cases' high and of course turning back to trying to 'raise the death toll' as yet more methods of striking unwarranted fear into the gullible in this province.....I honestly sure hope these lying pricks rot in hell for this and what they are doing to the people of this province with this lying 'numbers game'..

OK, Time again to take a closer look at their 'numbers' and further rip them all to shreds.... And as I always do, I will do my best right here in the same alphabetic order as shown above, and try not to laugh while doing so:

(a) Seriously?  They have been having this 'cases' number go so badly up and down like a yo-yo these last few days, which clearly does not follow any of their previous patterns of steady and consistent rise and fall when we had their 'first wave' and even their 'second wave'.... All I therefore see, from a statistical point of view, is pure distortions as they are basically grabbing this 'cases' number out of thin air... And it makes sense as the PCR amplification tool is hopelessly inaccurate, so they are just 'randomly' choosing which sucker that went to get 'tested' as being 'positive' or not...... Thus they can throw out any 'cases' numbers they want, for these are 100% inaccurate and total frauds....

(b) I do hope that readers remember that ALL of their hospital 'cases' come courtesy of the same abuse of the PCR amplification tool as the 'cases' numbers... Therefore these 'hospital cases' numbers are nothing but random numbers just like the 'cases'... But they are obviously using the lying whore media now to put the false notion into the peoples' brains that the hospitals are 'overwhelmed' and that they have an 'explosion' of 'ICU cases' which in reality are not the case at all.... All I ever see in my daily walks by the local general hospital where I live is an empty facility  with ZERO real patients anywhere to be seen...The facts are that the 'shortage' of ICU beds that these liars are screaming about is ARTIFICIAL as the Pallister criminals themselves cut the number of ICU beds across the province drastically last year simply because they were ALL EMPTY of patients... But of course these pricks cannot let a good 'crisis' go to waste as they are calling this an 'ICU crisis' from this non-existent 'deadly virus' rather than expose themselves as the real problem..

(c) Once again, nothing but a total lie here, as they are back to trolling hospitals and senior centres and marking any deaths that they can as 'death by COVID-19' on the death certificates... This evil policy has not changed, and obviously they need that more and more as the 'overall cases' are once again on a decline and they need a further excuse just to keep the citizens' lives a living hell.... And seriously, when you examine ALL of the '1052' deaths over the last 62.5 years from this non-existent  'deadly virus' you find a completely different story as each one died from OTHER causes..... But it does make for great propaganda via the lying whore media when they scream out '1052 deaths from this deadly virus, run for your lives!'.

(d) Yes, the shortfall in this 'recovered cases' number continues to be so blatant, and it is again so obvious that these criminals do not want to change this at all as they NEED that '1500+' number added to the 'active cases' category just to 'pump up' that number for its fear factor in the gullible out there.... The fact does remain that this distortion is indeed a criminal offence and I sure hope everyone remembers this when we finally have these pricks taken down and arrested for this entire fraud.

(e) Well, the real 'active cases' number if there actually was a 'deadly virus' is right now around '3000' at best... But that does not matter, as ALL of these 'active cases' are 100% phantoms and frauds as they all came from the abuse of the PCR amplification tool that is 100% inaccurate and 100% invalid... Therefore it can be stated here that NOBODY has this 'deadly virus' at all, and those who are 'sick' are sick from the dozens of real illnesses and diseases that plague this province all the time.... And I seriously doubt if ANYONE in all of these 62.5 weeks of this bullshit here in Manitoba has ever had this fraud called 'COVID-19' at all for I have found zero evidence myself.

(f) Yes, Tuesday is coming... And everyone must remember this fact that since the 'deadly virus' is a complete phantom, then any 'new variants' are complete phantoms as well.... I seriously think that what they will be doing from now on is counting those who are becoming sick from the effects of the KILL SHOTS as 'new variant' cases....Watch and see over the next while, for if this number suddenly explodes, then that explosion is definitely from the KILL SHOTS..

