Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The Deadly KILL SHOTS (Not "Vaccines") - Why Are People So Reckless?

 Honestly, I can not figure out humanity any more.... I constantly run into people every day that are absolutely ecstatic and sometimes giddy like children, as they are able to go out to those shit hole 'clinics' now all over the place here in Manitoba, just get these EXPERIMENTAL genetic modifying concoctions injected into their bodies that will indeed KILL most of them..

I have tried my damn best over the last year to warn people everywhere about these shots of certain death, and sadly most either ignore my pleas for common sense and logic, while others get down right belligerent and have threatened in some cases to punch me in the mouth!   I therefore am at the point now feeling so hopeless in trying to awaken the general masses to this grave danger, and have had to come to the conclusion, though bitterly, that these KILL SHOTS will indeed remove the idiotic and stupid out of our societies permanently.

Well, I am not alone in wondering why the FUCK people are so reckless and unable to even think in regards to these deadly KILL SHOTS.... For I do want to present the following report from writer "Jennifer" through Henry Makow's website at, that is entitled; "Vaccines: Why Are People So Reckless?" that shows the sheer ignorance of people everywhere that are blindly taking these kill shots... Here is that article, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Vaccines: Why Are People So Reckless?

April 21, 2021

COVID Vaccines

People make no sense ...


by Jennifer

I have had occasion to discuss the COVID vaccine with people who believe in it, who have already gotten and/or who plan to getting it.  

When I try to warn then of all the dangers and side effects including death 

Here are the responses I get. 

 "I hate my life --I would be grateful to die from the vaccine --it can't be worse then my life" --50 year old male married computer engineer graduate degrees

"We all have to go sometime"  unknown woman 50s waiting in line at the pharmacy to get the COVID vaccine

"If its my time -then its my time I'm ready go..." 85 year old woman widowed, attorney - JD from University of Chicago 
"I don't care if I die from COVID or the COVID vaccine --I'm just getting the vaccine so I don't spread it to other people--a courtesy."  -woman unmarried, 45 years old hispanic teacher. 

"Only a very small percentage die or have side-effects from the vaccine, but there is a bigger risk of dying from COVID.  So, it's worth it to me to take the risk.  I already go my first shot." 70 year old male unmarried attorney 

" I got the shot !  No mask.  I had to go out of my way to get my husband and I the shot. We drove to another county because its so packed with long lines in Los Angeles." --60 something year old woman married, educated Middle Easterner.


One Week Later:  I run into this same woman in the park walking my dog and she is wearing a mask. 
"I thought I wouldn't have to wear the mask anymore. But now they are saying we still have to wear the mask...I got the shot because I was under the impression it would protect me from getting COVID and passing COVID --but evidently that is not the case... I don't know why I got the shot .... Do you think the vaccine is dangerous ?"

My Reply: " Yes, I think people who got the shot will be dead in six months to a year." 


The woman just wondered away from me in a state of disbelief and dissociation.   Another woman in her 60s was in ear shot and she said thats not true. The vaccines are safe and they work.

Well we will see in one year who was right. 

NTS Notes: I for one am not in the least bit surprised, for these responses are EXACTLY the same ones that I have encountered in my own dealings with the dumb down sheep out there.

And the pictures enclosed in this article are priceless... From the people jumping into the hole like a bunch of mindless lemmings, to BOTH criminals Fauci and Gates running a car repair dealership, they do explain the mentality of the morons out there and how the psychos behind this scam are indeed 'selling' the public on their KILL SHOTS..

Sadly, the facts remain that we are up against the intense BRAINWASHING of both the lying whore media outlets as well as our own crooked governments... That brainwashing is so intense now that even if most understood that this is nothing but the greatest hoax in human history and the KILL SHOTS are indeed both deadly and will lead to certain death, the majority out there will just continue to follow the 'rules' and go out and take these death jabs into their bodies.... Yes, you can not fix stupid no matter how hard you try!

More to come



Catfan said...

People have lost any common sense they may have once had. My husband, hard working, robust, full-time ski instructor now has a dicky ticker two weeks after his second Moderna nah. And teeth that have crumbled to dust. Coincidence? I think not.
And my oncology doc was pressuring me to get the jabs

Unknown said...

Yes, they really need their vaccines. Not for
"Covid-19," but for stupidity.