Honestly, I have had it up to here with the lies put out by the Pallister criminals and their cronies... I have no doubt that these criminals have all been told from the powers running this world wide scam to continue to lie and distort just to push more and more of the sheep out there into taking their KILL SHOTS into their bodies like the mutton brained morons they truly are... Sadly, this is exactly what is happening, and yes the majority here in Manitoba now have had at least their first 'dose' of those deadly poisons.

And all I see these days when I go out in 'COVID-land' here in this province is absolute despair, total anxiety, and people pushed to the brink of mental breakdown.... It is bad enough to think of the thousands who are going to start dying very soon from the effects of the KILL SHOTS, but I cannot forget those who have succumbed to the mental anguish from all this and have taken their lives via suicides and/or drug overdoses....We can add ALL of those deaths to the charges that will be  put on these criminals running this scam-demic here in Manitoba when they are fully exposed for this massive hoax...

And yes, there can be no doubt that when tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people in this province start dying from the effects of the KILL SHOTS, people will get angry and livid.. It must be important that we have their anger focused in on the Pallister criminals and their cohorts as fully responsible for this act of genocide... Therefore these pricks must pay the price for these acts of cold blooded murder of their own citizens, and I want to see them all have a swift trial with the sentences handed down to them being most if not all getting the death penalty for this genocide.... There can be NO other justice, as the death toll will indeed be horrendous.

More to come


Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, May 30th, 2021


Sunday.. Last Sunday in May and time again for my weekend rant..

I will try to keep this weekend rant shorter, as I have to continue to get as much rest and relaxation when I can, as the brutal scam-demic has indeed taken a lot of a mental toll on myself and I have been feeling so drained from the madness I see around me constantly!  I do hope that everyone understands...

It has not been such a wonderful 'spring' up here in the northern prairies as temperatures have remained BELOW normal for this time of year.... I definitely chalk this up to the fact that we are entering a 'grand solar minimum' where temperatures will become increasingly cold as our Sun, SOL, goes through a cycle of reduced solar radiation output that is so essential for our warm temperatures on planet Earth... And of course this flies in the face once again of the sickos in the 'Climate Change' community that are still out there, although recently in a lesser extent, trying to scream that we must prevent the world from 'overheating' and we the 'bad humans' that we are, are fully responsible for that warming.. Real facts and real science flies in the faces of these morons as usual and to me I just wish they would all shut up and go away..

Well, I have been hammering away at this entire scam-demic now for a full year and 1/2 with over 1300 articles at this blog alone in that time... I have always hoped that I, and others with real intelligence, would have been the real voices of reason in this battle for human survival and that the material at this blog would be sent out everywhere just to hopefully wake up the mindless sheep to what I see now as a mass extermination event for the entire human race.... But of course this blog has been 'shadow banned' on so many platforms, and many are having difficulty even accessing this material as the 'search engines' have proclaimed me to be a 'disinformation site', which of course is nothing but a laughable lie..... Thus when I track my hits and views to this blog, the numbers have been abysmal..... At one time I had upwards of 10000 hits a day to this site, but over the last while that count has crashed to the 3000 mark thanks to these pricks doing their utmost to try to destroy my efforts....  

Well, in regards to the entire scam-demic, I have become increasingly distraught at the sheer ignorance of the people around me here in this criminally locked down province of Manitoba.... I basically have given up on trying to flat out warn people around me to NOT take the KILL SHOTS of certain death into their bodies, for now I get constant threats and outright belligerence in return..... It has become obvious that I just have to keep my big fat mouth shut and just walk away from these ignoramuses.... Yes, you cannot fix stupid no matter how much you try, and it shows....

I have recently been pouring over so many articles and videos over the last while that bring proof that these KILL SHOTS have indeed  been turning the recipients into BIO-WEAPONS that are just pouring out spike proteins and dangerous prions that are indeed affecting those who have not been stupid enough to take these lethal injections into their bodies...... The evidence is now clear that anyone that has not had these lethal injections to STAY CLEAR of anyone that has... I for one have come to the  point that when I encounter anyone at my work place, to ask the question flat out 'Have you received the 'vaccine' yet?" and if the answer is yes, then I say to them clearly to stay the hell away from me for at least a good month (that is the estimate of time that I have seen when these idiots are most 'virilant') or if they have work to do in my office to keep their face diapers on and to stay at least 10 feet away from me at all times..... I also make sure that I shorten my own  'exposure' to these idiots as much as I can and to work ALONE if I have to.... I for one definitely want to protect myself from coming into contact with these idiots' RNA garbage that they are spewing out of their bodies, and I sure hope that others are doing the same...

And yes, I have been under fire increasingly by those who are now just in 'shock' that I have not received my 'vaccine' yet..... And again, many have now become increasingly belligerent and some have screamed at me "What are you waiting for?" with increasing tempo.... I just look at them and say "I have made my choice, and I am not taking 'the shot'"... And I have had instances where these retards scream back "You are going to catch the 'virus' and make the rest of us sick!".... But my answer is so logical when I say back to these idiots "What are you worried about then? You have had your shots now and you should be 'immune' to the virus, right?".... But of course these idiots just simply do not get it at all, as those shots do NOT make you 'immune' to ANY 'virus' at all, and the only consequence will be a sure death ...

 The sad part to me in all this stupid rush to get these KILL SHOTS into people, is that most of these retards will indeed be DEAD within the next year.....  There can be NO doubt about that any more, as the evidence is now overwhelming that these lethal injections are fucking up the recipients permanently and many will be suffering a slow painful decline in their health over the next 6 months time that will lead to the majority dying in agony..... And yes, many have made their 'choice' as we are still creatures with 'free will' (at least for the time being) and we have that choice to decide life or death in regards to these KILL SHOTS.... 

The sad part about all this is of course once you have that genetic modifying material in your body, it is not coming out and there is ZERO cure for it.... Yes, I have had a few emails over the last while from readers where they have said "NTS, I have received my first/second doses of these 'vaccines'.  What do I do now?" and sadly all I can answer them is to keep their health up as much as they can, take lots of vitamins, and hope that you will be lucky enough to survive the damage that will be done to your bodies.. I also say that there is NO CURE for what you have inflicted on yourselves, and sadly in most cases you will indeed die.....  That may seem a bit morbid, but it is the bitter truth.... The only real cure for these 'vaccines' that are not 'vaccines' is to NOT allow yourselves to be subjected to these lethal injections in the first place...

I have also been asked what I perceive the world will look like in about a year's time once many of those stupid enough to take these KILL SHOTS start dying en-mass, and honestly it will not be a pretty picture at all.... I honestly do not look at a bright future, as our criminal governments will try to cover up these 'deaths' and try to call them 'new variants' of the non-existent 'deadly virus', and they may actually try to blame we the 'unvaccinated' for that horrendous death toll.... I can see as people start dying off, many others that have taken the KILL SHOTS start to realize that they have had their lives destroyed by these fuckers in charge, and there may be a world wide REVOLT against these criminals as there should be... But of course the bastards at the top will probably have some kind of trick 'up their sleeves' and may try to  cover for their insanity by imposing either martial laws in all nations, or even push for shutting down of key infrastructures including the electrical grids to try to subdue the populace... But again after may a BILLION or more deaths from these KILL SHOTS, the whole planet will be changed and I honestly can see a lot of ANARCHY as people are just trying to survive in nations that have had the majority of their population wiped out by the effect of these lethal injections such as  up here in Canada.....  It will definitely be a changed world, and not for the better...

However, there is still a chance for as people do awaken to what is really happening, and in spite of  so many have died from their own stupidity in taking these lethal injections, that enough citizens take charge as they should and take back our nations from these pricks and work towards saving what is left of humanity from a dark future... If we are able to overthrow these criminal governments, stop the lethal injections, and take control of the message via the media outlets, there is still a chance of saving ourselves from a horrible future of despair and no hope..... This to me is a fight worth fighting, but it takes a lot of courage and will of the people.... Does this mean revolution?  Possibly, and honestly has been a long time in coming.... But it must be a revolution that is not controlled by the pricks at the top, as they must be the first ones removed, arrested, and taken out of power in any revolution for saving humanity..... And if successful, then ALL of the monsters and criminals responsible for the death of at least a BILLION people world wide must be brought to justice and get exactly what they deserve for their parts in that GENOCIDE.... This is worth fighting for indeed.

I also cannot overlook the damage being done to our children, as more and more of the most stupidest 'parents' out there have been allowing their children to have these shots of certain death injected into their bodies... This to me is not only criminal, but in regards to these 'parents' they all should be charged with MURDERING their own children! ...It also shows how badly brainwashed and ignorant most parents are, that they do not do their own research and realize that one of the goals of these criminals running this entire scam-demic is to DESTROY our children and/or make them permanently sterilized from these lethal injections so that they cannot have offspring to generate future generations of humanity.... To me, these sick parents do not even deserve to have children at all, period....

Well, at present things are pretty abysmal up here in Canada, as our very freedoms and the rights of the citizens to even voice any opposition to the criminals in charge and their push to have everyone permanently enslaved by this 'medical tyranny', is being eroded more rapidly every day now... Many people are STILL in the dark about what happened 3 days ago when the criminal Trudeau regime in Ottawa basically gave themselves dictatorial powers by removing the rights of the  people to 'vote' them out of power and using the entire 'scam-demic' as their means of removing those rights..... It must be repeated here that the Trudeau regime can now stay in power INDEFINITELY as they will just push for more tyranny on the Canadian people, and claim that they can do so due to this fraud 'medical emergency'..

And where the HELL was the lying whore media three days ago when good old Justin basically made himself the dictator of Canada?  I have been watching periodically the so called 'news' from those vomiting liars and now nearly 3 days after Canada turned into a dictatorship, not a fucking word about this travesty and crime against the Canadian people AT ALL!!!  But this makes sense, for the lying whore media up here in Canada has for the last 5 years at least been nothing but a  mouthpiece for that lying sack of shit that has the gall to call himself 'Prime Minister'... .All the whores in the media ever do is just heep praise on that bastard, and it has been vomiting to read and/or to watch... Yes, all this does is prove beyond the shadow of any doubt that people MUST turn off their TALMUDVISIONS immediately and never ever give the lying whore media another thought, for they truly are nothing but garbage and pure 'fake news'..

Yes, once again I have put so much emphasis in this 'rant' almost solely on the scam-demic..... And there is indeed so much more that has happened over the last while that many have claimed I should be concentrating my efforts on... .My answer remains to these naysayers  the same as it has been for the last year, where as this scam-demic is the fight for our very future and for all humanity.... I will not sway away from THIS being THE most important subject now in the history of all mankind, and this must be the fight of our lives and one that we must win.... If we lose this fight, then we have NO future and NO future for our children...  This is why I am going to stay on this, the most important subject ever, and will only return to other material if and when this battle is won... The only other way of stopping my efforts will be when the pricks in charge have me shut down permanently, which may yet come sooner than expected.

Well... I guess that is enough for the moment, as I have indeed summarized my thoughts on the scam-demic and it has swallowed up most of my rant already...I will of course touch on so many other subjects that have happened in our sick world for the last week with my closing 'last minute tidbits' here......Yes, there was once again another of those false flag 'mass shootings' last week in San Jose California, and I am as much impressed as all of these previous false flags.  Once again we have both the 'shooter' and the customary 'hero' pushed out by the lying whore media, and of course what they portray is nothing but lies.  I suspect that with these criminals not succeeding with their scam-demic as they have hoped, they will go back to these 'shootings' instead to keep people in unwarranted fear........Yes, I have watched more and more of those 'videos' of slobbering, and nearly inaudible, 'President' Joe Biden trying to look sane, and you can now tell just from his eyes that he is now nothing but a shell with no brain cells at all.  The inauguration of President 'Kamala Harris' is therefore coming up very fast IMHO......And speaking of psycho Kamala Harris, I do hope that readers caught it last week when she was 'boarding an airplane' that was NOT EVEN THERE. Yes, it was a 'green screen' failure once again, just like all of the 'green screen' failures with dementia filled Joe Biden, and I too am wondering what kind of tricks the US 'deep state' are up to with these ones?....... The war in Syria remains basically a stalemate, as the only action continues to be Russian/Syrian forces pounding US run "ISIS terrorist" positions across the Syrian desert. BUT the real heartwarming news was how Syria held a true general election with NO FRAUD like the laughable US one, and the good President, Bashar al-Assad, was re-elected with an overwhelming majority.  I say good for the Syrian people indeed!......The war further south in the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen continues to go so badly for the Saudi criminal invaders as they are getting their asses whipped by the Houthis.  And once again we find reports that the Houthis have launched offensive operations directly into southern Saudi Arabia itself.  I say good for the Houthis, who are indeed taking a terrible toll on the Saudis that may indeed see those pricks suing for peace just to get out of the war that they created.....I see the bogus 'Ingenuity copter' on "Mars' continues to make 'astonishing feats' as it continues its mission on Devon Island, err I meant 'Mars' to wow and amaze the gullible out there.  If this 'copter' is anywhere near the planet Mars at all, I have a few bridges and pyramids to sell to you........I saw reports about 'semiconductor chips' in short supply around the world, and honestly that is complete horseshit.  I do wonder what the kind of game they are playing with this false 'shortage', and I am trying to find out if has anything to do with the entire 'scam-demic', and if I do I will present that evidence here at this blog..... And I do wonder about these 'food shortages' that we hear about so much in the lying whore media, for I do not see that happening at all unless done artificially.  It must be worth noting that I have seen reports about how farmers in the US are actually being paid to not grow a crop this year, and if they do then we will indeed see an artificial food shortage........The Israeli brutality against Gaza is not 'over' at all as I see increasingly disturbing reports about Israeli brutality against ALL Palestinians on a large upswing.  And once again the world turns a blind eye to this atrocity...... I wish that people would understand that the 'Vote fraud' evidence going on right now in Arizona will NOT do a damn thing to change the COMMUNIST takeover of the US.  Even if the evidence is proven correct, the COMMIES will simply drag it out in court for years to come and then just go ahead and steal the 2024 US vote again.  And the gullible American people will once again do nothing to stop it.......It is truly sad to see doctors, physicians, and other medical people with real consciences being muzzled and threatened to not tell the truth about the entire 'scam-demic' for if they ever got some guts and came out with the truth, the scam-demic would be over nearly instantly.  I just wish that more of them had morals and actually cared about people instead of money.......Now is it just me? Or has this 'woke' garbage gotten out of control and should be put out of its misery before it does more damage to our societies.  The ludicrous LBGTQI-EI-EI-O garbage should have never been allowed to fester in the first place and the sooner we put the assholes running that fraud to rest, the sooner we can get back to saving ourselves from the bigger scam, the scam-demic!.......And speaking of the fraud scam-demic, is it just me?  Or did anyone else notice last weekend's PGA golf Championship in South Carolina, where there were actual fans everywhere, not wearing face diapers, and absolutely not 'social distancing' at all.  That alone should have awoken everyone to the FACT that we are indeed dealing with the greatest hoax in human history......Yes, soccer season is over for me, and I have indeed taken a liking to Aussie Rules Football, mostly because it is fast paced and very different from other forms of 'football'.   It is still a learning curve to understand the rules of 'Footy', but I am following some games and teams closely now.  And it is nice to see FANS in the stands....... I honestly just do not get it as to HOW anyone can stand listening to those two ass clowns, former 'Prince' Harry and Meaghan any more.   Harry continues to make a complete idiot out of himself, and honestly he should just shut the fuck up and get out there to get a real job.  I still say 'McDonald's' is hiring somewhere in America, and that would be fitting for this useless eater.... I see the Kardashian skanks, trollops, and trolls, are once again trying to be the media whores they really are when reports came that Skank #1, Kim herself supposedly 'tested positive' for the fraud of 'COVID-19' two days ago.  Honestly, and this may seem morbid, but I do hope that every one of these useless creatures gets out there to take the 'vaccines' and we could see the end of their stupidity within the next year!  Hey, I can dream, can't I?

More to come